Drifting Between Film and Reality

Chapters 53-54

Chapter 53: Do you want to go home with me? 

Ye Fu’s hands began to tremble, and she was so startled by his question that she did not dare to reply. Even if she was tipsy and her mind was fuzzy, she knew where she stood. She didn’t dare to create any trouble for the movie king, nor did she dare to become an annoyance to him. 

She was already prepared to be separated from the movie king after the filming ended. 

She had never expected that the movie king would give her such a surprise. 

And that he would even ask her such a question at such a moment. 


She liked him. 

Of course she liked him!

He had no idea how attractive he was! All the female actresses who acted alongside him would find it difficult to not hold a torch for him! 

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Cen Luan’s heart softened, and he tightened his arms around her. He was so pleased with her response that he couldn’t help the wide grin on his face. 


However, Ye Fu was sniffing softly as she hugged him. “I like you a lot… Can… Can you give me some time? Wait till I don’t like you so much… Before you leave…” 

Cen Luan chuckled, “Where am I going to?” 

Ye Fu shook her head and stifled her sobs, “I… I don’t know…”

“Where are you intending to go next?” Cen Luan looked at her amusedly. When he heard her crying even harder, he couldn’t resist himself, and he placed a kiss on her forehead. 

Where should he go next? 

She had to look for somewhere to stay. Before filming started, she had moved out of her rented apartment. 

She still had to go home and pass the money to her mother. She also wanted to check on her father’s condition…

But she didn’t want to bring any of these up to the movie king. 

She felt as though once she started, all the aggrievement she felt over the years would surface, and she would break down and cry. 

Yet, she couldn’t control herself. The man in front of her was so good that she only wanted to show her best self in front of him. 

“Hmmm?” After seeing that she remained silent for some time, the man rubbed her head gently. 

Ye Fu’s eyelids were trembling, and her gaze was down. “I’m going to go home.” 


She lied. Even if she went home, there was no room for her. However, she didn’t want to appear so pathetic in front of the movie king. 

She didn’t want the movie king to know that the woman standing before him was someone who wouldn’t even afford rent. 

The man seemed to sigh softly. When she looked up, the man leaned down and kissed her eyes. His voice was low and hoarse as he asked, “Do you want to… Go home with me?” 

Ye Fu couldn’t believe her ears. Her eyes were dazed, as the alcohol caused her mind to slow. 

What did the movie king say?

Go home with him? 

Was it real?

Did she hear it wrongly?

She widened her eyes in disbelief, as she looked at Cen Luan’s lips. After some time, she asked, “Movie king, can you repeat what you said? I… Just now, I…” 

Before she could finish her words, the man carried her up. 

He pressed her down on the bed, undid his tie and blindfolded her. He then lowered his head and captured her soft lips, his voice blazing with desire, “I take it that you’ve agreed then.” 

After he said that, he used his teeth to pry open her clothes, raining soft kisses down her body with his burning lips. 


Chapter 54: Brother Cen… I can’t take it anymore…

“Haaa…” Ye Fu’s eyes were covered, so she felt that her senses were heightened. The man’s breaths on her skin caused her to gasp, “Ahhh…” 

The man’s lips reached down to an erect n*pple, and he used his tongue to lick it, then bit it light.y 

Ye Fu’s body arched upwards and she panted uncontrollably, “Ahhh… Mmmmm” 

Cen Luan’s hands delved downwards, and found that her honey cave was already leaking. He pushed a finger in, while his other hand rubbed one full mound on her chest. He continued biting her n*pple, then opened his mouth to take in more of her br*ast and started to suck it. 

Ye Fu was crying out loud, and her soft body was shaking uncontrollably under his soft touch. She could not resist moaning, her voice sounding like sobs, “Wooo… Haa…” 

Cen Luan increased another finger and continued probing her p*ssy. When another finger touched a small nub that was becoming harder, he used that finger to flick it a few times. 

Ye Fu’s body arched even higher, as she begged pitifully, “Ahhh… Not there…” 

A smile curled up on Cen Luan’s lips, “I found it.” 

The palm that was on her br*ast started kneading the flesh harder, while his finger toyed with her cl*t below, flicking and rubbing it more intensely.

Ye Fu was so aroused that she shouted, “Ahhh… No… I can feel it… I’m going to squirt… Ahhhh… Ahhh… Ahhhh” 

Cen Luan increased his strength and speed, and after some time, Ye Fu’s body started writhing in ecstasy, as her lewd fluids spurted outside. 


Cen Luan withdrew his hand and looked at the damp fluids on it. He pulled his zipper down, pulled out his c*ck and drenched it with the wetness on his hand. 

Ye Fu was still shuddering from the aftermath of her org*sm, but unexpectedly, the man pushed his gigantic organ into her! She straightened her legs, and the pleasure made her cry out, “Ahhh…” 

Cen Luan pressed her down and removed the tie that was blocking her sight. He then kissed her hard, while his hands held hers and interlocked their fingers, and then pushed her hands above her head. 

Ye Fu was forced to raise her chest, and the man lowered his head to capture her n*pple again. He started licking and nipping at it, while his c*ck was thrusting in and out of her quickly and strongly. 

The pleasure started building up again. Ye Fu couldn’t control herself, as she yelled and her toes curled up from the impending org*sm. Atop her, the man was also shaking, as he hit his limit and shot into her. 

Ye Fu was panting heavily, and her tresses were damp. There were still tears clinging at the corner of her eyes, making her appear exceptionally pitiful. 

Cen Luan wiped the perspiration off her forehead, then spread her legs apart and dove into her again. Then, he began pounding her intensely once more. 

The slapping of their bodies sounded so close to their ears. 

Ye Fu’s gaze fell upon this licentious scene. Her face was red, but the man’s fierce attacks made her moan amorously. 

In the end, her voice was hoarse. 

She was whimpering weakly, causing the man’s desire to intensify. 

“Ahhh.. Movie king… Brother Cen… I can’t take it anymore… Let me off please… Woooo… I don’t want it anymore…” 

The man thrust into her body dozens of times consecutively, before finally shooting his load into her body. 

Ye Fu felt the warm gush of s*men in her body and screamed, as her lower abdomen trembled again and she came once more. 

The man caressed her damp forehead and started to kiss her lips softly. Ye Fu was f*cked till she was almost losing consciousness. Her moans still sounded seductive. 

Cen Luan hugged her tender waist and delivered his erect c*ck into her body once again. 

The night was still long. 

In the room, the moans and pants were like endless musical notes, continuing all night long.

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