Drifting Between Film and Reality

Chapter 55: The End (Part 1)

Before the movie “Stockholm” premiered overseas, Cen Luan brought Ye Fu to Paris, and the couple took pictures at the Eiffel Tower. 

No one recognised them here, so they could hug and kiss under the tower, without having to care about others watching them. 

It was already mid December, but the weather in Paris wasn’t too low. They wore their coats, held each other’s hands, and strolled along the streets. 

Director Xu sent a message to Ye Fu to remind her that the movie premiere was in two days’ time. 

Ye Fu replied, “Noted.” 


Director Xu sent another message, “I assume that he’s with you now? Tell him about it too. That’ll save me the trouble of sending another message.” 

When Ye Fu saw this message, her face turned as red as an apple. 

However, Cen Luan hugged her from behind, and when he saw her messages, he reached out and took the phone from her, before typing a few words in reply. 

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In the movie, Yu Chibei had promised Tang Gu that he would bring her to every corner of the world that she wanted to go to. 


And in the movie, they weren’t able to do it. 

But outside the movie, “Yu Chibei” kept his promise. 

He really brought her to anywhere that she wanted to go. 

The two would sightsee in the day, and when night fell, they would tirelessly make love in the hotel. Cen Luan was still obsessed with her body, and often, he would want to sleep with his c*ck still inside her body. 

And so, Ye Fu would usually wake up in the midst of an org*sm. Even when her consciousness was fuzzy, her limbs would already instinctively curl around his body, enjoying his intense pounding. 

Cen Luan treated her very well. 

Even better than Ye Chibei in the movie. 

He would help her trim her nails when she was sleeping, and would prepare a towel and help her wipe her face in the morning. He would also hug her gently, and spoon her when they slept. 

Once, when they were dining in a restaurant, the movie king was approached by a foreign beauty on the way to the washroom. 

Ye Fu could still clearly recall what happened. 

The man was of a tall and muscular build, and his face was cold and handsome. His slender finger pointed in the direction where she was seated, and he said, “I’m sorry. I’m married. That’s my wife, seated over there.” 

Previously, Ye Fu had learned a bit of English for another production, and so, she understood what he had said. 


By the time Cen Luan returned, he had looked as nonchalant as before, and Ye Fu pretended that she didn’t hear anything. 

Of course she was hoping for it inside, but she was more afraid that what she currently possessed was an illusion, a dream. 

And once she woke up from the dream, the illusion would vanish. 

And she would be left all alone in this world. 

On the day of the premiere, she appeared together with Cen Luan. 

The man was dressed in an obsidian black suit with a cool expression on his face. As for her, she was dressed in a snowy white dress, looking like an angel who had descended on earth. Every single move and smile from her was stunning and enchanting. 

When the couple appeared, there was a huge commotion. 

Cen Luan was very popular, but beside him, Ye Fu was a small-time actress. Basically, no one knew what productions she had to her name. Hence, everyone watching them off the stage was gossiping softly. However, the couple walked graciously down the red carpet, signed their names, then walked towards their seats. 

The couple sat beside each other. 

Cen Luan didn’t seem to mind what others thought about him. He helped Ye Fu to smoothen her skirt, then looked at her fixedly, as though he didn’t see the judgmental gazes from the others behind him. 

Beside them, Director Xu was speechless, and he softly reminded Cen Luan to watch his actions. 

However, Cen Luan smiled nonchalantly, “No way. I can’t help wanting to look at her.” 


Director Xu was forced to swallow this public display of affection, so he choked in anger and turned away, not wanting to see them anymore. 

The entire hall fell silent when the movie started. 

Ye Fu was a little nervous, but someone suddenly grabbed her hand. She turned to the side, and saw that the movie king’s eyes were trained on the big screen, but there was a small smile on his face. 

That hand was dry and warm, making her feel at ease. 

She took a deep breath, then turned back to the screen and watched the movie.

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