Chapter 6: Begging To Be Brought Along

“Do you want to drive a mecha?”

The air seemed to be frozen.

Zhuang Yu stared at Qiao Zhiya, who was clinging on the chief’s body. She’s both admiring and envying the scene— the admiration was because the Little Cutie dared to cling to the high officer, so courageous! At the same time, she’s envious because it’s too foul that he looked so cute clinging to people! She also wants to be hugged by the Cutie.

The whole body temperature Qia Zhiya was clinging to seemed to drop a few degrees, the arms and body that were wrapped around the officer quickly tightened, and an invisible aura rushed straight down from above. Qiao Zhiya shook his ears and looked up at Chu Rong, who had an  unpredictable expression. The corners of his mouth twitched and smiled flatteringly at him. His eyes were sincere— he promised not to cause trouble again, please bring him along!

Chu Rong suppressed the instinctive defensive response of his body in time, frowned indistinctly, stretched his arms to make his face a little farther from him, and said coldly: “Let go, go down.”

Although he didn’t understand, the tone didn’t seem very good.

Qiao Zhiya smiled shallowly and hesitated for a moment, but still did not go down. On the contrary, he boldly stretched out his hand to soothe his tight chest muscles as a comfort.  Then, he gave him a more flattering smile and took the initiative to tilt his head and rub his ears against him. It seemed that the White-Haired Monster, like his mother, liked to pinch his ears. Before, whenever he asked his mother for a favor, he just let his mother knead his ears and his request would basically be granted. Since the White-Haired Monster and her mother had the same preference, was it that as long as he let the other person knead his ears, would he be willing to take him to the mine?

Zhuang Yu took a deep, cold breath, almost afraid to see what would happen next. The Cutie unexpectedly continued to move forward with full momentum. He’s so cute, so brave! Sure enough, the ignorant are fearless! The last person who dared to do a similar thing was  mercilessly thrown into the lake by the officer.

The force scratching his chest was very light. Before he could react, a small head with fluffy hair rubbed against it. The hostility that surged from being suddenly approached by a stranger suddenly stagnated. Chu Rong lowered his eyes, staring at the pink ears that came in front of him, and raised his hand.

Fan Xiangnan felt nervous when he saw this. He hurriedly stepped forward and persuaded him, “Sir, he doesn’t understand anything. He didn’t mean to offend. I’ll take him down and let people teach him well——”

Chu Rong’s hand clawed on the top of Qiao Zhiya’s head. He pushed his little head away softly but he did not tear him off. Instead, he rubbed his soft hair and asked, “Do you want to go?”

The top of his head is one of the places where dwarves don’t like being touched. Qiao Zhiya suppressed his instincts. After a moment of stiffness, he took the initiative to rub his ears against the opponent’s hand and his head tilted towards the officer’s palm. His eyes widened to please him. Slightly looking over, he implicitly glanced at the variant red tin ore that was forgotten by everyone on the table and silently expressed his desire.

The ears in the palm of his hand were soft and cool. Chu Rong could almost imagine the small, pointed ears shaking pitifully after being touched. The aquamarine eyes looking over were extremely clear and easy to understand. The desire inside was clear at a glance, making people want to pretend not to see it. He’s really a cunning and sly kid.

His hostility faded like a tide, Chu Rong used a little bit of strength to tear Qiao Zhiya off his body. He then pinched the tip of his ears and told Fan Xiangnan, “Give him a protective suit and bring that spiritual power purification liquid. We’ll leave in a quarter of an hour. I don’t like people being late.” After saying that, he strode away without looking back.

Qiao Zhiya covered his ears and chased forward for two steps. He found that Fan Xiangnan and Zhuang Yu hadn’t moved and stopped hesitantly. He turned his head to look at them, his eyes were nervous.  Just a moment ago, the aura of the White-Haired Monster seemed to be gentle, but he immediately left just like that. He was not sure whether he had succeeded in pleasing him.

Zhuang Yu and Fan Xiangnan received his gaze and looked at each other for a while. Suddenly, Zhuang Yu screamed and jumped over, hugging him excitedly and saying, “Ahhhh, as expected, no one can refuse cuteness! Cutie, you are so cute!”

Qiao Zhiya was embarrassed being hugged. When he returned to his senses, he rubbed his face red and struggled with a sullen face. He was about the same height as the opponent. At this time, he was hugged and his head was directly pressed hard against the other person’s plump chest. This— this was too much. He—he was a reserved dwarf warrior. No, he could not take advantage of his benefactor.

Fan Xiangnan withdrawn his gaze from them, shook his head helplessly, and took out his communicator.  He was surprised that the chief was so easy to talk to this time, but he didn’t think that the commanding officer was swayed by the little guy’s flattery. The variant red tine ore was very difficult to find and has irregular distribution. The chief should have been prepared to take this little guy with him from the beginning, so as to find the location of the ore faster.

As for the problem of reinfection, for a person who has lost his spiritual power, the harm of the red tin mine was almost equivalent to none. Zhuang Yu was confusely concerned and ignored this cruel fact.

A quarter of an hour later, a team of about twenty people gathered at the hatch of the warship, waiting to set off.

Qiao Zhiya stood next to Fan Xiangnan, looking up at this group of powerful human beings, and later realized one thing. The people here… seemed to be very tall?

There were also humans in the Magic Continent, but most of them live in the plains and have no contact with dwarves. As far as he knew, the average height of humans was much shorter than that of elves, but the humans in front of them are all about the same height as the best warriors of the elves.

Were they selected on purpose? However, other humans he had seen before were also not short…

Just as he was staring at the crowd and speculating, Chu Rong, who had changed to his protective suit, appeared at the exit of the corridor. Seeing that everyone had arrived, he waved his hand and said, “Get on the mech and go.”


The squad members simultaneously responded, dispersed, and took out the standard mecha space button hung on their chests. Then, they swam to the air. Swish. Dozens of identical gray mechas appeared on the clearing; the ground seemed to shake.

Qiao Zhiya’s eyes widened, his heart beating wildly— So many metal giants!

That night, it was too dark and he was too nervous. At that time, he didn’t have the energy to take a closer look at the giants that shocked him. At this time, seeing them up close, he was immediately fascinated.

This beautiful metallic luster, this perfect proportional structure, this unfamiliar material but obviously super textured that he couldn’t understand— Beautiful! Extremely beautiful! Want to touch! Want to demolish! Want to buy it, bring it home, and study it!

After taking out the mecha, the team members put away the space button and neatly went to their own mecha, waiting for departure.

In the blink of an eye, only Fan Xiangnan and Qiao Zhiya were left on the ground. Chu Rong strode closer to Fan Xiangnan and waved at him. Fan Xiangnan nodded and took out the mecha space button hanging on his neck. He walked forward to the open space in front of him. A black mecha, slightly larger than the gray mecha, emerged out of thin air. Fan Xiangnan went and boarded it first.

Qiao Zhiya was almost drooling. If the gray metal giants were great beauties, then the black giant was an enormous and extreme beauty! Look at this mysterious luster, this seamless structure, this—

“Don’t be silly; hurry up.”

The cold voice sounded behind him, interrupting his thoughts. Then, something suddenly tightened around his waist, his body soared, and his sight was raised. It took a moment before his line of sight satibilized. When he stood firm again, he was already standing on the ground of the cockpit.


The familiar silver net cover was draped over and trapped him in the corner.

Fan Xiangnan was already sitting in the operating chair. Chu Rong walked to the deputy chair and sat down. He pressed a button on the operating platform and said, “Go, let’s finish it quickly.”

“Yes.” Fan Xiangnan responded and quickly issued instructions, then the indicator light flashed. The protective cover fell and the screens that were originally on standby were all lit, clearly showing the scenery outside the mecha. In the next second, the mecha flew out of the hatch and soared towards the blue sky.  On the small screen displaying the scenery behind, a row of gray mechas quickly followed and surrounded the black mecha in a protective formation. In the distance, a huge warship with black insignia carved in silver slowly showed its shape as their field of vision increased.

Heaven, God, what was that?!

Qiao Zhiya didn’t care at all about his “captive” state of being caught in the net. He was almost lying on the net, his eyes staring straight at the screen, his cheeks flushed with excitement — what was that huge thing that looked like a boat, but was suspended in midair? Did he just come out of there? Could it be that he has been living in that beautiful big guy these days?!

Flying on the right track, Chu Rong retracted his gaze from the screen and turned his head to look at Qiao Zhiya’s green eyes. He squinted and tapped the armchair lightly, remembering the time when the light weight of the other party while clinging to him, and stood up.

“Give me the spiritual power purification liquid.”

Fan Xiangnan, who was driving the mech, heard the words, took out a silver sealed small box from the space button and handed it over.

Repeatedly tossing the small box with almost no weight in his hand, Chu Rong walked up to Qiao Zhiya, terribly blocking his view of the screen, and squatted down. He shook the small box in front of him, and asked, “Do you want to drive a mecha?”

Qiao Zhiya anxiously pulled him — Go away, you’re blocking the screen!

“Heartless little thing.” Being plainly disliked, Chu Rong’s eyes were getting darker. He reached out and pinched his ear. He moved his hand, put away the silver net, held his chin with his other hand, forced open his mouth, quickly took out a small green fruit from his space button, and fed it to his mouth. He ordered, “Swallow it, don’t spit it out.”

The rich fruity scent filled Qiao Zhiya’s mouth and saliva was automatically secreted. Qiao Zhiya reflexively closed his mouth and swallowed the fruit that was only the size of a thumb. Then, he was choked and his face and ears were red. He stretched out his hand and grabbed his own neck. He instantly forgot the beautiful big guy.

“Really useless.” Uncle Chu didn’t know how to reflect on his rude feeding behavior. Seeing him like that, he simply opened the small box, took apart the precious spiritual purification liquid that was only a finger thick, and poured it down his throat like water.

The inlet of the purifying liquid became warm, and then it quickly flowed toward the stomach. The fruit stuck in the throat became softened water under the influence of the purifying liquid, and slowly slided down. The sense of suffocation disappeared. Qiao Zhiya intuitively wanted to gasp, but Chu Rong covered his mouth again and straightened his body.

“Close your eyes, sit down, and feel it.”

He didn’t understand, but it’s so uncomfortable. Qiao Zhiya’s forehead was sweating and he reached out to break free from Chu Rong’s hand.

After a brief refreshing sensation, a scorching heat rushed up from his stomach to his brain. Qiao Zhiya’s eyes widened in surprise, but his limbs suddenly lost strength. His body weakened and he fell forward to Chu Rong’s embrace.

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