Dwarf in the Future

Chapter 5: Mutant Red Tin Ore

“Mutant red tin ore! Radiation! Ah, ah, ah!”

After an undisturbed sleep, Qiao Zhiya put away all his weaknesses and began to figure out the matter of repaying the magic stone.

He had just arrived in this strange place, his language was not fluent, and he didn’t understand anything. There may be no way to repay his gratitude for the time being, but the matter of compensating the magic stone must be prioritized as soon as possible. Yesterday, he was anxious to contact his parents and completely used the wood magic stone on impulse. Although the person who took him in did not hold him accountable, he felt very embarrassed and guilty in his heart.

 That’s a high-level wood magic stone, even his father did not have plenty of pieces in his hand.

Thinking of this, he took out the earth magic stone that the White-Haired Monster gave him yesterday. He touched it with extreme care. He felt the rich and almost condensed soil magic inside and his cheeks flushed slightly.


Most of the ordinary earth magic stones were ugly grayish brown. The higher the quality, the deeper and purer the color is. This black was so beautiful, it was simply the best earth magic stone!

But why did that White-Haired Monster put this in his hands? Obviously, the tone and expression were fierce, but his behavior was always contradictory with his good intentions. What was the White-Haired Monster trying to do?

After his thoughts drifted for a while, he regained his senses, carefully put the emblem-shaped earth magic stone into his pocket, and then took out the wood magic stone that had become fragments. He touched it with regret, and buried it in the flowerpot at the corner of the room. 

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The group of bad guys in protective clothing attached great importance to the red stones dug out on the ground, and they didn’t even let go of the broken edges and corners of the gravel. All of them were collected. It can be seen that the strange red stone is very important. Although this crimson stone appeared underground, it was obviously the same thing as the red ore on the ground. It might be better, so it should be very valuable.


He doesn’t know whether the White-Haired Monster will accept it or not.

Suddenly, the gray metal giant suddenly flashed in his mind. It discriminately shattered his expectations. His excitement was slightly reduced and his ears shook.

The protective clothing villains treated these things as treasures, but the White-Haired Monster and his party blew up the mine. It can be seen that the other party does not care about the ore. Moreover, a person who has a high-level magic stone may not be attracted to these stones that even he does not know the value of, and can make people feel uncomfortable.

Looking down at his palm for a long time, he hesitated for a while, and finally decided with a sullen face to take a small crimson stone to see the reaction of the White-Haired Monster and his party! If the other party is willing to accept the stone and the stone is very valuable, he will give them all the crimson stones on his body, and then take them to dig the remaining crimson stones in the mine field as a reward! If he doesn’t want to, he will try to make money and buy a high-grade wood magic stone to compensate them! Repaying the favor will then be calculated later!

In fact, he had a secret hope that the black hole that brought him over would really be an ancient magic circle carved by some evil wizard in the minefield, and whether it was possible to reappear and send him back to his hometown.

Blood formation failed, it was almost his only hope of going home, he wanted to take another chance.

Once he had a goal, he immediately became energetic. When Zhuang Yu came back after lunch, he turned away from his previous restraints and gave him a big smile without hesitation.

Zhuang Yu held her nose and blushed.

Gosh! So lovely! This brilliant smile, this creamy white blushing beautiful little face, this fluffy and naturally curly hair, these unconsciously shaking little ears… Oh, why is this boy so cute?! Okay, she wants to tie him at home and rub him ‘til she’s satisfied!

Qiao Zhiya frowned and raised his hand suspiciously—what’s wrong?

After that episode, he was a little worried. This beautiful lady’s face was so red, was she sick? The language barrier was really troublesome. He had no way to express concern and kindness.

Seeing the worry in his eyes, Zhuang Yu’s heart became softer, and she hurriedly showed him a soothing smile, stood up straight, and shook her head. She said, “It’s nothing, let’s go. I’ve got you a common language teacher and I’ll escort you to class.”


Qiao Zhiya couldn’t understand what she said, but he clearly saw her gesture to follow. He nodded obediently, stepped to follow, hesitated, and directly took out a crimson stone the size of a thumb and raised it up to her.

Dwarves were not very tactful and instead, straightforward. When they see people, they will immediately express their purpose.

“Hmm? Did you prepare a gift for me? Thank you.” Zhuang Yu was so embarrassed by him that she asked gently, looking at what he was holding, and at the same time stretched out her hand.

Qiao Zhiya immediately put the crimson stone in her palm, and looked at her expectantly—how would the benefactor react? Is this stone worth any money? Is it enough to pay for the magic stone and repay the favor? The most important thing is, can this stone give him a chance to go back and forth in the minefield?

An uncomfortable scorching sensation came from her palm. Zhuang Yu looked at the crimson stone on her palm, her smile becoming stiff for two seconds. Startled, she then threw the stone out without hesitation. She took out a tube of injection and drank1[T/N: Don’t ask me how she drank that. Baidu, Google Translate, and Zhongwen Chinese-English Dictionary  all state that it was an injection.] it, covering her head and screaming, “Ahhhh! Mutant red tin ore! Radiation! Ah, ah, ah! My spiritual power!”

The stone hit the ground and made a crisp sound. Qiao Zhiya was stunned. He looked at Zhuang Yu who collapsed and screamed in panic. He bent down and picked up the red stone.

He… Did he get into trouble again?

Seeing that he had picked up the damned mutant red tin ore again, Zhuang Yu, who was collapsing, almost choked to death as she couldn’t snatch the stone away from the child. While anxious to let him throw away the stone, she rang the alarm in her pocket. She screamed towards the control room, “Close the corridor in the E1 area! Send someone from the radiation cleaning team over here! And protective clothing! Bring two sets! Come on!”

The sound of the alarm pierced Qiao Zhiya’s heart into a panic. He shrank into the corner, becoming more and more helpless.

Half an hour later, Fan Xiangnan, who had been rushed by the news, brought Zhuang Yu and Qiao Zhiya to an isolation room, together with the mutant red tin ore that was covered by an isolation material.

“Where did you get this thing?” Fan Xiangnan asked solemnly.

Qiao Zhiya looked up at him, his expression taut from being at a loss and guilt. He shook his head with his lips pressed and said nothing.


Zhuang Yu, who had already calmed down, pushed Fan Xiangnan away and rolled her eyes at him, “What are you asking? This kid doesn’t understand. Judging from his behavior when he gave me the stone, he probably doesn’t know what the red ore means. Don’t scare him.”

Fan Xiangnan also remembered the language barrier and rubbed his aching forehead, “Then what should I do now? The chief is in a meeting but he must be coming here soon. His mood is not good.”

Thinking of the chief’s face, Zhuang Yu twitched her mouth and glanced at Qiao Zhiya, who was sitting at the table with his head hanging down. She took a long breath, took out her electronic notebook, and sat opposite Qiao Zhiya, waving her hand boldly, “I’ll ask! Language may not be understood but everyone can understand drawings! I can draw very good cartoons!”

Fan Xiangnan, “…” So far, they could only try this one. “Come on then.”

Another half an hour later, Chu Rong rushed to the isolation room with a cold expression. He glanced over at Qiao Zhiya, who was immersed in drawing at the table, and strode forward. He picked up the mutant red tin ore in an isolated covering on the table. After looking at the ore, he asked with dissatisfaction, “What are you doing? Playing painting games with children?”

When Fan Xiangnan wanted to explain, he was interrupted by Zhuang Yu’s strange voice, “Sir, look at this.”

An electronic tablet was handed over and Chu Rong took it. His forehead was pricked by the childish pattern on it and his voice became eight degrees colder, “Do you want to go back and train again?”

“No, take a closer look. These are drawings made by Little Cutie. He’s explaining to us the origin of the mutant red tin mine. Because I don’t know the language, I came up with this way of communication. I’m not fooling around… ” Zhuang Yu insisted on explaining and she refused to go back to training again. She didn’t want to relive that nightmare at all!

Chu Rong focused on another matter, squinting his eyes and repeating, “Little Cutie?”

Zhuang Yu was taken aback, nodded, and glanced at Qiao Zhiya, who was sitting on the side waiting for the judgment after he finished drawing. She shyly replied, “Yes, I don’t know his name, so I just gave him a nickname.” There was no better nickname than this!

Qiao Zhiya’s scalp unconsciously numbed when they looked at him. Thinking of the things he had drawn, he raised his hand and touched the storage ring, feeling very nervous. These people were good people, but he didn’t want to reveal the little secret of the storage ring, so he carefully kept up an eye when he drew. He covered the stored red ores he curiously picked up with the waste space storage supplies. He was hoping they won’t find any flaws.

Seeing him start to make a self-protection posture again, Chu Rong frowned, reached out, and rubbed the bangs on his forehead, forcing him to raise his head, and said coldly, “What are you afraid of? No one here will bully you.”


Qiao Zhiya covered his forehead and glared at him— why does this man always force him to pull out a hammer? A dwarf warrior’s head cannot be touched casually!

“Promise.” Chu Rong no longer looked at him. He threw the mutant red tin ore on the table and turned over the pictures on the tablet.

The picture narrative was not long. In the beginning, it was a picture of a little man with pointed ears hiding in a cave. Outside the cave, a fat man with sharp teeth and claws wanted to come in. Then, the little man hid back and accidentally touched a stone in the hole, revealing the twisting tunnel behind the stone. The little man walked into the tunnel to avoid the fat man, picked up some red gravel in the tunnel, and escaped along the tunnel by chance. After reaching the ground, the villain ran into several metal giants. He was rescued by the metal giant and took good care of him. In order to repay the metal giant, the little man sent out the stone he had picked up.

The plot is clear at a glance, Qiao Zhiya’s ability to tell stories with pictures was excellent.

Chu Rong tilted his head and looked up and down at Qiao Zhiya with a complicated expression. Unexpectedly, he hooked his lips up. He stepped forward and picked him up. He said to Fan Xiangnan, “Let a small team prepare and bring protective covers and clothing. We’ll go to the mine.”

“Mine?” Fan Xiangnan was stunned.

“Yes.” Ancestor Chu nodded in a very good mood, and explained patiently, “The mecha creators of the Xiang family who held themselves above others have been searching for something for a year already, and then sent these things to us.  If we don’t dig them up, how can we live up to their sarcastic expectations towards the Chu family? I will not only dig out the mine, but also put it in front of them and make them mad. “

Fan Xiangnan, “…” Many Chinese calendars have passed but the officer still remembered that grudge.

“What do you think?” Ancestor Chu was unhappy without receiving an immediate response.

“No, I will make arrangements.” Fan Xiangnan kept silent, took out the communicator, and started issuing orders.

However, Qiao Zhiya, who was carried by Chu Rong, was keenly aware of something. He did not struggle and was a little excited. The White-Haired Monster immediately made the appearance of going out after seeing his drawings. Was he going to the minefield? Would they bring him?

He thought of this, and Zhuang Yu, who was always paying attention to him, naturally thought of this, and reminded the chief euphemistically, “Sir, the spiritual power of Little Cutie is severely damaged, so it’s not suitable for him to go to the mine to get exposed again.”

Hearing this, Chu Rong stopped in his tracks and looked down at Qiao Zhiya, who rarely behave in his arms.

Qiao Zhiya looked up at him. First, wondering why he stopped, and then, after noticing that everyone’s eyes fell on him, he suddenly understood something in his heart. Without thinking about it, he grabbed the man’s arms and wrapped his legs around the man’s body. His face tightened.

In order to go home, he must not be left behind!

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