Dwarf in the Future

Chapter 27.2: Green Hat (2)


At the Famous Brands headquarters, Fan Qi stopped his typing, got up, and gave the seat to the real Customer Service 112. He looked at the middle-aged man waiting on the side and asked, “Have you located it?”  

“No, the other party didn’t log in, so I couldn’t find out the specific location.” The manager replied and asked doubtfully, “Young Master, it’s just a mutant red tin ore. Is it necessary for you to be this desperate? If you want, you can take it directly.” Why did he also have to deliberately push out the customer euphemistically? Everything he said was meant to advise the other person not to sell.

 The classes at Federal Military Academy would start soon. The young master came here this time to get a batch of mecha maintenance materials to take to the academy. As a result, instead of checking the maintenance materials, he pretended to be a customer service representative when he saw the pictures of the objectionable commodity reported by the customer service representative— which was against the company’s principles of finding the customer’s location. This behavior was really confusing.

“I’m not desperate. I only wanted to have a fair understanding about the customer group.” Fan Qi slowly replied, lightly glanced at him, and meaningfully said, “It’s just a mutant red tin ore, but a secondary mutant red tin ore which has never appeared before.”

The manager frowned and still didn’t quite understand his approach: “However, the scan confirmed that the secondary mutation of the secondary mutant red tin ore was artificially formed, not naturally. It can be determined that a new red tin ore has not appeared. This ore variation often occurs when the spiritual power combs the ore, but a red tin ore never emerged from just that. Although the secondary mutation of red tin ore is rare, it has little practicality and research value, so it’s not worth it—”

“Have you ever thought about why the red tin ore has been around for so many years but there’s never such variation during combing?” Fan Qi interrupted his tirade and asked rhetorically.

The manager was stunned and replied, “Because the red tin ore was forcibly destroyed by the radiation machine before it was combed by the spiritual power—” Speaking of this, he suddenly reacted and his eyes widened, “Young Master, do you mean…”

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Starting the hovering car, Kong Yuan glanced at Fan Qi who was staring out the window and didn’t know what he was thinking. He asked, “Did you not take the maintenance materials?”  

Fan Qi returned to his senses and casually replied, “Let someone send a batch to the academy.” He then thought of something and sent a message to his eldest sister, saying what he saw in Famous Brands, and mentioned the Chu Family.

The mutant red tin ore had been scarce for two years and there was almost no mutant red tin ore flowing into the market. An unknown customer who did not log in suddenly came to evaluate a secondary mutant red tin ore. This was coincidental when Chu family suddenly came back with a heap of mutant red tin ores back from their mining star and got something to stimulate the Xiang family at the Famous Brands auction. This connection made people think.

There were only a few areas where Famous Brands could not locate; the Chu Family was also in this blind spot. In case the secondary mutant red tin ore was made by the Chu family, the Famous Brands’ intention to earn wealth would not be worth the loss. 

Moreover, he also wanted to see if the unknown customer could make more secondary mutant red tin ore. If more could be made, it would prove that the new mutant red tin ore treatment method did exist and not just an accidental mutation.

New mutant material, ah…

Thinking of the weapon bar that could be added on the new mecha, he narrowed his eyes and a smile suddenly revealed on his face. He was really expectant of that simple customer with a serious lack of common sense to not let him down.

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