Dying In The Male Lead’s Arms Every Time I Transmigrate

Chapter 51.2 I expect compensation in the future (2)

Ning Meng turned to look at her and asked in confusion, “What is it? What’s up with Shi Qi?”

Hearing her words, Qiu Keke suddenly threw the snow away, “Your last sentence makes me feel…”

That you’re not as cute as I was thinking you were just now.

Ning Meng retracted her head into her scarf and put on the fleece-lined hood of her jacket, her voice sounding muffled, “Alright. I’ll say it more elegantly, What about Shi Qi?”

Qiu Keke deliberated her next few words, “I wanted to ask what the teacher’s words during class meant.”

“Ohh those words you say.” Ning Meng nodded before replying, “It’s probably to remind me to take good care of my body since I’m weak to the cold.”

Qiu Keke looked at her pitiful appearance and didn’t ask any further questions.

The two people then parted at the school gates.

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She glared at him. How petty. He even raised a hand to count the number of times….I’m your grandma, sonny!

Yet Shi Qi only turned his head away indifferently.

Ning Meng thought to herself, she couldn’t start an argument with him. After all, she had to rely on him and he was going to be donating his warmth to her later on.

After school was over, she remained sitting in her seat.

There were a couple of people who remained as well, intending to do a little more self-revision. After all, not only was there a heater here, they’ll be having their college entrance examinations after the next semester, time was money.

Shi Qi only placed a book into his bag before standing up and saying, “Let’s go.”

Ning Meng couldn’t help but ask, “You’re only taking one book but you pack up slower than I do..This won’t do.”

Shi Qi looked at her and remained silent.

The two people then walked out of the classroom. Shi Qi walked by the edge, his hand placed at his side.

Ning Meng looked at him covetously and actively walked nearer to him. She secretly pulled his hand and squeezed it, “Hehehe.”

Shi Qi cast her a light glance and stuffed her hand into his pocket.

His figure was tall so his uniform was bigger than hers and so naturally, his pocket would also be big. Though two hands were stuffed inside, there was still enough room to spare.

Ning Meng gave a contented sigh.

It was so warm inside, and it felt comparatively a lot better than her pocket. Sigh, why did there always need to be distance between people?

In the afternoon, snow had stopped falling. Now, it started to snow again.

The snow that piled up in school had already been swept away by the janitors so upon occasionally stepping into some puddle, water was splashed onto the shoes.

The school gate was just in front of them.

Ning Meng swivelled and raised her head to look at him, “I’m going home then.”

Shi Qi hummed in acknowledgement, his tone indiscernible.

He turned on his feet and walked along the site, reaching Liang Fengmei’s shop in just a few steps. He looked at the person wrapped in the fleece-lined jacket and lightly said, “Alright.”

Ning Meng felt extremely moved, “Thank you, Shi Qi.”

How could she have expected that the next words Shi Qi uttered were so cold it crumbled her feelings of gratitude, “Tomorrow….I expect compensation in the future.”

Ning Meng nearly gave him a kick but she turned around and entered the shop, “Goodbye!”

The door slammed shut, splashing the snow that accumulated at the side.

Shi Qi stood in place for a while before shrugging his shoulders and leaving the shop entrance. There, at the roadside, a car awaited.

Liang Fengmei came out from the backdoor and heard this noise, “What’s going on? You almost broke the door. Don’t use so much strength next time.”

Ning Meng quivered, “Ok.”

After having her midnight snack, she then returned to her room.

There wasn’t a lot of homework given today, probably because they had just finished their exams 2 days ago.

The green-clothed paper doll was running around the room like a little dwarf that entered the kingdom of giants. It looked at everything with curiosity and despite having lived there for almost a semester, it didn’t seem to tire.

She carried the paper doll onto the desk and played with it for a while, even painting on its little dress before obediently going to sleep.

It was too cold outside that she was practically suffering underneath the sun.

She had turned the classroom heater to the highest setting and even had a warm treasure and hot water bag with her so this day could be considered better than the usual.

She hadn’t had a good night’s sleep in the last two days so she was able to easily fall asleep tonight.

Minutes and seconds ticked by.

When the window suddenly pushed open.

The drawn curtains fluttered from the incoming wind and in the exposed dark night, a doll tried its best to squeeze through the gap under the moonlight.

It managed to open the window soon enough and jumped down the ground.

Lightly, without making any sounds, the little chubby doll with two flushed cheeks turned its eyes round and round.

It was as if it could spot people in the dark.

It soon found its target and walked towards the bed in swaying motions. Looking at the person shrinking underneath the covers, it stretched out its short neck to stare for a great while.

Then, it pulled open the covers.

The person underneath quivered for a bit, muttering some words, but didn’t wake up.

The little doll then took out a paper out of nowhere and stuck it onto her body before covering her with the quilt again.

A few seconds later.

The doll jumped off the bed and walked back to the window, climbing up and squeezing out of the gap.

It then shut the window closed and the curtains recovered its original appearance.

The room plunged into silence and only a faint breathing was heard as well as the rustling sounds of the paper doll moving back and forth on the desk.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

The next morning, Liang Fengmei woke her up once again.

Ning Meng rubbed her eyes and climbed out of her quilt, putting her clothes on in a hurry, “Mom, did you enter my room last night?”

Liang Fengmei pulled the windows open, “Are you crazy, why would I enter your room when I was sleeping. Get up quickly and eat your breakfast, you’re going to be late for school.”


Ning Meng didn’t ask any more questions and only pondered while brushing her teeth on what she seemed to have heard last night.

Moreover, she actually didn’t wake up from the cold today and was clueless as to what had happened. Did the yin air actually get weaker?

However, it usually got quite cold during the day.

She mulled over it for a long time but hadn’t figured out anything. After drinking her soy milk and eating her deep fried breadstick with her bowl of congee, she then carried her school bag and entered the classroom.

Shi Qi was already at his seat, quietly reading a book.

Ning Meng plopped down beside him and reached her hand to take his.

She then spread his palm and placed a transparent bag of multicolored candies wrapped in it, saying, “Here’s some candy for you.”

Shi Qi was blank for a while before picking out a green candy.

She secretly kneaded his fingers, “Take this as remuneration for now, and besides, I didn’t do much other than touching your hand….”

With a candy in her mouth, she said these words sheepishly.

Shi Qi slowly put the candies in his pocket and responded, “Just for now.”

Ning Meng nodded. In any case, she was going to go away soon. It didn’t matter if he took it as compensation for now or for the future, he would never be able to find her in the future anyway.

The more she thought this, the more she felt that her future was perfect.

And during this early reading class, she almost let out a giggle.


Today, I got a few candies.

…..It’s better than nothing at least.

——”Shi Qi’s secretly hidden little diary”

The author has something to say:

The future is still a mystery for Ning Meng who believes that her future would be perfect.

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