Dwarf in the Future

Chapter 26.4: Adaptive Education (4)

How did he become more stupid the more he goes to school? 

With his fingers stiff, he closed the invitation purchase page, hesitated, and entered the word “Famous Brands” in the comprehensive search box.

The official page of an auction house popped up. The top was densely packed with product information and there was also a bunch of auction information listed by month, quarter, year, commemorative, comprehensive, and unitary commodities. The auction was held in all regions of the planet at all levels of the Federation. Furthermore, their business even reached the planets of the Empire.

He was like a kid who accidentally broke into the adult world. On this page filled with money, he had greatly increased his knowledge!

Jewellery, minerals, rare plants, mechas, mecha models, warships, mecha accessories and weapons, mecha model accessories and weapons, limited edition suspension cars, limited edition music discs, out-of-stock medicine drugs, rare materials… All the commodities he wanted were unexpectedly listed on it, shining with the brilliance of money.

He was really naive. He swallowed his saliva and wiped the sweat from his palms. This world was not something that people like him who had been living in the forest could easily understand.

Holding on to his last bit of hope, he tried to enter the mutant red tin ore in the free evaluation column of the Famous Brands, took out the smallest ore, turned on the scanning function of the light brain, and aimed at it.

The light beam swept through it and the system prompt sounded.

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“Ywvydv ale vkd sal vbyv byp dsv clld el-ayekyvle. Skpj zlhlz: Tktb. Rv kp dsv yzzsole vs cl psze. Ayzwyvksd kp 0. Vzlypl el-ayekyvl vbl rasewnv qkapv.”

Fvkzz, dllele vs el-ayekyvl?

Tkp zypv bsrl oyp pbyvvlale. Tl vwadle sqq vbl zktbv caykd yde zssjle yv vbl qkpv-pkgle xwvydv ale vkd sal sd vbl vyczl. Tl bye y blyeynbl— kv pllxle vbyv bl dllele kdpvawxldvp vs el-ayekyvl, cwv oblal nswze bl qkde kv?

Gv ekddla, Ubw Ssdt qswde vbyv J Ubknjld oyp y zkvvzl ckv kd y cye xsse yde eked’v lyv xwnb. Tl vbswtbv ycswv kv, tsv wr, yde oldv vs bkp pvweu qsa y obkzl. Tl vssj swv y pxyzz prynl cwvvsd, vbalo kv kdvs bkp yaxp, yde pyke, “Wsa usw. Kwdksa nszzltl okzz pvyav kd byzq y xsdvb. Rq usw yal csale yv bsxl, usw nyd ts yaswde yde vyjl vbl nsxxwdknyvsa yde G11[Mbl ascsv vbyv Dkys Hbkuy nyzzle ‘Dkys G’.] okvb usw.”

Mbl prynl cwvvsd oyp dlo, okvbswv y qkdtlarakdv yde prkakvwyz xyaj. Ckys Hbkuy pyo vbl nsdvldvp yp pssd yp bl tsv kv. Gqvla y xsxldv sq clkdt pvwddle, bl kxxlekyvlzu vbalo bkp qawpvayvksd clbkde bkp blye, byrrkzu vssj swv vbl xlnby xselz kdpkel, yde blze kv. Tl zssjle wr yv Ubw Ssdt, awpble shla, yde bwttle bkx, “Mbydj usw! R zkjl kv ps xwnb!”

Ubw Ssdt oyp dsv wple vs clkdt kd nsdvynv okvb psxlsdl. Tsolhla, bl pvkzz zlv bkx bwt bkx. Tl aykple bkp byde, awccle bkp byka, rywple qsa y qlo plnsdep, yde pyke kd ekptwpv, “Rv’p dsvbkdt.”2[Iakp Dkyd: R’x oykvkdt qsa vbl eyu obld Ubw Ssdt kp vbl sdl lyadkdt sa kdkvkyvkdt y bwt.]

Ckys Hbkuy eked’v nyal kq bl ekpzkjle kv sa dsv. Tl awccle ytykdpv bkx byaela yde byaela yp bkp lulp clnyxl qkax.

—Ebkvl-Tykale Ysdpvla oyp ps tsse. Tl xwpv xyjl xsdlu yp pssd yp rsppkczl vs cwu xytkn pvsdl yde qkdkpb vbl yaayu!

The next day, after Chu Rong left, Qiao Zhiya pulled out the method of de-radiating minerals that he researched last night with the light brain. He skipped the above pile of machine processing methods and focused on the final spiritual combing.

He had long discovered that spiritual power and magic power were partially different. The difference was that spiritual power was the power cultivated by the human body itself while magic power was inherent in nature. Dwarves and elves were cultivating the ability to communicate with magic elements in nature and store magic in their bodies for their own use, which was essentially different from the way humans were cultivating themselves.

Magic elements came from the vitality released by plants and animals. Human beings were also a kind of animal. Their spiritual power could also be regarded as a way of expression of vitality, so spiritual power could also promote magic.

These were all things he had fumbled and summed up himself. Maybe there were inaccuracies but there shouldn’t be many mistakes.

Magic was the force of nature, so Chu Rong and his team did not detect the fluctuations of magic on his body because typical humans would not feel the danger and peculiarity of a flower blooming or a butterfly flapping its wings. It could be said that magic was a power perfectly integrated into the environment. Based on this characteristic of magic power, there was no reason why magic couldn’t do what spiritual power could do.

He took a deep breath, took out the smallest piece of mutant red tin ore, verified the method of combing the ore, condensed magic at his fingertips, and slowly penetrated it.

He also used magic to detect red tin ores when he was in the cave before, but at that time he just swept their surface, and after confirming the location, he moved away. He never went deep into them. Now, what he had to do was go deep into them, find out their internal structure, and remove the things harmful to the human body!

In fact, this was very dangerous. Spiritual power could indeed sort ores, but it did not include this kind of ores that had a negative impact on spiritual power. From the moment the mutant red tin ore was discovered and came into use, machines were the ones used to remove its radiation. Otherwise, it could not be sold on the shelves at all. In actuality, the mutant red tin ores had been preliminarily handled before finally falling into the hands of mecha creators.

Most of the materials used in a mecha included some that had no effect on spiritual power, but also there were some ores that had problems, which would be preliminarily processed by machines and then sold. It was a reckless act of Qiao Zhiya to directly process ores from raw stones. The behavior of the ignorant was simply fearless and reckless to the extreme.

However, at this time, the ignorant Qiao Zhiya didn’t feel that he was in danger at all. For him, the discomfort exuded by the mutant red tin ore could almost be ignored. It should be an easy task to clean up the “bad things” inside the stone.

In order to penetrate the red tin ore more smoothly, what he used this time was the magic of the earth element. The process of entering was very smooth, the mutant red tin ore probably regarded the magic of the earth element as the force of nature from the earth, and easily accepted him.

After his magic power slowly filled the interior of the entire mutant red tin ore, he vaguely “saw” some beating silk-like objects, which were swimming and jumping around inside the dark red stone flesh of the mutant red tin ore, probing out from time to time, waving their “little hands” outwards, pouring out their “enthusiasm,” and then retracting into the stone flesh in order to continue swimming happily.

That’s them! The source of those discomforts!

Qiao Zhiya was overjoyed. His magic power was affected by his emotions and swayed unsteadily. The red filaments seemed to perceive the danger and quickly merged into the flesh of the stone, hiding.

They were all red things. Once the other party stopped moving, Qiao Zhiya realized that he couldn’t find the traces of those silk threads.

He frowned and drove the magic power to swing inside it again, but still couldn’t find those filaments, so he had no choice but to withdraw. He had to consume the remaining half of the magic in his magic pool as little as possible.

What could he do about this? If he couldn’t find them, how was he going to capture and solve them?

Thinking anxiously, he glanced over the housework robot that was mopping the floor. He remembered the last time he used the magic furnace to cook soup, his eyes lit up and he hurriedly took the magic furnace out. He also took out a fire magic stone.

He put the magic stone into the energy slot of the magic furnace, entered magic to light up the magic furnace, and then threw the mutant red tin ore in, condensing the magic power to draw a small strengthening array on the magic furnace.

A soft light rose, the array began to operate, the temperature in the furnace began to soar, and the uncomfortable feeling exuded by the mutant red tin ore instantly became intense.

He squinted happily, plunged his magic into the mutant red tin ore again, and easily found the large piles of silk threads inside the stone. He spread his magic into a net and surrounded the silk threads.

When the silk threads struggled, a very strong turbulent feeling came rushing back. He frowned, stabilized his magic pool with wood magic power, and increased the influx of earth magic. The thick and tolerant earth magic power gradually softened the silk threads, and then decomposed them a little bit. After they became almost immovable stone flesh, they were broken up again and spread back to the stone meat.

Little by little, when his magic power was about to run out, this fist-sized mutant red tin ore was finally sorted out by him and the uncomfortable feeling completely disappeared.

He withdrew his magic, turned off the magic furnace, looked inside expectantly, and then went silly— where did this dark purple stone that seemed to shine in the pot come from?

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