Dying In The Male Lead’s Arms Every Time I Transmigrate

Chapter 6 Benevolent Old Grandma

In the afternoon, Shi Qi was taken to have his hair cut, and clothes bought. Once he returned, he took a shower before being sent to the small cottage. 

After arriving at the small cottage, he felt his heart ease a lot. Compared to the cheerlessness of the main residence, he was much more used to this kind of gentle place.

The yard was full of flowers, and just now, a young lady had handed him some fruit. He hadn’t experienced this kind of treatment in the big residence. 

Shi Qi looked at the old lady who stood not too far away from him. She was currently looking at him with a smile that looked just like a blooming chrysanthemum, and was supported by a young lady next to her.

Was this his…grandmother…?

A pair of green eyes stared at her closely, his whole person seeming very nervous.

Ning Meng swept him a glance and seeing that his hands were clenching the clothes at the side, she immediately realized why he had taken so long. Seeing him act a little reserved, she called out to him softly: “Seventeen, call me grandma for me to hear.”  

If she were to know that she smiled looking like an old chrysanthemum in Shi Qi’s eyes, the aftermath would be too horrible to even contemplate.

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Opposite of her, Shi Qi saw that she did not respond, and twisted his fingers together, biting his lower lip and standing in his place. 

Ning Meng felt that being able to revive herself back in an old lady’s body after her death allowed her to live a few more years in her life.

The old madame must’ve been so angry, her soul had flown back to the Western Paradise. Since she had enjoyed a luxurious life, raising her grandsons was her duty. Originally, after reading the plot of the book, she was only planning to adopt an attitude that was to her personal benefit towards Shi Qi.

But now that she had personally seen the thin and weak child, her soft heart had instantly been pierced. 

Ever since she was a child, she had always been an orphan and never knew who her parents were. So towards Seventeen who no longer had his parents with him right now, she could somewhat empathize with him.

In the novel, because he had harbored so much hope for the old madame, and all he got in return was indifference, from thereon, it triggered a series of problems. Was she now going to allow an innocent child to grow up into becoming a ruthless character in the future?

Li Chun quickly whispered to remind the old lady, “Old Madame, what are you thinking about?”

Ning Meng recovered her senses, “I was thinking that Seventeen looks too thin. We should properly fatten him up.”

She reached out a hand to touch the top of the anxious child’s head. Although he didn’t seem to have taken much nutrition, his hair was very soft and dark, it looked very nice to touch.

Just like stroking a small animal. Ning Meng thought in her heart.

She used a heavier tone to say: “Seventeen, you are too thin, you need to eat more to grow up strong and healthy.”

At least to the point where you can beat up that brat Shi Cong. 

Since he needed to be fattened, then he will definitely be fattened up greatly.

Li Xia thought the most considerately, “Old Madame, why don’t we let the doctor check Young Master Qi’s body and have him prescribe some food to eat according to his condition.”

“You’re right. I thought too simply.” Ning Meng nodded. “The doctor should be here right?”

“Yes, I’ll go and invite him over.”

After the Old Madame instructed her to go, the small cottage’s doctor quickly brought over all kinds of instruments and immediately gave Shi Qi a physical checkup.

He wore a white coat, glasses and adding on to the instruments he carried, Shi Qi was initially a bit hesitant seeing his appearance.

“Old Madame, Young Master Qi appears to be malnutritioned.”

“Young Master Qi, please lift up your top.”

When Shi Qi lifted up his top, his chest looked bony as though there was no surplus of meat, stunning the doctor. 

When the cold instrument was pressed against his body, Shi Qi flinched back slightly.

Ning Meng assumed that he was afraid and coaxed him at the side: “It’s alright. It will be finished soon.”

Shi Qi nodded and didn’t say a word.

After a series of examinations, the doctor packed up his tools and said. “Young Master Qi doesn’t have any major illnesses. Seeing that he hasn’t been raised well before, he shouldn’t be given too much replenishing food. It would be better to go slowly. Old Madame, let me tell you something that’s easy to ingest, such as porridge. Tonight, why not try the eight treasure lotus seed soup.”

Ning Meng replied, “Alright.” She also knew that she couldn’t fatten him up at once because going overboard would be detrimental to him and it was better not to fatten him up rather than going overboard.

Shi Qi didn’t quite understand it. He knew what a Lotus Seed was, but what was a lotus seed soup?.

He blinked his eyes, sitting there without a word for he didn’t want to speak out of his place.

Ning Meng pinched his small face, and while it did feel tender to the touch, it still didn’t have any meat.

“Shall we eat lotus seed soup at night?” she asked.

Shi Qi allowed her to do as she pleased and obediently responded: “Okay.” Even though his voice was still a little hoarse, it sounded very soft. 

Ning Meng pinched his face again.

This child was too obedient to the point it made her feel distressed. However, now that she had become his grandmother, she was going to properly take care of him. 

Li Chun and Li Xia were sent over after they had gone through training. Although their cooking skills weren’t top class, they were still able to make basic things.

After the old lady instructed them to make lotus seed soup, they naturally prepared it quickly.

The eight treasures lotus seed soup was as its name implied. It required eight kinds of main materials, each of which contained great nutrition, and was very suitable for replenishing the body.

Now that it was currently summer, lotus seeds could be commonly seen. After having received the news, the big residence quickly sent over fresh lotus seeds and other materials, even sending a lotus bud that had just bloomed. It was stuck inside the neck of a transparent bottle, glittering with luminosity.

“Wow.” Ning Meng cried out in surprise.

The city was brimming with high-rise buildings that it was really rare to see lotus flowers. Once could only go to a place that cultivated them, just to catch a glimpse of them. 

If you were to travel to some of Jiangnan’s scenic areas, you would be able to see a lot of lotus flowers, but if there were too many tourists present, one wouldn’t be as spirited. Even if you had managed to see them, you weren’t allowed to touch them nor would you be allowed to pluck them. 

This lotus was obviously picked right after it had bloomed. It was very fresh and had a light fragrance, appearing quite beautiful.

Ning Meng placed it on the wooden table by the window, just facing the outside where a breeze blew over, causing it to sway

Shi Qi stood beside her, going along with her wherever she went.

From the window side, he was able to see the vegetable fields. This view was not what he had expected from the Shi Family, causing Shi Qi to be stunned for a while.

Ning Meng stroked his head, “Does the lotus look good?”

Seeing him staring blankly at the vegetable field, she reckoned that he must’ve thought of something and said: “If you want to eat anything from there, just pluck them out and hand it over to the two sisters to cook.”

Startled, Shi Qi could only softly say: “Okay.”

Having acted as an old lady for a long time, it came to her as second nature.

Towards some problems such as the inconvenience of moving and the blurry eyesight, Ning Meng ignored them all because simply speaking, the benefits outweighed the cons. 

Speaking of which, she had the advantage.

Ning Meng squinted and slowly pulled Shi Qi outside. The summer night’s wind blew on their bodies, carrying a sliver of coolness. 

A big hand held onto a small hand as the two people walked down the corridor, hearing the sounds of crickets. 

Shi Qi took several furtive glances at the old lady, feeling his heart warm up and undulate. It seemed that apart from his father, nobody had cared so much about him before.

In the future, he was definitely going to take good care of grandma to repay her current kindness.

A lamp hung on the corridor eaves, and Ning Meng borrowed this light to take a careful and close look at the child. 

It was said that beauty was in the bones and not the skin, and this child was not an exception. His features were delicate and pretty, his countenance exquisite, his nose bridge was tall and his pair of eyes were a limid and penetrative green like the starry sky seen from the planetarium. His thin lips formed a line, appearing slightly cold.

Even so, he didn’t give off the feeling that he had sinister intentions. Thousands of words were tied up in her tongue, but in the end, only the feeling of distress remained.

It was just that his face looked beyond pale.

Ning Meng’s resolve grew stronger. She was definitely going to do her best to fatten him up.

From today onwards, she was going to live as an elderly lady and live out the rest of her days, raising the child. Thinking about it, this life seemed leisurely. Moreover, farming was something many people dreamed of doing. 

The two strolled around the garden for a while. Ning Meng took this opportunity to also  familiarize him with some places in this small cottage, and finally returned back to the cottage under Li Chun’s call.

Li Xia went to the main residence while Li Chun carefully set up dinner, placing the lotus seed soup on the table. 

When Ning Meng pulled Shi Qi down to sit, the petite Shi Qi seemed even smaller in contrast to the big table. She pushed the bowl in front of him. “Tonight, you can only eat this.”

The small bowl was transparent, making the color of the lotus soup carrying red yellow and black beans, candied jujube, plums and other things appear particularly appetizing. A glance of it made one’s mouth water. 

Steam floated from above the mouth of the bowl, carrying the rich scent to Shi Qi’s nostrils and inciting him to reminisce about his home.

Ever since he could remember, he had never seen his mother and was only by his father’s side.

The two people were mutually dependent on each other, living together in a poverty-stricken area. The scenes he usually saw were of people fighting or quarreling. From day to night, screams and abuses rang in his ear and never was there a day of peace. 

Half a month ago, the father who he had depended on for a long time, suddenly said that he couldn’t hold on any longer.

Shi Qi listened to his bedridden father’s advice, and blankly and muddle-headedly arrived before the Shi Family’s big manor.

He had never seen such a beautiful house, looking exactly like his neighbor claimed to have seen on TV. The people in the house were all well-dressed, clean, spoke softly and treated each other politely.

After entering the mansion, he saw two children about the same age as him. They looked better than the richest people back in his area, and grew up very good-looking too. It felt as though he had walked into the wrong place.

But no one there took note of him. Several people even pretended not to have seen him, rendering Shi Qi mute for words. 

This was until he arrived in the small cottage, the warmth in this place made him relax.

This grandma was really good to him. Shi Qi thought to himself.

Yet Ning Meng was currently talking to the system: “Do you have any way of keeping me alive and stimulating his yin yang eyes to open?” 

The system weakly responded: “…You can go to your eldest son, the pen fairy case seems to be a good opportunity for it. Besides, he doesn’t necessarily have to see blood, the key is to be pushed to a certain degree.”

Ning Meng was hit by a sudden flash of inspiration.

Listening to the system, this pen fairy was a malicious ghost so the degree of stimulation should be enough.

She felt distressed for Shi Qi’s condition. Fortunately, she was going to become a really benevolent old grandma.


My grandma treats me really well.

In the future, I must repay her.

——”Shi Qi’s secretly hidden little diary”

The author has something to say:

Young Seventeen: I’m going to repay grandma in the future

Countless years later.

Ning Meng: Hehe

If you look at the story, you’ll know that the little diary will come in good use. Remember not to skip out on reading it my lovelies~

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