Dragon Blood

Chapter 2

The child’s eyes were full of fear. He looked at him in horror, as if he had just seen a ghost.

Shan Ming frowned and could not help but touch his own face. He recalled that he had been beaten up by the butt of a gun on one side of his eyebrow just two days ago. Right now, that half of his face was probably all swollen. Plus, he was covered in blood and dirt. He figured that his appearance was probably quite frightening.

Shan Ming observed the child’s face carefully. The child looked very delicate and beautiful, with particularly large, watery eyes. However, he was so thin that his cheeks were sunken. He probably suffered a lot. Shan Ming had a hunch that the child wasn’t a local resident. The child did not have any Burmese features, in addition, his skin was fair and delicate, seeming like he had been well-raised before. Shan Ming asked again, “You understand Chinese?”

When he saw how the child was still stunned in place, he began to feel a little impatient.

The child opened his mouth, then said in a hoarse voice, “Sa…save… save me…” Then he suddenly held onto Shan Ming’s thigh and bawled loudly, “Daddyyy! Mommyyy! I’m scaredddd!!”


Shan Ming only felt a ringing in his ears. The child looked like he had also been hungry for several days. So how can he still have the energy to cry so loudly? He growled loudly, “Shut up!”

It was the first time in so long since the child had seen a human being. His excited emotions could not be calmed. Although Shan Ming shouted at him, he still cried louder and louder, as if he had grabbed onto his life-saving straw.

Shan Ming was worried that his loud cry would lure over something life-threatening. He grabbed the child’s hair and pushed his head into the water.

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Fbyd Ykdt ypjle, “Tso sze?”

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“Ebu yal usw blal?”

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Oh? Plane crash? Shan Ming raised an eyebrow, he didn’t know whether this child was lucky or unlucky. He didn’t die in the plane crash, yet was left alone in the primitive forest.


Shan Ming sat exhausted on the ground. After catching his breath, he suddenly remembered something and asked, “What’s up with those wolves?”

At the mention of those wolves, the child became even more frightened, he said with tearful eyes, “They wanted to eat me.”

“No shit, you’re a walking food can. It’ll only be weird if they don’t want to eat you, but how come the wolves are all dead?”

A trace of confusion was revealed in the child’s eyes. He thought for a long time, then finally shook his head. “I don’t know, I was very scared, they wanted to eat me, I don’t remember anything else.”

Shan Ming thought he would be able to find out what had happened from the child’s mouth, but he didn’t expect that he would become even more confused after hearing his response.

These wolves were originally going to attack the child, but the child didn’t get devoured by them, and instead, they were devoured by some other beast? And the child managed to escape from under their breath?

Shan Ming became more confused the more he thought about it. He thought that the only thing that could link the whole thing together was that the child bit the wolves to death. However, this explanation was even more absurd.

He was too lazy to think more. His stomach growled continuously from hunger. At this moment, nothing was more important than eating.

He drew a dagger from his boots and stood up.

The child shrank back in fear.

Shan Ming didn’t pay him any attention and went straight back to slice himself some wolf meat.

Unexpectedly, the child who was initially afraid of him suddenly stood up and followed closely behind him.


Shan Ming swiped a glance at him.

The child said quietly, “Don’t leave me behind.”

Shan Ming sneered, “I have no obligation to take you with me. You can follow me if you can keep up.” After he said this, he went straight towards the bushes.

The child hesitated for a moment, but still ran after him.

The horrifying corpses of the three wolves freaked the child out so much that his face turned pale. He unconsciously grabbed onto Shan Ming’s pants.

Shan Ming kicked him away. “Don’t get in my way.” After that, he crouched down and stabbed the knife into the wolf’s hip bone, feeling for the joint where the bone and flesh connected, so that he could smoothly cut out the meat.

The child let out a cry of fright and backed several steps away.

Shan Ming held the wolf leg as he wobbled the dagger to cut it. Finally, he cut off one wolf leg and threw it at the child’s feet. “Take it.”

The child screamed and almost fell on his bottoms.

Shan Ming glanced at him, “Do you want to starve to death? If not, take it.” With that, he lowered his head and went to cut the other leg.

He cut off a total of four wolf legs and when felt that these were enough for him to eat for three to five days, he finally stopped to catch his breath.

Turning around, he saw that the child was still standing there at a loss, not daring to move.


Shan Ming picked up three wolf legs and walked to him. He looked down at him and said, “This wolf leg on the ground is your food for the next few days. If you don’t take it, you will starve to death. I won’t share any of my food with you.”

The child raised his head and stared at Shan Ming with difficulty. His eyes were full of pleading and uneasiness.

Shan Ming ignored him, he walked towards a drier area with his wolf legs.

The child stood in place, staring at the bloody wolf leg at his feet, feeling disgusted. He clenched and unclenched his thin little fists repeatedly, then finally couched down and gently touched it with his hands.

The rough fur and the sticky blood were like burning coals, scorching his hands. The child pulled back his hands in horror, trembling all over.

He couldn’t help turning around, hoping that Shan Ming would find his conscience and come help him. In reality, he only saw Shan Ming walking further away without looking back and didn’t have any intention of paying any attention to him.

The child gave up hope and turned his head back as tears filled his eyes. He clenched his teeth and toughened his heart before picking up that bloody wolf leg. Then he ran towards Shan Ming while crying.

He knew that no matter how mean and scary that person was, he was still the only one of his kind here. He instinctively wanted to follow close to him.

Shan Ming was so hungry that his eyes were turning blue. He really wanted to just chew up the wolf legs while holding them like this. But he still had a trace of common sense. When he was cutting off the wolf legs just now, he saw that many insects had gathered in the wolves’ wounds, that it had already begun to rot. It was already difficult to swallow raw meat, if he got infected with some kind of disease on top of it, then he’ll really be at death’s door.

He placed his precious matches together with the matchbox under the sun.

The child sat not too far from him, holding his knees and curled up into a ball. His bright dark eyes fixed on him without blinking.

Shan Ming was getting annoyed by him so he shot him a cold glance.


The child shivered and looked away.

“What’s your name?” Shan Ming asked while cooking the wolf leg.

The child hesitated for a moment, then answered, “Shen Changze.”

“Where you from?”


“Are your parents dead?”

Shen Changze suddenly became agitated, he clenched his tiny fist and shouted angrily, “Your parents are the ones dead!”

Shan Ming glared at him, which scared him so much that he trembled all over.

“My parents are indeed dead.” Shan Ming sliced open the wolf’s skin and tore it off. He brushed back the hair on his forehead with his bloodstained hand, “I’m asking if your parents were on the plane.”

The child shook his head, “Only me and the uncle who flew the plane were on the plane.”

Shan Ming raised an eyebrow. Seems like this was a wealthy young master, he actually had a private plane? No wonder he looked so delicate.

After stripping the skin off of the three wolf legs, he sliced the meat into thin pieces that were easy to roast. Next, he threw the dagger to the child.

The child stared at the bloody dagger, not daring to touch it.

Since no one else was here, Shan Ming didn’t hesitate to share his thoughts and kindly teach him, “Strip off the wolf skin, cut the meat into pieces, and wrap up what you’re not eating with leaves. Otherwise, you’ll have to find another way for your next meal.”

Shen Changze cried as he shook his head, “I’m scared.”

Shan Ming snorted, “Then stay hungry.” For a ruthless mercenary like him who kills people without blinking an eye, he does not have the concept of sentimentality. To him, it was indeed absurd to ask a five-year-old child to kill a wolf, but it shouldn’t be difficult for him to prepare a wolf leg. This child had no reason to rely on others, and Shan Ming had no reason to help him.

Shen Changze hugged his knee and cried quietly, feeling very helpless.

Shan Ming got up and picked up some easily flammable leaves nearby and surrounded them with stones. He examined the matches with his hand, it was pretty much dry. Then he started a fire in the small groove made of stones.

After the fire was lit, Shan Ming used the branches to skewer the meat and roasted them above the fire.

Since the branches couldn’t withstand the heat, Shan Ming had to hold them in a position above the flames. At that moment, he had one arm injured and the other weak from hunger, so he got tired quite quickly.

He glanced at the child who was still crying with his head in his arms. He approximated the kid’s height, it was just perfectly convenient for standing and roasting, so he called out, “Kid.”

Shen Changze lifted his little face and looked at him with red and swollen eyes.

Shan Ming ordered, “C’mere.”

Shen Changze stared at him warily and did not move.

Shan Ming repeated, “C’mere.”

The child was still afraid of him, so he got up and walked over.

Shan Ming handed him the branch in his hand. “Hold it, don’t let the flames touch it.”

The child was stunned. When he finally reacted, instead of reaching for it, he said, “I’ll roast it for you if you help me prepare the wolf leg.”

Shan Ming squinted at him. This brat actually tried to make a deal with him.

When Shen Changze met his eyes, he took a step back in fear. He pursed his mouth and stared at Shan Ming cautiously.

Shan Ming burst out laughing, “Not bad, that’s a deal I’ll take.”

He got up, picked up the dagger and that other wolf leg. He said as he prepared it, “Roast it patiently, you’re not allowed to eat until I’m full.”

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