Dragon Blood

Chapter 30

Ayer informed Shan Ming that the snipers were in position, and nearby rooftops of high buildings had been cleared. Shan Ming led the remaining people to escort O’Reilly to the party venue.

Two military off-road vehicles, one in front and one behind, led the way. O’Reilly, Pelle, and Shen Changze rode in a bulletproof car sandwiched in the middle, driven by Shan Ming.

The journey went surprisingly smoothly beyond expectations.

They arrived at the hotel where the party was held, and the three cars stopped outside the lobby. The people from both the front and rear cars got off and surrounded the door of the door, allowing O’Reilly to step out of the vehicle.

Despite Ayer’s claim that all sniper positions had been cleared, they still had to be wary of someone with a hidden gun in the vicinity. They formed a human shield with their bodies to protect the VIP, which may not have been the most aesthetically pleasing method but it was practical, preventing snipers from aiming and taking a shot.


After all, a sniper’s shot must be valuable, because once the shot is fired, the enemy may discover their location, and then bullets and explosives will come towards them. Therefore, this shot must be valuable, because after firing, they have to run. In a situation where they cannot aim, O’Reilly will definitely be safe.

So O’Reilly smoothly entered the banquet hall on the second floor of the hotel.

Shan Ming parked the car in the parking lot and took out a silver-white, expensive-looking suitcase from the trunk. Inside, it contained all of his equipment. He pressed down on the brim of his hat and prepared to go and meet up with the other people who had infiltrated the hotel.

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Pelle took advantage of a gap and said to O’Reilly, “This won’t do, you need to find a place to sit down quickly. Don’t keep interacting with so many people, it will distract me and the child.”


O’Reilly nodded and led them to a spot to sit down.

Fiddling with her hair, Pelle took the opportunity to adjust the wireless earpiece tucked in her ear. She switched it to conversation mode and whispered, “Are you in position?”

Shan Ming quickly replied to her, “Misfire is the ventilation duct above your heads. Slingshot and Habaji are mixed in with the waiters. Do you see them? The rest of us are spread out in the guest room sections on the second and third floors, conducting a search.”1bruh, these names, i tried

“I see Slingshot and them. Do you think they will strike again inside the building?”

“It’s hard to say, but with so many hostages here, and all of them prominent figures of New York, it really is a good opportunity to strike.”

The music stopped, and a congressman began to speak as a guest representative. The venue grew quiet, and Pelle stopped talking and exchanged a glance with Shen Changze, indicating that everything was going according to plan.

The child sat in the chair with a straight back, and the military knife that Shan Ming had given him was tucked against his chest. In his pockets, as well as in Pelle’s handbag, were compact HK4 pistols. They didn’t usually use these firearms, as they had poor performance, but they were brought along for emergencies. The company had provided them, but since they had never used them before, both of them weren’t very confident with them.

The party began quickly, and the floral dresses of the socialites spun around so fast that it made the men’s heads spin. People were joyous and in high spirits, it was an atmosphere filled with the scent of luxury and fashion. It looked like an ordinary high society party, but only the people involved knew that behind this glamorous facade, may be a terrifying plot.

After the party went on for more than an hour, something unexpected happened.

The so-called unexpected event wasn’t that they had not anticipated that the Nigerian anti-government rebel forces to take advantage of this opportunity to act, but rather that they did not expect the rebels to come swaggering in with machine guns through the hotel’s main entrance, directly taking the people in the banquet hall hostage.

Every person in the Peregrine Falcons was a seasoned veteran of numerous battles. Even a rookie soldier would know that if the enemy had taken control of a sniper vantage point, it would be foolhardy to enter a hotel and take hostages. The end result would inevitably be failure, since they would have to guard against both enemy counterattacks and snipers firing from any direction. This was a surefire way to court death and a major taboo in military operations. It was common knowledge that snipers had to be eliminated first in a firefight. Instead of eliminating the snipers, they went in brazenly to take hostages? What kind of bandits would be stupid enough not to leave themselves a way out?

Unless… unless they never intended to make it out alive.


There were around thirty of those people. Three of them were shot dead by Kali and the others at the entrance. After entering the banquet hall, they used guns to force the elites to gather in the middle. Those who refused were immediately sprayed with bullets, with no room for negotiation.

Big Rock, Koski, and four others were lucky enough to be in the hotel lobby and were let go as ordinary guests. To avoid drawing attention, they followed other guests out of the hotel. However, when the rebels weren’t paying attention, they hid behind cover in the lobby, waiting for an opportunity to act.

At this point, all the mercenaries realized that they had encountered a group of devout religious believers who were willing to die for their faith. To understand the power of faith, one only needed to look at the number of US soldiers who died in Iraq due to suicide bombings.

Mercenaries who are motivated by financial gain are the least willing to encounter such people, because they fight for money while their opponents fight for their ideals and what they consider to be a noble faith. These people aren’t afraid of death and don’t plan to come back alive every time they go into battle. That’s why they didn’t dare to leave themselves a way out and came up with such an unexpected attack method that caught the Peregrine Falcons off guard.

The situation suddenly became disadvantageous for the Peregrine Falcons, putting them on the defensive.

The rebels in the banquet hall gathered the guests in front of the windows while staying away from them themselves, to avoid being targeted by sniper shots. One of them, who appeared to be the leader, was carrying an M249 machine gun. This weapon was incredibly heavy and had a tremendous recoil, which would likely knock an average adult male off balance if he tried to shoot it. Only someone with exceptional strength and physical ability could carry it around and use it effectively.

He looked at the hundred or so guests crouching on the ground and said, “I’m looking for Bill O’Reilly.”

All eyes turned to O’Reilly.

O’Reilly trembled with fear and dared not stand up for a long time.

The leader then sprayed bullets toward an Italian carved table, causing wood chips to fly everywhere, and the more timid women began to cry.

“I’m looking for Bill O’Reilly!” The leader emphasized his tone.

As she continued to muffle her sobs, Pelle quickly whispered behind O’Reilly, “Don’t be afraid.” Then she gave him a push.


If these people wanted to kill O’Reilly and be done with it, they could just kill everyone in the hall. Since they’re cornered anyway and can’t escape, they might as well take some of the American capitalist pigs they hate the most with them. However, they demanded O’Reilly, this means they didn’t plan to kill him right away.

O’Reilly stood up shakily and walked through the crowd before walking out.

O’Reilly’s daughter cried out, “Dad!”

Pelle rolled her eyes and cursed in her head, what an idiot.

Next to them, a rebel grabbed O’Reilly’s daughter from the crowd as well.

The leader kicked O’Reilly to the ground and held a gun to his head.

O’Reilly futilely pushed the barrel of the gun away with his hand and pleaded, “Don’t, don’t kill me.”

The leader said something in their language, and then someone next to him tied O’Reilly and his daughter together with a rope. They warned everyone not to move and then took their positions to guard the hostages, without any further actions.

This was clearly a waiting game for them to negotiate with the government for their demands.

Pelle’s wireless earpiece picked up Shan Ming’s voice. “Search for any suspicious individuals among the guests, but don’t act rashly. Wait for my instructions.”

In general hostage situations, the criminal often inserts one or two of their own people among the hostages to use as bargaining chips. However, this was difficult for the African rebels because out of over a hundred guests, there were no more than five with dark skin, and two of them were middle-aged overweight women. Of course, it’s not impossible that they have Caucasian people cooperating with them. After all, interest is a powerful motivator.

Shortly after, the police sirens outside the hotel started blaring.


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