Dying In The Male Lead’s Arms Every Time I Transmigrate

Chapter 50.3 Shi Qi, let me touch your hand (3)

It was both gruesome and bloody and if it weren’t for the expert who eventually sealed the ghost, who could predict what would have happened?

Shi Qi suddenly said, “There needs to be certain conditions fulfilled before this phenomenon could appear, otherwise, it wouldn’t be commonly seen. Unfortunately, I haven’t found the root of the cause.”

Even without finding the root of the cause, we were still able to survive and not a single harm befell them too.

Ning Meng suddenly felt like her great grandson was a big thigh to hug so a cannon fodder like her who most likely would not be able to live past the first episode should hold onto him tightly.

“However, one cannot stay at that place for too long as the yin air there is too heavy.”

Shi Qi lightly added.

Ning Meng also knew that because she felt quite cold at that time.

However, now that everything has been resolved, she didn’t have anything else to do with the matter and could finally throw her worries at the back of her head.

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And his intentions were no different from what she initially surmised. The dean clearly had feelings for Liang Fengmei and during the end of the term, she had even seen the two out on a date.

Even though this date only consisted of them buying stuff together.

Ning Meng was still glad to see this picture. The dean looked to be a good person and was someone who knew Liang Fengmei inside out.

As such, by the time she leaves this world, there’ll at least be someone that would support her mother through the tough times.

The only thing that made her unhappy was that winter had just arrived and Ning Meng felt like she had just entered an icehouse.

Her whole body quivered from the cold.

At first, it was just a slight quiver, however, later on, Liang Fengmei discovered something wrong.

When she went to wake up Ning Meng in the morning, she found that the heater was turned to the highest temperature yet Ning Meng was still cocooned in her blanket.

Liang Fengmei tore the blanket away from her, “The heater is already turned to the highest degree, why are you still hiding inside the blanket? Isn’t it just another winter season? You weren’t like this before.”

Ning Meng shivered, “I’m cold.”

Liang Fengmei covered her again and touched her forehead, “You’re not running a fever, are you? Where do you feel unwell? Or do you only feel cold?”

Ning Meng replied, “I just feel cold.”

Cold to the bone.

In the end, the two people went to the hospital for a checkup and Ning Meng was still shivering by the time she got her waiting line number. Unfortunately, they had forgotten to bring the hot water bag from home.

When they finally entered a consultation room, the heater made her feel a lot better.

The doctor inspected her for a long time but didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. He only said, “You might have a weak constitution so it’s better for you to slowly build a warm constitution and watch what you eat.”

The two people thought this weird.

Upon coming home, Ning Meng took the hot water bag and never let it go. With a heat source by her side, she felt a lot better and was finally able to attend school.

When she walked outside, bundled up in a beanie and scarf, she shrank her head, burying it into her scarf.

The classroom had a heater so once she came in, she felt a lot better.

Qiu Keke spotted her and couldn’t help but say, “Ning Ning, aren’t you a little too weak to the cold? Why are you wrapped up so much like a ball?”

Ning Meng replied back sadly, “I’m cold.”

Qiu Keke stroked her head, “The heater in the classroom is already turned on. Why do you still feel cold? Is it because your immunity is weak? You better take good care of yourself.”

She felt that Ning Ning was too soft and now that she was feeling unwell, wrapped up like a ball in winter, she was so cute she wanted to squeeze her.

However, seeing that she looked very pitiful, she still held the urge back.

Ning Meng nodded before sitting herself at her seat.

Shi Qi tilted his head and saw her bundled up attire and asked in a low voice, “Are you really that cold?”

If he didn’t remember it wrong, today was the first snowfall of winter.

Ning Meng nodded obediently.

During the past two days of vacation, she carried her hot water bag with her every day and stuffed it into her clothes. She was able to avoid freezing to death as long as she changed the hot water all day long.

She never experienced a cold like this before and after a long time had passed, she felt something amiss.

She asked the system what it could be.

After the system examined her for a long time, it replied, “It could possibly be due to the yin air entering your body.”

Ning Meng asked, “When did this happen? I haven’t touched anything of yin air recently, have I? Or did I just run into a ghost right now?”

The system explained, “Do you still remember the village you visited back then? The dagger had been suppressing that ghost for decades had been imbued with sinister yin air. When your hand got cut by that dagger, it must’ve happened then.”

It was just that it wasn’t clear at that time so she never realized all along.

After a long time had passed and winter had arrived, everything was brought out to light.

Ning Meng stared at her hand, the wound on it having healed already early on that she didn’t see a trace of it. “If the yin air enters the body, would it pose any harm? Apart from feeling cold.”

The system only replied after a very long time, “Perhaps it’s because this body is going to collapse sooner than planned so by then, you’ll also need to leave early….”

Its words were simple so its meaning was also simple.

This body was already dead in the first place. The only reason she was able to possess it was due to the system and now that yin air had entered the body, the effects could only be detrimental.

In other words, there was a very big possibility that she would die sooner than originally planned.

Unexpectedly, Ning Meng’s reaction was quite calm after hearing the entire explanation.

Seeing her nod her head, Shi Qi pursed his lips, his clear green eyes remained deep and alluring, but still unfathomable.

The class bell rang out coincidentally and the two no longer exchanged words.

Once two math classes had passed in the morning, Ning Meng gradually adapted to the temperature. The only thing she was unhappy about was that the next two classes were english classes.

The English teacher was a foreign teacher who came from abroad. He didn’t fear the cold and didn’t like having the heater turned on, always opening the windows instead.

This english teacher’s temper was good and even liked to joke around. The students felt comfortable telling him jokes that they usually couldn’t tell other teachers so everyone liked him.

Because he felt that the heater had been turned on for way too long and the odor in the classroom was beginning to smell bad, even if the students disagreed slightly with him, he still stood firm in opening the windows.

And this class was naturally not an exception.

Just as expected, the first thing he did upon entering the classroom was open the windows.

After pushing the window open, cold air started to rush in. Ning Meng immediately shivered on the spot, shrinking her head down so that half her face was covered by her scarf.

Shi Qi didn’t open the windows but the English teacher was already looking at their direction so he could only lift his hands up to open them.

Ning Meng didn’t want them open and thought that having one window remain shut shouldn’t be a problem so she reached out a hand to stop his hands, “…Don’t open it.”

The moment their hands made contact, a scorching hot feeling rushed into the palm of her hand.

Ning Meng immediately felt like she didn’t want to let go. Oh my god, this feels too good. He was just like a stove, warm to the touch.

However, with so many people watching them, she could only retract her hands and hide them underneath her scarf.

She looked around and whispered, “Shi Qi, why are your hands so warm?”

Shi Qi moved his hands, a bit confused at her words. He felt that his body temperature was normal, there was nothing special about it.

Ning Meng placed her hands at her lap.

Then stared at him with glittering eyes.

Seeing the English teacher already turn around to start writing on the board, she couldn’t help herself and ask embarrassedly, “Shi Qi ah, we’ve been deskmates for so long…”

Shi Qi tapped the table with his pen, “If you have something to say, just spit it out.”

Ning Meng licked her lips and secretly wiggled her hands over, “See, I’m about to freeze to death, can you let me touch you for a while?”

He was simply no different to a walking hot water bag.

Shi Qi didn’t say anything and merely reached his fair hands out.


Is it that cold?

She looks so pitiful.

I’ll reluctantly share her some then…

——”Shi Qi’s secretly hidden little diary”

The author has something to say:

Ning Meng: How will I sleep at night? QAQ

T/N: Same Ning Meng. I’m weak to the cold too. Will someone please be my walking hot water bag? :’)

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