Dragon Blood

Chapter 31 Part 2

Shen Changze and O’Reilly were chest to chest, Shen Changze quickly whispered to O’Reilly’s ear, “Don’t move.” O’Reilly was a chubby man, and from behind, he blocked Shen Changze entirely. Shen Changze quietly reached into his suit and took out a multi-functional tool plier.

For the rebels’ own advantage, they tied O’Reilly roughly with his hands in front of his chest. Shen Changze just happened to perfectly fit within his arms. He quietly sawed through the rope and only left a few millimeters of fiber connected.

O’Reilly felt his movements but dared not move or even lower his head, afraid of being discovered by the rebels.

After the intimidation of the hostage shooting from earlier, the government had to temporarily agree to the rebels’ demands. They put the prepared weapons and cash in a bus as requested, and also demanded that the rebels show sincerity by releasing some hostages before their accomplices got on the bus.

The rebels began drawing lots. Only half of them could leave with ten hostages, go to the port and take a ship full of loot back to their own country. The fate of the remaining rebels was almost predetermined.


The thirteen people were quickly selected by drawing lots, and those who weren’t selected had a look of determination and fearlessness on their faces. They were already prepared to face death.

The thirteen rebels selected ten hostages, holding them as they walked through the lobby and boarded the bus. Pelle breathed a sigh of relief because most of the hostages they selected were women and older people. If Slingshot or Habaji were taken away, it would be troublesome.

After the bus drove away, the rebels released forty hostages, and Habaji happened to be among them. He had no choice but to leave with them.

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Shen Changze ripped the rope off of O’Reilly and tackled him to the ground.


The Peregrine Falcons and the special police suddenly rushed out from all directions of the banquet hall, surrounding the rebels in the middle.

The leader of the rebels knew the situation was lost. He rolled over on the ground and aimed his gun at O’Reilly.

Shen Changze fired a shot at him, hitting his upper arm. Despite the pain, the leader tried to lift his gun again, but Shen Changze had already quickly dashed to him in a crouching position with astonishing speed. He drew his Tiger Kifer from his waist and let out a loud shout before stabbing the leader’s arm and kicking away the machine gun from his hand.

The hot arterial blood sprayed onto Shen Changze’s face. He couldn’t stop trembling inside, but at the same time, he also felt a wild excitement that broke through his restraints and was completely released.

The leader drew the military knife from his chest and swung it through the air. The child propped himself up with his mind and did a backflip with his hands, jumping onto the back of the leader.

No one expected a child to have such speed and reflexes. The leader turned around to attack, but it was too late.

In the split second when the child raised the knife, he was reminded of the encounter he had with Jim two years ago in the forest. At that time, he hesitated and did not strike, which nearly resulted in his own death.

This time… Shen Changze’s eyes became deep and cold. He ruthlessly stabbed the leader’s lung from bottom to top with his knife.

With that strike, the leader was unable to move anymore. His eyes widened, unable to make a sound, yet couldn’t die immediately. He could only suffer in agony as he writhed on the ground.

The child looked into the leader’s eyes which were filled with despair and pain, and a cold sweat broke out on his forehead. Fortunately, Pelle’s shout brought him back to his senses.

Pelle had already untied the rope and was dragging O’Reilly towards the guest room. The banquet hall had become a bloody slaughterhouse, with dead rebels and affected guests lying everywhere.

Some of the panicking guests also followed them towards the guest room like headless flies. This was a good thing, because even if there were still rebels with sniping abilities, it would be difficult for them to target O’Reilly.


The two members of the Peregrine Falcons were sealing the route behind them, and they successfully ran into the narrow corridor of the guest room department.

Slingshot shouted from behind, “Go to the rooftop, the company sent a helicopter.”

O’Reilly instinctively ran towards the elevator.

Shen Changze quickly pushed him, “Take the stairs!”

O’Reilly said with a trembling voice, “This building has more than 30 floors.”

Shen Changze said firmly, “Stairs!”

O’Reilly was intimidated by his momentum and supported his daughter as they ran toward the emergency passage.

Behind them were more than ten guests, who also saw them as a lifesaving straw and followed them into the emergency passage, starting to climb the stairs.

These capitalists, who usually lacked exercise, were all panting and exhausted. O’Reilly was nearly dragged up there by Pelle and Shen Changze.

The higher they went up, the more guests dropped out, and in the end, only a few young and strong men were able to keep up with them.

As they were about to reach the rooftop, Shen Changze suddenly felt a familiar heart palpitation. It was his intuition about danger. Just earlier, he had been on a battlefield filled with killing intent, and he began to doubt whether he had yet to come out from that state. Nevertheless, he still felt that something was wrong, so he abruptly turned around.

And with that, he caught a Caucasian man who had been following them, reaching into his pocket.


They were positioned on two sections of stairs, one above the other. The man on the bottom section could easily aim at O’Reilly, while it wasn’t as easy for Shen Changze to aim at him.

Pelle quickly turned her head and fired a shot at the man, but due to their position, the shot missed and only caused debris to fly from the wall. Then the man fired a shot at O’Reilly.

Shen Changze kicked O’Reilly, sending him rolling down the stairs. The bullet grazed his body and left a cracked bullet hole in the wall.

Shen Changze flipped over the railing and, relying on his small stature, slipped past the obstructing guests to jump onto the man.

He held onto the man and rolled down the stairs with him, grabbing the man’s wrist and forcefully banging it against the concrete floor, trying to knock off his gun.

Unexpectedly, this man, despite his sophisticated appearance, was not easy to deal with. He swung his arm and smashed Shen Changze on the head with the butt of the gun.

Shen Changze’s forehead immediately began to bleed profusely, but he still tried to snatch his gun. The man had one hand firmly gripping the gun and the other attempting to choke the child’s neck, they kept rolling on the ground like this.

The rolling made it impossible for Pelle to aim properly.

The child held a military knife and stabbed the man, but the man grabbed his wrist when the knife was only four or five centimeters away from his eyes. They both gritted their teeth and struggled fiercely.

The man lifted his leg and attempted to kick the back of Shen Changze’s head. Feeling the wind behind him, the child rolled to the side and kicked the man in the stomach.

The man aimed his gun at Shen Changze again, but Shen Changze kicked the man’s hand away. Seizing the opportunity while his chest was wide open, Shen Changze fiercely collided with him, and the Tiger Kifer in his hand accurately pierced the man’s heart.

The entire fight took only a dozen seconds or so, and the man had already breathed his last.


Everyone looked at the ten-year-old child in shock and fear, amazed by his calm and brave attitude in the face of a life-and-death fight, as well as his decisive final blow.

Shen Changze pulled out his Tiger Kifer and looked at the person lying in a pool of blood. The bright red color pierced his eyes, but he no longer felt the tension and guilt of killing. He trembled because the blood in his body was boiling, and there was a strong animalistic desire churning inside him. He couldn’t describe what kind of feeling it was, which made him afraid yet…

The child took off the tattered suit jacket and walked back to the stairs with his knife, casting a glance at Pelle.

Pelle rubbed the child’s head and smiled with curving eyes, “You did very well.”

The child pursed his lips and helped O’Reilly up from the ground. “Let’s go quickly.”

O’Reilly could no longer look at the child in the same way after this, and his gaze towards him had changed.

Shan Ming and a few others followed them up through the emergency passage, all of them were injured but it wasn’t anything serious.

As expected, the helicopter sent by the company was parked on the rooftop. Shen Changze and Pelle rushed towards safety and victory, pulling O’Reilly with them.

Suddenly, the child stepped on a floor tile that slightly sunk into the ground. It was a tiny change, but the child’s chest tightened and he forced himself to slowly lower the foot he was about to lift.

Pelle glanced at him and asked, “What’s wrong?”

The child looked down at his feet, not entirely sure, but he had felt this strange sensation in a few training exercises before.

The child’s forehead broke out in a cold sweat and he said, “You guys go ahead first.”

Pelle pushed O’Reilly forward and said, “Get on the plane.” Then she squatted down and felt the ground under Shen Changze’s feet with her fingertips. She discovered a gap in the sunken tile, which wasn’t narrow, but the lighting was too dim to see what was inside. However, just based on her experience, she could confirm that the child was standing on a pressure-sensitive bomb.

This type of bomb will be triggered the moment someone steps on it. Once the foot is lifted, it will immediately explode. This device can only sense and be triggered by pressure, and currently, there were no conditions on the battlefield that can measure how much pressure the child’s foot gave to the sensing device. Therefore, there was nothing to replace it. Pelle felt anxious but tried to reassure Shen Changze, “Don’t move, don’t be afraid.”

Shen Changze said, “Get O’Reilly on the helicopter quickly and send these idle guests downstairs. It should be safe downstairs now.”

At this moment, Shan Ming and Slingshot, who were covering their retreat, rushed up and saw the scene in front of them.

Shen Changze turned back and shouted, “Don’t come over!”

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