Dying In The Male Lead’s Arms Every Time I Transmigrate

Chapter 66.1 I have never been in love (1)

The next day, Ning Meng got up, turned on her phone and went to the forum. The thread could still be seen on the homepage, and the number of replies resulted in another page added.

She clicked the thread open and saw that the person who said such exaggerated words had replies, all of which were directed to her and majority of them were consecutive “666”1In Chinese slang, 666 means you’re praising the person for being awesome. while the rest were naturally people who were scolding her.

For some inexplicable reason, she felt a lot better.

“Jiaojiao, wait for me.” Yu Xiaolian’s voice came from under the bed, “…I’ll be finished soon.”

Ning Meng paused and quietly drew the curtain.

It was only half past seven, there was almost an hour before class started, and the two of them were all ready to set out with their bags.

Li Jiao was applying lipstick in front of the mirror and was evidently in a good mood.

She turned her head and said casually, “Why does it feel cool around you today? Did you bring something?”

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Yes, a child.

Ning Meng’s scalp turned numb upon seeing this, and she silently shifted her gaze away, asking the system, “What’s up with the kid?”

The system responded, “It’s a ghost infant.”

This actually was more or less similar to Ning Meng’s guess.

After going through several events, she was also able to get a gist of things such as things like this. It looked like it was formed by induced abortion despite not seeing it before.

The system continued, “There are two types of ghost infants, one is a spiritual infant, and the other is a vengeful infant. Spiritual infants have no resentment, they are more peaceful, and more often, they’re resulted from accidental miscarriages. The reason why they stay with the mother is because of lingering attachment. On the other hand, vengeful infants are formed by unnatural miscarriages. Under normal circumstances, they can only stay with the mother. As time passes, the grievances accumulate and the mother’s vitality will be absorbed.”

The system explained in detail, allowing Ning Meng to easily understand.

According to it, the vengeful infant may disappear after being separated from the mother’s body, so it will try to stay beside the mother in order to increase its strength.

In other words, Yu Xiaolian probably chose to have an abortion.

Ning Meng felt it a little inconceivable.

Judging from Meng Ning’s memory, she was a slightly conservative girl. She had discussed similar topics in the dormitory in her freshman year, and Yu Xiaolian expressed that she preferred to have kids after marriage.

The current situation was completely opposite to what she had said.

Since it was her own sin, Ning Meng didn’t want to be nosy. It was her own choice, so the consequences should naturally be borne by her.

She asked the system, “Is Yu Xiaolian going to die?”

The system responded, “No. It’s just a simple ghost infant, not a malicious spirit. It’s incapable of killing people. If it gets a chance to suck power, Yu Xiaolian’s body will turn weak, at most, she’ll collapse but she wouldn’t lose her life.”

Ning Meng felt relieved hearing this.

It wouldn’t bode well if human lives were lost.

Recalling her yin and yang eyes, her face soured, “Can you take away my yin and yang eyes, seeing it makes me scared.”

What was the use for someone like her to have yin yang eyes when she can’t do anything upon spotting ghosts, instead, it would only add on to her initial fear.

In an instant, she fell into silence.

It took a long time for the system to pop out and quietly respond, “No.”

Ning Meng said, “I knew it…garbage system.”

The system was aggrieved, “Yin Yang eyes are accompanied by the ability to perceive, otherwise did you think you would have made it out alive back in the water room?”

That’s true… Thinking back to the incident in the water room, Ning Meng frowned slightly. Fortunately, the system previously said that the ghost could not come out and kill people, otherwise she would have been the first to be killed.

What she saw last night was a vague head, but now, it had become so clear and it had happened far too quickly.

While she was distracted, the door was shut.

Ning Meng climbed out of bed and washed up before going to class.

It wasn’t until a few days later that the appearance of the ghost infant behind Yu Xiaolian became a lot clearer.

It had already reached the shoulders from the back of the neck and was lying there with its strange head, its appearance looked mutilated and its facial features could be seen.

Its limbs had yet to form, some deformities were also hidden here and there, occasionally appearing twisted.

As though it could sense her gaze, the ghost infant raised its head and smiled at her lightly, carrying a strong sinister eeriness, its mouth devoid of teeth looked extremely terrifying.

Perhaps it wasn’t malicious, nevertheless it made her feel terrified.

Ning Meng turned her head.

She pondered for a while. In Meng Ning’s memory, Yu Xiaolian went on a trip with her rich second-generation boyfriend four months ago, and after that, school started. She reckoned that that was the period when she had probably gotten an abortion.

She also didn’t look pregnant in recent days, the child in her belly evidently gone as her belly hadn’t swollen. Even if she had gone for an induced abortion, it would’ve probably come out as an unformed fetus.

However, at present, this ghost infant had gone from being faceless to having facial features, and from this, it was clear how much vitality and resentment it sucked in from her as sustenance to nourish itself deeply.

Especially when the ghost infant had smiled at her just now, it looked extremely odd, and it was apparent that it realized she was able to see it.

Fortunately, nothing happened during this period.

When she occasionally ran into Xiaolian, she would promptly ignore the ghost infant, but the ghost infant often wanted to get close to her.

After all, her physique was of yin nature, which was liked by yin and evil things.

The ghost infant affected Yu Xiaolian’s actions to a certain extent. Sometimes her line of thinking would be muddled and by the time she sobered up, she would realize she was near Ning Meng, her expression turning unsightly.

Then, she would leave with a dark face.

Every time this happened, Ning Meng would only roll her eyes at her.

Since the abortion, Yu Xiaolian’s temper had become eccentric, becoming highly hostile towards her, and even starting to resent Yang Yujie.

However, she only dared to scold Yang Yujie verbally. Ning Meng had only come across it once, completely taken by surprise.

The system’s previous words weren’t wrong, Yu Xiaolian had indeed been suffering from a lack of luck in recent days.

The first time was when she had fallen off the upper bunk upon waking up, almost breaking her leg. She went to the infirmary to dress the injury, and it had taken her two days of rest before she could start moving normally again.

And during these two days, a lot of things had happened.

For example, when she went to the classroom to attend class, the moment she sat down, the chair broke down and she even had to pay the repair fee as compensation.

When she returned to the dormitory, her hand got caught by the door and one of her fingers had even turned purple.

Every time something unfortunate like this happened, Ning Meng could always see the ghost infant lying on her shoulders be in good spirits, nearly doing a little celebratory dance with its limbs.

Over time, she had gotten used to seeing it.

In the evening, Shi Qi’s class was conducted.

The girls in the class went to the classroom early so by the time Ning Meng had arrived, she found that the seats were already filled and the only remaining ones were at the very last row.

She silently took a seat at the very back row.

The bookworm ghost was still on the edge of the podium, writing notes eagerly, his tongue stretching out and shrinking back, appearing quite studious.

Seeing her arrive, he glared at her hatefully, but didn’t dare to step forward, shrinking aggrievedly by the edge of the podium.

If he were to come close to her, the teacher today may try to settle accounts with him so it was best if he avoided her to keep his little life….If the teacher wanted her to answer his questions, he also had no choice but to let her.

Ning Meng no longer looked at him but unexpectedly, right before class started, Gu Nanqian came in through the back door and sat beside her.

She put away her phone, flipped open her book and ignored her.

Gu Nanqian wanted to say something but stopped. Seeing that the teacher hadn’t come yet, she finally couldn’t help but say, “Meng Ning, I had something to do the last time, so I left first. You’re not angry about that, are you?”

It was the same tone and the same manner of speaking.

Ning Meng turned her head to look at her, “No.”

“That’s good.” Gu Nanqian smiled slightly, her words were gentle before she started putting up a pitiful appearance, “…Actually, your tone at that time really scared me…”

Ning Meng’s face turned pale, as if she was hurt by what she had said, and she looked at Gu Nanqian sadly, “Qianqian, did you think of me that way? I really didn’t think that you would actually have such thoughts.”

She had become extremely skilled at this kind of act that, at times, before going to bed, she would even zealously practice it, gaining proficiency rapidly.

Gu Nanqian was taken aback and did not react.

Shouldn’t it be Meng Ning apologizing to her by now? How did it suddenly come to be her fault?

Ning Meng’s brain worked really fast and she decided to continue her act. This time, she didn’t cry but her tone was very aggrieved, “I knew it. Qianqian really doesn’t like me…You must’ve probably thought I approached you for a purpose…”

Gu Nanqian’s brain was still lagging at this point. Yet Ning Meng continued relentlessly, “But I really like you, I have to think of you every night before I can fall asleep…”

Ning Meng smoothly touched Gu NAnqian’s hand placed on the table, scratching it slightly.

Gu Nanqian only felt goosebumps arise, and stared at her cautiously. Seeing that she was about to come close to her, she finally couldn’t help herself and stood up abruptly.

Ning Meng was very surprised.

She covered her mouth and looked at her sadly, her slender eyebrows bent down, looking very pitiful and distressing.

Gu Nanqian felt another headache come on again. Glancing ahead, she found an empty seat in the center and ran over towards it.

Seeing her look as if she was fleeing from something horrifying, Ning Meng felt confused.

Even though she hated her, she would always approach her every time. What exactly were her intentions? Was she bored and trying to torture herself?

Ning Meng snorted, then lowered her head and continued to look at her phone.

She was now obsessed with visiting the forum every day. After entering a reply, she looked up and saw a girl in the row in front of her, stare at her.

The girl did not feel embarrassed upon being caught and said, “I didn’t expect Meng Ning to be like this.”

Ning Meng asked expressionlessly, “Did I say something wrong?”

The girl chuckled, surprised at how fast she switched personalities and quickly reacted, “Of course not.”

She leaned back and said with a complicated expression, “Actually, I didn’t recognize you before, I only found out about you after the whole mess with Gu Nanqian.”

Ning Meng listened with interest and raised her head to stare at her.

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