Dwarf in the Future

Chapter 27.1: Green Hat (1)


Taking the stone out, he frowned as he looked at it suspiciously.

This size and shape were sure to be the mutant red tin ore he threw in before, but what’s the matter with this color? The information he found did not say that the mutant red tin ore would change color after being de-radiated.

In order to make sure that he remembered correctly, he put away the magic furnace, returned to his room, searched for the radiation information of the mutant red tin ore with the light brain, and then his eyebrows tightened.

According to his researched information material, the color of the mutant red tin ore would not change after being preliminary processed by a machine, but after being sorted by the mecha creator’s spiritual power, the color would only become lighter. This kind of discoloration had never occurred.

What was going on with the one he’s holding? Was it cooked until burning by the magic furnace?

He thought aimlessly. The more he thought about it, the more unreliable he felt. With some worry, he opened the Famous Brands1[名品 was previously translated as ‘Famous Goods,’ but I realized that ‘Famous Brands’ sounds more sophisticated.] official website again and chose free valuation.

This time the scanning beam stayed on the mutant red tin mine for a long time, even the light beam flickered and jammed. He swallowed in nervousness and held his breath— this was his last hope. His magic had been exhausted, and he could not think of other ways to make money for the time being.

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Seeing this, his heart was caught in his throat once again, his mind was full of thoughts, and he had even begun to plan to make some metal dolls for sale if it couldn’t be sold. If metal dolls didn’t work, he might as well set up a stall to sell…

…Hold on! He suddenly thought of something — although he didn’t have wood or earth magic stones in his hand, he still had a lot of magic stones with other attributes! Those magic stones called golden jade, sapphire, and ruby jade here were also very valuable! He could also sell them!

 Thinking of this, he almost cried foolishly due to himself who had been turning around like a headless fly. He hurriedly took out a lot of magic stones with other attributes from his storage ring, touched this and that, and his heart silently collapsed.

This was the second time he committed this kind of low-level mistake…

Ding-dong. The alert tone of the customer service’s response interrupted his self-reflection. He turned to look at it.

Customer Service 112: ‘Sorry to keep you waiting, how many red tin ores do you have?’

How many? It was only this piece.

He answered honestly, then the customer service stopped for a long time, and the last message full of regret came back.

Customer Service 112: ‘Although mutant red tin mine is one of the best and rarest materials for manufacturing mechas, according to the minimum measurement standard of weight and volume of mechas, the single sales weight of mutant red tin ore must be more than five kilograms. Based on the grading, the commodity you provide is high grade and the price will be very high. However, due to the quantity problem, there may be situations where there are many interested people but no one will buy it. If you really want to sell it, I suggest that you classify this secondary mutant red tin ore into mecha model accessories or gem category, and cast it into a mecha weapon model or high-end jewelry before you sell it. Unfortunately, model weapons and jewelry belong to toy entertainment products, and the price will be about five times less than mecha accessories.’

All in all, this thing was too small to sell.

At the end of the explanation, the customer service also enthusiastically said that Famous Brands had the willingness to collect this secondary mutant red tin ore. If he was willing to sell, they were willing to set a special price. After setting a specific price according to the weight standard, they would buy it at a slightly higher price, exempt him from all handling charges and give him a member discount card. It’s just that the Famous Brands needed to get the customer’s detailed identity information, which could not be anonymized, but they guaranteed that the customer’s identity would not be disclosed.

Qiao Zhiya glanced at the various magic stones piled on the table, thanked the person for his explanation, and declined his proposal— now that he had something more suitable for selling, revealing his identity to sell this secondary mutant red tin ore was really risky, so still wouldn’t sell it.

The customer service was even more regretful and reminded him tactfully that if he could get more of this secondary mutant red tin ore, he could sell it once it reached the minimum sale standard. At that time, Famous Brands would give it a reasonable price.

The other party had always been very patient and answered in great detail. He didn’t try to find out the origin of his mutant red tin ore nor did he calculate anything. Instead, he sincerely gave him advice and helped him analyze a more suitable sales method. He could be said to be conscientious, and Qiao Zhiya was extremely grateful. He promised that if he got more secondary mutated red tin ores in the future that would add up enough to five kilograms, he would sell it here. 

The customer service enthusiastically expressed his expectation towards his next message.

At the end of the conversation with the customer service, Qiao Zhiya opened the shopping software, scanned and uploaded a piece of sapphire with good quality and ordinary appearance, and then put the product on the shelf according to the lowest price recommended by the system.

Because of the low price, the blue jade he uploaded was  bought soon afterwards. He hurriedly called A12[He’s that little robot.] to help him process the order information. Watching A1 call the courier for him, print the invoice, package the product, and send it in an organized manner, he was so happy that he almost wanted to kiss A1!

Robots were so convenient!

More than an hour later, the commodity arrived in the buyer’s hands. After the other party signed for the goods, the shopping money automatically entered his account. He finally had money again!

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