Dying In The Male Lead’s Arms Every Time I Transmigrate

Chapter 51.1 I expect compensation in the future (1)

A cold hand covered his.

The tassels of his scarf shifted into the other direction and Shi Qi audibly heard her let out a faint comfortable sigh.

She acted just like a petty thief.

Ning Meng secretly checked her surroundings and noticed that no one was paying attention to their row, easing her worries a lot.

The class teacher previously mentioned that they were supposed to have new seating arrangements but in the end, they didn’t change seats at all.

However, this suited her just fine since their class was pretty small. They only had 30 people so she was still able to see the blackboard from afar.

A continuous stream of heat travelled all the way from his hand into her body and the yin air that chilled Ning Meng to the bone, had finally dissipated slightly.

She tilted her head to look at Shi Qi, “Let me touch you for a while.”

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Ning Meng thought for a moment and asked, “Is there any way to cure this?”

The system responded, “No. Once the yin air has permeated the body, it means that

It has already penetrated the bones and became one with the body.”

Ning Meng, “….”

Though she really wanted to curse, she couldn’t help but think that she shouldn’t have held it back then. Now, she was just wavering between regret and relief that she had obtained it.

Sigh, why did it feel like she was so pitiful?

Throughout the whole class, she moved quite a lot.

Every time she felt like she had touched enough of the backside of his hand, she would turn Shi Qi’s hand over and stuff her fist into his palm.

Shi Qi thought it was as if she was frying a fish.

However, he didn’t say anything. Seeing that she looked like a ball curling up from the cold, he allowed her to do as she wanted.

In the second period of English classes, Ning Meng was unable to stand the cold any longer.

The last remnant of heat in the classroom had completely dissipated and she could only reach one hand out to Shi Qi as the other would be inconvenient.

As such, she secretly brought his hand over to her side.

Ning Meng cast him a glance out of the corner of her eyes and thought to herself. He didn’t realize anything right? He looks so concentrated in class, how could he notice what’s going on with his hand?

However, this certainly wouldn’t be such a huge matter because when night fell, she’ll have to go home alone. It was not as if she could move Shi Qi to her own bed.

She would have to suffer the cold tonight.

And then became a beautiful ice sculpture by tomorrow morning.

Ning Meng amused herself with her imagination, hiding her face in her scarf while still rubbing his hand in secret, not listening to class the slightest bit at all.

Ahhh, so warm.

She was still immersed in her own imaginations when the english teacher suddenly said something and the students let out a faint howl of anguish.

Ning Meng looked on blankly before she shot a glance at Qiu Keke who was sitting on the aisle across her.

Shi Qi cast her a faint glance, “Test paper page 2, reading comprehension part 2.”

She quickly took out her test papers and flipped to the article being discussed whereas the English teacher had come down from the podium and was starting to make his way through the aisles.

She had to let go of her right hand to start writing…

Ning Meng cast a reluctant gaze at Shi Qi’s hand before politely handing it back, feeling aggrieved on the inside, “Thank you.”

Shi Qi: “….”

Hearing her tone, he felt as if this deskmate of his could carry out something as demented as chopping his hand off at any given moment.

After doing half of the reading comprehension piece, Ning Meng was finally unable to withstand it.

It was as if the cold air in the room had grown eyes, pouring down completely into her neck, and especially since she sat by the window side.

It was as if she felt cold both inside and outside.

Her teeth wouldn’t stop chattering, emitting crisp noises.

Shi Qi heard all of this clearly at the side and turned his head to look at her slightly agape lips and blinking eyes, her whole person shivering.

This was too abnormal.

Moreover, the blurry facial features of the youthful figure also quivered together with the body despite appearing a bit vague.

He narrowed his eyes slightly, seeing her condition become increasingly worse, her scarf rising higher, and he neared her face.

Ning Meng immediately turned her head to look at him.

Her eyes grew slightly big as she grabbed the hand he reached out to her, “….You were the one who reached out to me this time ok?”

He couldn’t blame her for getting defensive. She was already feeling cold and he had to tease her.

Hearing this, Shi Qi parted his mouth but didn’t say anything. He also didn’t snatch his hand back and merely turned to look at his own exam paper.

Ning Meng felt so happy, fireworks had gone off inside her heart. The warmth of his hand felt so good.

Then, she realized that the english teacher was standing beside them.

Seeing that she was caught red-handed, the teacher blinked, silently measuring the both of them and asked in a soft tone, “Are you afraid of the cold?”

His Chinese carried a strange accent.

Ning Meng nodded like a pecking hen but also felt a bit guilty…She was doing such a thing in class but the teacher didn’t get angry at her.

The teacher stood up straight and pondered for a few seconds before breaking into a smile, looking at Shi Qi, “Since you fear the cold so much..you should take proper care of your body.”

Ning Meng looked a bit flummoxed.

Why did he tell this to him and not her?

Shi Qi’s expression froze for a moment, his gaze shifting from the teacher to his deskmate and he pursed his lips, remaining silent.

The English teacher left their aisle and went back to sit at the podium, reading his book. The whole classroom fell silent.

Qiu Keke suddenly turned her head, “What did the English teacher mean?”

Ning Meng leaned closer towards her and whispered back in response, “I don’t know. He caught me doing something just now.”

Qiu Keke was just about to ask what she had been doing when her gaze froze.

Atop of Ning Meng’s school uniform was a scarf that had been taken off to cover something and she could faintly see her fair hand through a gap.

As well as a flash of another hand that was distinctively a size bigger.

Qiu Keke let out a deep breath and retracted her gaze.

The English teacher must’ve seen it. The sight was easier to see from where he stood so the words he said could only mean…

She and Shi Qi have been classmates for two years. His life seemed to be ordinary as rarely did anyone have the guts to disturb him. He also rarely paid any attention to school matters.

This semester however, he seemed to be a lot more talkative.

Moreover, she often saw him….Qiu Keke cut her train of thought short and returned to her paper, however, she couldn’t stop her imagination from running off.

It was as if she had discovered a secret.

Once class had ended, it was time to leave school. Qiu Keke packed her things up in advance and took the initiative to say, “Ning Ning, let’s go.”

Ning Meng nodded back in response, “Ok.”

She let go of Shi Qi’s hand but stared at it for a long time before shifting her gaze away and heaving a long sigh on the inside. She then left with Qiu Keke.

Though it was snowing outside, people from the north didn’t think much of it.

Ning Meng grew up in the south and though the winters there were cold, having to open an umbrella and wear snow boots when it snowed, when she started going to school in the north, she experienced a whole new kind of cold.

Qiu Keke formed a ball with the snow on the ground and played with it. After hesitating for a while, she turned her head and stared at the person beside her.

Ning Ning looked a lot more petite and adorable compared to her. She looked fair and tender, certainly someone who stood out from the class.

She asked in a whispering tone, “You and….Shi Qi…”

After stopping midway, Qiu Keke didn’t know how to continue.

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