Drifting Between Film and Reality

Chapters 51-52

Chapter 51: Don’t be so gentle…

In the third take, Cen Luan started simulating their lovemaking. He rubbed against Ye Fu’s body for a moment, then hugged her and drove that red giant into her, causing her to forget her lines. Instead, the first thing she shouted was, “Movie king!” 

And Cen Luan even hummed a reply. 

Director Xu was so infuriated that he almost threw the script on the floor. 

The fourth time, despite how careful she was, she still said her lines wrongly out of nervousness. 


That was the fifth time, and she hoped that Director Xu would be happy with the outcome. 

After all, if she had passed that scene, she would have completed the filming for her first movie! 

“Alright, this scene passed. There’s no problem with it. Photographer, please go and take some stills, and cameramen, go and shoot a few takes of their backs from afar.”

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She had just changed into the student outfit she wore at the beginning of the movie, when she had first been “kidnapped”. 


However, her clothes were dirty, and there were a lot of marks on her body, making her pretty face even more pitiful. 

“Tang Gu, lie down on the floor. Yu Chibei, go and pinch her chin. Yes.. That’s right… Tang Gu, you need to look scared… Yes… Add a little more gentleness and weakness… Yu Chibei, look at her more fiercely… Don’t be so gentle…” The photographer directed their actions, but the emotions that Ye Fu was brewing to prepare for the photo were instantly disrupted by the photographer’s last line, and she burst out laughing. 

The moment she laughed, Cen Luan couldn’t resist and laughed along with her.

The photographer looked helplessly at their reactions, “Brother Cen, Sister Fu, can you please not act like you’re taking your wedding pictures? I’m a professional photographer, and I can’t take good shots if you’re acting like this.” 

Ye Fu blushed at his words. 

However, Cen Luan raised a brow as he said, “Fine, I’ll invite you for our wedding photoshoot.” 

Ye Fu looked at him in shock, assuming that he was joking. 

The photographer chuckled. He could already tell during filming that there was something going on between the two people, so he patted his chest confidently, “Sure! Leave it all to me!” 

By the time the couple finished the photoshoot, it was already dark outside. 

All the scenes were completed, so Director Xu booked some tables and invited everyone to a meal. 

During the dinner, someone brought Song Yu up. 

According to that person, Song Yu had been beaten up after the meal that day, and had been hospitalised since then. 


Ye Fu was shocked to hear that. She didn’t know who Song Yu had offended that he was beaten up to that extent. 

However, it did seem strange. 

She thought about how Director Chen, who had tried to make an illicit deal with her, had been arrested, and now, Song Yu, who had threatened her a few days back, had been beaten up so badly that he was hospitalised. 

Ye Fu felt that she had been protected by the gods recently. 

She drank that night, and after some time, she got drunk. 

When Xiao Xiaohong brought her back to the car, her entire face was flushed, and she was smiling dazedly. 

Chapter 52: Do you like me? 

“Sister Fu, are you happy now that filming has ended?” Xiao Xiaohong smiled as she asked. 

“Yes, I’m happy,” Ye Fu beamed, “I’m very happy.” 

Xiao Xiaohong was also grinning as she led her to the backseat. “You’ll be even more happy later on.” 

Ye Fu nodded cheerfully, “Yes, I’m happy.” 

Xiao Xiaohong observed how she looked in her drunken state. She looked adorable as she blinked and smiled at her, so she couldn’t resist but smile back at Ye Fu, “Sister Fu, you look really good.” 


However, Ye Fu shook her head and said seriously, “It’s the movie king who looks good.” 

“Haha! Yes yes, the movie king looks good,” Xiao Xiaohong chuckled. 

She drove to the basement carpark of the hotel, and Cen Luan’s car followed behind. However, before Xiao Xiaohong could release her seatbelt and get off the car, Cen Luan had already opened the door of the backseat and entered the car. 

“Are you drunk?” He reached out to touch Ye Fu’s warm and red face, and pulled her into his arms. 

During the dinner, the couple sat across from each other, but Ye Fu didn’t dare to look at him at all, fearing that others might notice something about them. She lowered her gaze and carefully observed the hand that he placed on the table. 

Cen Luan’s heart had been itching from her kitten-like gaze that he wasn’t even listening to what Director Xu was saying beside him. 

When Ye Fu saw him, she smiled sweetly, “Movie king.” 

Cen Luan leaned down and kissed her lips, “Yes, it’s me.” 

Xiao Xiaohong saw this scene from the rearview mirror and immediately ducked down and silently left the car, her face and ears red from embarrassment. 

Ahhhh!!! The movie king was being so gentle! 

He was entirely different from how he usually looked! Ahhhh!!!

When she alighted the car, she saw Hu Songyu, who had a mask and shades one, standing furtively at the side. 


Xiao Xiaohong walked over and dragged his collar, “What are you doing?” 

However, Hu Songyu pointed at her and said, “Hurry up, put on a mask! We can’t let anyone recognise us!” 

Xiao Xiaohong poked him, “My dear buddy, don’t you think that your whole getup now is even more eye-catching?”

Hu Songyu: “……” 

As the two were speaking, Cen Luan had already carried Ye Fu down the car. 

Xiao Xiaohong pointed at Cen Luan, “Look at that. He’s walking so confidently! Men like that are so handsome!” She looked at Cen Luan, then turned back to look at Hu Songyu, “Look at you. You’re not manly at all!” 

Hu Songyu: “……” 

Cen Luan carried Ye Fu all the way to the entrance of her room before putting her down. 

Ye Fu looked at the room with her drunken eyes and vaguely felt that something seemed different. There were red petals all over the carpet, and she suddenly felt as though she was dreaming. She turned to the movie king and said, “Movie king… It seems like there are flowers on the ground…” 

Cen Luan held her hand, and his deep voice rumbled, “Mmmm.” 

Ye Fu walked over and realised that there were also flowers on the bed, and more than ten bouquets of red roses on the table. There was also a card on the table, so she staggered over and took the card up. 

There was a single row of words on the card. 

Congratulations for completing the filming. 

The card was signed off with a single word: “Cen”.

Ye Fu covered her mouth and smiled, but her eyes were brimming with tears. 

She turned around, and when she saw the movie king, she ran in unsteady steps towards him, then tiptoed and hugged his neck, “… Thank you.” She sniffed, “I feel like I’m in a dream.” 

This was the first time that she had received flowers when she finished filming. 

And this person was the movie king. 

It was someone far from her reach. 

Cen Luan wiped her tears with his finger, then pinched her chin and kissed her, making her feel light-headed. It was only then that he asked breathlessly, “Do you like it?” 

Ye Fu nodded, “Yes.” 

Cen Luan captured her lips again, and his low and hoarse voice sounded lovingly, “What I mean to ask is, do you like me?”

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