Dying In The Male Lead’s Arms Every Time I Transmigrate

Chapter 13 Grandmother can only rely on you

Shi Shanjin said a few simple words in a low tone that was almost uncatchable.  

However, Ning Yue saw Du Li walk forwards.  

Perhaps it was due to fright but Shi Qi hadn’t walked far when Du Li shrunk down even more.

Was this ghost afraid of Shi Qi? 

It was as though Ning Meng had discovered a secret. In the future, she was going to hold onto his great grandson’s thighs and enjoy great immunity.

Shi Qi’s steps were very small and very prudent. 

As Shi Shanjin took all of this into his eyes, he silently nodded to himself. Within the Shi Family, Shi Cong and Shi Hui were too rash and careless. Moreover, the pair of siblings were quite arrogant and wilful.

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Shi Shanjin sighed. Perhaps, he didn’t have any ability. He couldn’t figure out where the fault in his divination was so he could only stare at him.

Whilst he was deep in ponder, Shi Qi had already arrived in front of Du Lu, however, he didn’t proceed forward.

Feeling that something was different from before, his intuition made him stop on his tracks.

Shi Qi then consciously turned his head back.

Ning Meng smiled, waving her hand and indicating for him to continue.

But in reality, she was chatting with the system: “How exactly can you open yin yang eyes? Even until this point, the little brat isn’t able to see her. Did he want her to come into contact with the pen fairy?”

The system responded: “You’ll understand when the time comes.”

Ning Meng whispered: “From now on, I’m bringing him everywhere I go. This way, I won’t be able to bump into ghosts.

Thinking that she was already an old grandma at the present, if she didn’t pay careful attention, she may just go straight towards heaven. As such, she needed to be cautious and prudent. Previously, the original old lady had passed away from bumping into a ghost, so she could not follow her tracks and repeat the same disastrous aftermath.

Ultimately, she still felt that the original old lady had taken her life for granted and did not know how to appreciate it.

Shi Qi bit his bottom lip and finally pushed himself to move his leg forward but just as he dropped his leg, he seemed to have touched something.

Fortunately, he was already prepared beforehand. After tilting only a little bit, he stabilized himself and simply took a few steps back.

Du Li looked even more pitiable.

With a long tongue out, she screeched before covering her mouth because behind her was Shi Shanjin. She couldn’t recklessly move around so she could only quiver in place.

She was truly afraid of this little child.

However, there was also a part of her that said. Quickly go eat him, peel off his skin….

Du Li stared at the ignorant Shi Qi with a hungry appearance yet she couldn’t will herself to go over, appearing extremely conflicted.

Shi Qi had clearly felt his leg touching something and simply ran back to Ning Meng’s side, unwilling to go any further ahead.

Ning Meng held back her urge to laugh and patted his back, the words coming out of her mouth carried distress as she said. “My great grandson must’ve been terrified.”

Shi Qi secretly glanced at her. 

Every time grandmother said the words great grandson, he felt himself getting scared and he didn’t know why.

Shi Shanjin spoke out. “Mom.”

Ning Meng looked at him before he continued. “From now on, make him go to the mansion everyday.”

Shi Qi appeared to be a good little seedling. He was going to try and see whether he could cultivate him. If he was able to bring any benefits to the Shi Family, that would be the best case scenario.

Ning Meng was about to agree when she saw Shi Qi tugging her little pinkie, shaking his head and brimming with refusal.

She then quickly recalled that there were still 2 little brats that existed.

If it were not for Shi Cong and Shi Hui’s maltreatment, she was afraid that Shi Qi was going to be bullied to the point where his persona would change into that described in the novel.

She furrowed her brows, increasing the number of wrinkles on her face. “Separate him from Shi Cong and Shi Hui.”

Shi Shanjin nodded. “This son knows.”

Ning Meng furtively told Shi Qi: “There’s a lot of good things in the main house. Go grab some for Grandmother to see….Last time, grandmother had bumped into a ghost, you should help seek justice for grandmother.”

Shi Qi: “…..”

Why did he feel like grandmother had put more emphasis on the latter part of seeking justice for her?

“Seventeen understands.” He obediently responded.

Ning Meng’s smile reached both ears as she rubbed his head, cooing. “Aiyo my great grandson…”

Shi Qi quivered in response.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Director Wang who had been outside, had already returned.

Holding a phone in his hand, he still had lingering fear for what was present inside the classroom, so he slowly walked over, step by step, and stopped when he arrived at Shi Shanjin’s side.

“The principal has understood Mr. Shi’s advice and has asked me to bring you over.”

Shi Shanjin nodded but did not reveal any expression. He merely walked over to help support Ning Meng.

Director Wang and Liu Ji led them in front.

On the road, Director Wang kept talking. “It has already been a long time. Even though the school principal still retains some memories of it, he hadn’t really observed the situation first hand.”

The information he saw in the beginning was missing the information of that year because the principal had taken it away and locked it at the safebox in his office. 

Fortunately, they had a spare copy of the principal’s key.

By the time they came out, the sun had gotten really warm. However, it seems as though Shi Shanjin had done something to her as Ning Meng didn’t feel hot at any place.

The feeling of not sweating during the sweltering summer was really too comfortable.

Due to Ning Meng’s happy mood, her pace became quicker and even Shi Qi had started walking a lot faster.

Director Wang had brought the key midway and returned before leading them to the principal’s office. As soon as they opened the principal’s room, what laid inside the principal’s room had shocked Ning Meng.

She had seen a principal’s office before but it was her first time seeing something like this.

A mirror had been hung behind the door and was revealed after shutting the door. Above it was the figure of five elements and eight trigrams.

When you turned your head to the office table, there was even a jade pixiu 1 Pixiu貔貅 is a mythical animal that has the head of a dragon, a body of a lion, often with hoofs wings and tail that is said to bring luck and wards off evil. figure and its luster looked to be of the highest quality.

Shi Shanjin sneered coldly.

Director Wang was used to seeing this so he hadn’t thought much of it. Hearing Shi Shanjin’s sneer, he didn’t dare walk forward and asked in fear. “Is there any problem?”

Shi Shanjin turned around in a circle and responded. “Throw away the mirror, the pixiu and the willow branch beneath the table. Don’t leave them here.”

Director Wang appeared a bit embarrassed. “Bu-….But this is the principal’s office…”

How could a mere little director like him fiddle with the principal’s belongings? Wasn’t this making things difficult for him?

However, Liu Ji reminded him with a whisper. “Would Mr. Shi even harm people? It’s certainly for a good cause, Quickly take it away, otherwise…”

Director Wang sighed and took the objects on top of the table away. However, he did not discard it as instructed, merely placing it at the corner of the office.

Ning Meng secretly consulted with the system.

The system responded: “Those are all used to ward off evil spirits. Looks like this school principal isn’t as simple as he looks. Perhaps he must’ve encountered an incident.”

Ning Meng was slightly befuddled. “Then why throw them out?”

The system sounded a bit embarrassed. “I also don’t know myself.. Your eldest son is a lot more amazing than I am…”

Ning Meng rolled her eyes and didn’t inquire further.

Shi Shanjin certainly must have his own plans.

After journeying back and forth for so long, the sky had already gotten dark, yet Shi Shanjin showed no signs of leaving. Instead, he moved everything inside the principal’s office.

He kept continuously finding useless objects and instructed Director Wang to take them away.

Originally, there were a lot of plans in the principal’s office and each of them were placed in good locations. However, there was one that caught his eyes that was situated in an odd place and with first glance, he felt that it looked out of place.

Ning Meng originally did not understand what he was doing but she did not ask him any questions. After all, if her cover was blown and she was found not to be the real old madame, it would spell doom for her. The one getting exorcised wouldn’t be the pen fairy but her instead.

After everything was settled, Shi Shanjin finally opened the cabinet.

A stack of documents laid inside the cabinet along with an old newspaper that was dated 8 years ago of the same date today.

Shi Shanjin raised a brow.

He first flipped through the newspaper and a terrifying image entered his sight. Even if it wasn’t colored, it still looked ghastly.

The newspaper headlines read. “A fire broke out in Jianan University’s girl’s dormitory room 145 resulting in one death and three injured.”

Ning Meng couldn’t read it but the system knew and secretly told her. “…Which means that eight years ago, a fire broke out in the old dormitory and out of four people, one had died. But during the following month, the three people who were injured also died from all kinds of accidents.”

That was indeed what was written in the newspaper.

Ning Meng trembled.

Wasn’t this apparent enough? Those who watched horror films would know. Even though she hadn’t seen it for herself, she heard her roomates discuss all kinds of plot routes and it was evident that those 3 roommates who were injured were definitely killed 

Afterwards, the ghost was summoned by Su Qingqing’s roommate through the use of the pen fairy as the intermediary and started to mass kill again.

The motive behind her murder was certainly due to resentment. And this resentment, no doubt originated from her roommates back then.

Shi Qi took another furtive glance at his grandmother. Seeing that she was shaking again, he thought that she might have felt cold again. Grandmother’s body sure was different from the average person’s.

After thinking for a bit, he carefully rubbed her hands and attempted to warm them up.

However, Ning Meng, who was absorbed in her own thoughts, hadn’t noticed this at all.

Shi Shanjin flipped through another folder.

This folder contained even more information than the newspaper. First, it had pictures taken by the police of the dormitory being burnt black, its appearance completely unrecognizable.

Then, it was followed with pictures of the deceased but they were almost charred to an unrecognizable degree as well. The technology back then was as good as it was right now so naturally, the same could be said for how matters were settled back then.

Ultimately, Shi Shanjin’s gaze fell on the school files.

The sky outside had already turned dark and Shi Shanjin had suddenly let go of the file without even taking a look. Lifting his head, he spoke. “Mom, come here behind me.”


Shi Shanjin stood up expressionless and took big strides away from the office table to support her.

Before she could even hold her eldest son’s hand, Ning Meng felt a cold wind blow at her nape.

And she immediately froze in place.

The doors to the principal’s office had been shut closed by Director Wang early on. Where did the wind come from?

Casting a glance at the well-behaved Shi Qi, Ning Meng clenched his hand firmly and walked towards Shi Shanjin while shivering and thinking to herself. ’Grandmother can only rely on you, great grandson.’


Everytime grandma calls me “Great Grandson”.

I also want to quiver.

——”Shi Qi’s secretly hidden little diary”


The author has something to say:

Ning Meng: Could my great grandson be the rumored Tang Seng meat2Tang Seng meat (唐僧肉): comes from the chinese literature ‘Journey to the West’ where a bite of the meat on Tang Seng’s body (a character in the story) was said to give immortality which is why all the demons drool over it in the story.

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