Dragon Blood

Chapter 31 Part 1

The police were shouting through a loudspeaker outside the hotel, demanding to negotiate with the rebels.

The leader stated their prepared conditions, which were clearly targeted at the Jason Otley Company. Firstly, they demanded that the company cancel its military contract with the Nigerian government and hand over the goods to their people at the port. Secondly, they demanded two hundred million dollars in cash, which should be prepared and placed in a vehicle for their people to take away. He said that half of their people would take the money and weapons to the port, while the others would remain in the hotel. They would only release the hostages when the goods, cash, and people had already boarded the ship. The leader also stated that they would shoot one hostage every hour until sunrise the next day if their demands were not met. If they weren’t satisfied, they would detonate the entire hotel.

Pelle glanced at her watch and saw that it was just after 10 pm, with only six or seven hours left until sunrise.

The people in the banquet hall started crying quietly. Shen Changze also cried out for his mother before curling up in Pelle’s arms. The rebels glanced at him but didn’t become suspicious of a young child.

Pelle leaned against the corner of the wall, holding the child in his arms. Since Shen Changze didn’t have hair to hide it, he had to keep the wireless earpiece in his pocket and couldn’t take it out. The child buried his head into Pelle’s neck and whispered, “What did Dad say?”


Pelle patted his head, pretending to comfort him, and said in a very low voice, “Told us not to act rashly. There may be helpers of the rebels among the hostages. Let’s be vigilant.”

Shen Changze whispered, “I don’t think it’s very likely. These people had no intention of leaving alive. Their actions were unplanned and crude. Hiding their own people among the hostages is a move to ensure an escape route if the mission failed, but… they didn’t seem to have thought about an escape. Based on what they have said, almost none of the half of the people who are staying behind in the hotel will have a chance of surviving.”

Pelle made a soft “Mn” sound and said, “That makes sense, but we can’t let our guard down.”

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Ayer’s temper came up, “What do you mean ensure the safety of the other hostages?”


“Everyone present is all important figures in New York, and it would be troublesome if anything happens to any of them.”

Ayer responded coldly, “That’s not within our mission scope. We are only responsible for protecting O’Reilly, not for playing the role of saviors to save all of humanity.”

The person-in-charge could only request their cooperation in assisting the police in rescuing the hostages. At this moment, the special police were climbing up the building from outside to enter the hotel. If they could cooperate, the company would be willing to increase their commission. Otherwise, if the company were to face prosecution, they would lose everything and may not even be able to pay them.

Ayer had no choice but to agree and rework the plan with Shan Ming.

Since the sniping positions were already controlled by the Peregrine Falcons, the American special police had an easy time climbing into the building. Seven or eight special police officers met up on the third floor. Although they needed to work together, the special police were cautious about the hired guns, while Shan Ming’s team looked down on the American police. The atmosphere between the two sides wasn’t very good.

The special police captain was a man in his forties, a former special forces soldier with sharp eagle-like eyes and an imposing presence. As soon as he arrived, he wanted to take command of Ayer’s team.

Ayer ignored him and instead radioed Pelle, Slingshot, and Habaji, requesting them to be ready to provide full cover for O’Reilly and keep him away from the rebel’s gunfire once they receive the order. Ayer also asked Big Rock and Koski to find a way to approach the banquet hall and be prepared to take action when the opportunity arises.

The problem now was that Big Rock was unable to acquire heavy weaponry. Big Rock was their firepower expert, relying on his huge size and incredible strength to play a role in suppressing enemy fire. He was the only one who can hold a Gatling six-barrel machine gun and spray without being shaken to the point of having bleeding gums and nearly risking his life. They urgently need someone like him to suppress the enemy’s machine gun.

The special police captain listened to their plan and found it feasible, so he proactively recommended one of his team members.

After the plan was formulated, they began to assign personnel. The individuals responsible for attacking the elevator entrance and the emergency passage were already in position.

The special police tied a pinhole camera to a stick and hung it outside the window of the second floor from the third floor. Due to its small size, no one noticed it. They were able to see inside through the window and observed that all the hostages were crouching and huddled in the corner near the window. Some of the rebels were standing, while others were crouching. It seemed that they were highly alert.

It had been almost an hour and the government had yet to respond. The rebel leader pulled a middle-aged man from the ground and pushed him out of the banquet hall, saying, “Get going.”


The man was trembling with fear and looked at him as if he didn’t understand him.

He shouted loudly, “Get going!”

The man ran down the stairs as fast as he could, desperately trying to rush out the door. The police outside shouted at him, “Get down!”

But it was too late. A bullet pierced through his head, and blood sprayed onto the expensive handmade carpet, staining the delicate beige color with a deep red. That vibrant life convulsed a few times on the carpet before becoming a lifeless corpse.

The guests’ emotions became even more uncontrollable, and a small commotion broke out. The leader pointed his gun at them, and they managed to hold back their cries and screams.

The leader shouted, “One hour!”

O’Reilly’s face turned pale with fear. Although he was not aware of it, he kept looking in Pelle’s direction.

His actions finally caught the leader’s attention, and the leader nudged him with the gun. “Mr. O’Reilly, what do you see in that direction?” The leader followed his gaze and saw a stunningly beautiful woman holding a frightened child in her arms.

The leader nodded his chin toward Pelle’s direction, and someone immediately stepped forward to pull the two of them out of the crowd.

Pelle cursed O’Reilly in her mind for an idiot, he’s as dumb as his daughter. Perhaps it was because of her years as a mercenary that she had forgotten fear and dependency. She had forgotten that when ordinary people were frightened, they would seek something or someone to give them a sense of security, it’s no wonder that O’Reilly kept looking at her.

The leader held Pelle’s chin and asked, “Who are you?”

Pelle pretended to look scared and answered, “I’m his girlfriend.”


“What about this kid?” The leader pulled at Shen Changze’s head and noticed he was Asian.

“He’s the child he adopted.”

Shen Changze pounced on O’Reilly all of a sudden, “Dad!”

Everyone was stunned for a moment, but no one had much of a reaction.

The leader ordered someone to tie Pelle and O’Reilly’s daughter together. After they finished tying Pelle, the person wanted to find a rope to tie Shen Changze, but the leader waved his hand and showed a bloody smile, “No need, he’s next.”

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