Chapter 5.2 A Grandma Like You (2)

The Old Madame only cared about flower and vegetable gardening all day long that there wasn’t a single television or cell phone inside the small cottage. So even if she wanted to pass the time away, she couldn’t even do so. Could it be that she was going to idle her life away just like this?

She was a patient with severe Internet addiction and couldn’t stand the days without having a cell phone.

To rephrase it in another sentence, she didn’t need to have anything, she just couldn’t live without her phone. If she couldn’t scroll through Weibo from day to night and couldn’t even watch the news, what kind of life was she going to live? 

“Old Madame, you haven’t read the newspaper you ordered for several days.” Li Chun spoke again..

Newspaper? Ning Meng looked suspiciously in the direction she pointed to. Lots of newspapers were properly stacked on the shelf but she couldn’t even read the words clearly.

She put down her spoon and kept a straight face, “Seventeen is going to come soon so naturally, we need to have it prepared for him. Now that technology is advancing so rapidly, a computer is a necessary item. En… We should also get a TV….and a cell phone, two of them!”

Li Chun was dumbfounded. Since when did the old madame know so much about these, she even wanted two cell phones.

“The latest smartphone.” Ning Meng added, “The one that can go online.”

Li Chun held back the urge to laugh and jested: “Old Madame, you also know about the Internet?”

Ning Meng glanced at her and prolonged her tone with emotion: “I am also an old woman who can keep up with the times.”

Li Chun broke out into a smile and replied “Aii, I will go and prepare them later then.”

She wondered whether the old madame had wanted to form a closer relationship with Young Master Qi through these things.

Seeing that she held no suspicions, Ning Meng felt at ease. After downing the porridge completely, she then remembered her matters. “This is already the second day. Why hasn’t Seventeen come yet?”

Didn’t they agree to have him come over as soon as possible?

Wasn’t the working efficiency of this old lady’s eldest son too low? No wonder, he was kicked out of the Shi Family by Shi Qi in the future.

Li Chun quickly smiled and said: “He’s coming. He’s coming. In fact, he has just arrived downstairs.”

Ning Meng stood up quickly, and urged with shaking legs: “Then let’s go. Let’s go.”

The novel described him to be very beautiful, but she hadn’t really seen what the child looked like with her own eyes. She also didn’t know what his personality was like as a child and whether he would be easy to get along with.

The genes of the Shi family were pretty good. The Old Madame’s third son was also a very young and handsome lad. The novel mentioned that he had inherited the beauty of his mother, so his countenance shouldn’t fall short.

Because she stood up abruptly, her legs immediately softened and she almost fell back on the chair. Li Chun was so scared that she hurried over to support her. Fortunately, this was something already commonplace, so they naturally got used to it.

Even though the small cottage was said to be a small cottage, it wasn’t actually all that small. You couldn’t see the lower floor completely from above until you truly came downstairs.

Ning Meng swept the surroundings a glance and took the whole view into her eyes. After gaining a general idea of this small cottage, it didn’t seem to have any discrepancies with the one in her memories. 

The only problem was that she had a blurry sight. In her previous life, she was not short-sighted but she had heard that old people often had farsightedness, so she concluded that she must have the same problem now.

When she thought about how she was going to be raising a child in the future, a strange feeling welled up in Ning Meng’s heart. Sighing in her heart, she asked, “Where is he?”

Why haven’t we seen him yet ah, we’ve already been walking for a long time. 

Li Chun laughed loudly, “He’s in the small living room. Old Madame, Young Master Qi must be very happy to have a grandma like you.”

The small living room was the place where the small cottage entertained their guests. They had come down from the upper floor and walked around the back to reach the place.

Li Xia was squatting on the side of the coffee table and setting up a platter, handing the peeled fruit to the dark-haired child sitting on the sofa. The thin him who sat on the large sofa, seemed to have sunk in the middle, appearing all the more younger.

Seeing this from behind, Ning Meng felt distressed.

The novel had mentioned that he was very thin back then, but she hadn’t expected it to be so severe. Wasn’t it mentioned that he was about the same age as Shi Cong? Shi Cong already looked like he was about to turn into a piglet yet Shi Qi looked a size smaller, appearing malnourished. His figure looked scrawny from behind.

Bits and pieces of his hair were tucked behind the ears, revealing pale skin, and a blue mark behind the nape. With just one glance, she could easily discern that it was made by someone. And since there were only two little children in the mansion, it was easy to guess that the brat Shi Cong was the culprit. 

Thinking of this, Ning Meng felt a bit angry.

That brat really… the second son and wife of the old madame really didn’t know how to educate their children. Shi Cong may be a child right now, but who knows what he would be capable of doing in the future.

Right now, she was his grandmother. If there was an opportunity, she was going to teach him well, after all, there was nobody who was born evil, much less a little child. 

Li Chun saw that the old madame had stopped in her tracks and whispered in her ear, “The place where Young Master Qi lived before…was…was the famous poverty-stricken place in Yanjing…”

Ning Meng was enlightened. No wonder he looked like that.

But now that he had come to the Shi Family, he was going to be properly brought up. There was a saying that said ‘it was easy to change from a lifestyle of frugality to a lifestyle of extravagance’, she just didn’t know if he would become spoiled, and if he did, then it would become her fault. And so, she must properly find a guide on how to raise children properly. 

Moreover…In the novel, Shi Qi was said to have opened up his yin yang eyes later on, so he was able to see through Feng Shui and command thousands of ghosts. 

The system coincidentally popped out of this moment and said: “You can help him open up his yin yang eyes in advance.”

Ning Meng mulled it over, recalling that the book had mentioned how to exhibit the hidden yin yang eyes out. And the reason why Shi Qi was able to open his was because the Old Madame had fallen to her death and bled out. Having seen the blood, Shi Qi’s yin yang eyes were awakened.

Did this mean she had to die first?

As if having heard the noise coming from her direction, the child on the sofa promptly turned his head.

The author has something to say:

Ning Meng: There’s not a lot of caring grandmothers like me, great grandson.

I feel like the plot is moving a bit slow, I also don’t know why I wrote so much nonsense.

_(:з」∠)_Today I am a salted fish1Salted fish is a slang for saying I’m tired and sluggish.

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