Drifting Between Film and Reality

Chapters 35-36

Chapter 35: Seduction

When Cen Luan saw the redness against her white ears, he wanted to tease her. However, he knew that they were running late, so once she finished the soup, he dragged her out of the room. 

Ye Fu didn’t dare to pull her hand out of his, and their fingers were interlocked as they walked out. She felt that everything that had happened wasn’t realistic, and her mind was spinning. 

When they reached the set, Cen Luan went to find Director Xu, while Ye Fu sat alone in her chair, reading the script and memorising her lines. 

In the next scene, the couple would be having a passionate moment on the sofa, but they were interrupted by the arrival of the police. 


Monkey, who held a vengeance against Yu Chibei because the latter had caused his male root to be ruined, had escaped outside and called the police using a public phone. 

Song Yu had also arrived on the set. The scenes for the other “robbers” had finally been completed, so all of them went for some drinks to celebrate. They were considered small supporting actors in this movie, so naturally, they could not invite a superstar such as the movie king to join them. 

Unexpectedly, when he returned to the hotel, he saw Ye Fu’s car at the basement carpark. 

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He was known to be a clean and proper man. 


Ye Fu, on the other hand, was different. She was a C-list actress who was slightly prettier and had a better figure than many others. She would do anything for the sake of getting a role. Perhaps, during the auditions, she had already seduced the movie king. 

Otherwise, why would there be rumours that the movie king was the one who had approached her to act with him? 

Regardless of what the truth was, Song Yu wanted to test this out – whether Ye Fu was really innocent, or she was just putting up an innocent act. 

“It’s my birthday tonight. Will you join me for dinner?” 

Ye Fu looked up and saw that it was Song Yu. She instinctively pursed her lips together. 

She seemed to have… seen him when she was inside the car last night. 

At that time, Song Yu was standing outside the car… Giving himself a h*ndjob as he listened to her cries. 

Ye Fu was still drunk at that point in time, so her memories were fuzzy, but she recalled that there was someone who stood outside the car back then. And when she was knocked till her body stuck to the window, she could see the pair of sneakers on the man’s feet. 

It was the exact same pair that Song Yu was wearing right now. 

Initially, she wasn’t really repulsed by Song Yu. Even though she knew that he was acting as the antagonist, she didn’t dislike him because of his character. However, ever since she witnessed the other side of this man, she couldn’t seem to bring herself to like him at all. 

“I’ll invite the movie king to join us,” Song Yu smiled as he continued, “After all, we were brought together by this movie, so I hope both of you won’t reject us.” 

Since he had already said this, it would seem pretentious of her to reject him anymore. 


Ye Fu pursed her lips and could only force herself to say, “Sure.” 

When Cen Luan walked over, he saw Song Yu saying something a few words to Ye Fu before walking away with a smile on his face. His gaze dimmed, and he walked to Ye Fu. Just before he could speak, however, Director Xu had already gotten the production assistant to bring the clapper board over. 

He didn’t say anything else. He simply stared at Ye Fu intently. Ye Fu was feeling strange from his gaze, but she smiled at him lightly. And at the signal of the clapper board, she quickly got into her role. 

Chapter 36: Are you this sensitive? 

“Stockholm, Scene 78 Act 1. Action!” 

Tang Gu walked out from the bathroom. Her hair was damp, hanging limply on her chest. She used the towel to wipe off the water, and then turned and wiped her face clean. There was no trace of powder on her face, and her skin was in terrific condition. Her gaze was dark and misty, her lashes long and thick, and her nose was small and pointed. 

And a small trace of a smile appeared on her cherry red lips when she saw the man lying on the sofa. 

This was a scene that was extremely easy to film. 

It was just the two of them engaged in some lovey-doveyness on the sofa. 

There was no need for any foreplay or anything else. When the man hugged and kissed her, her body was already prepared to receive him. Every single pore in her body was trembling, as if welcoming his arrival. 

The man’s touches and kisses were as patient as they were last night. She was kissed till her body started arching back lightly, and his warm tongue slid across her slender and fair neck. Her body trembled, and she couldn’t help but moan softly. 

The man chuckled softly, “Are you this sensitive?” 


This was not part of the script. 

However, Cen Luan wasn’t bothered about it at all. He used his palm to cover the woman’s full breast, then used his fingers to feel how the mound of flesh filled his hand with its fullness. 

Tang Gu was wearing a white maxi dress today, with a set of lacy underwear underneath. Yu Chibei was the one who made her change into this, saying that he liked seeing her wear this. 

Since it was the man’s perverse fetish, she could only shyly follow. 

At this moment, the man was using his long fingers to lift the thin fabric, and his coarse fingertips were inching closer to the soft core between her legs. 

It seemed like he had f*cked her too hard the night before. Ye Fu’s p*ssy was still slightly swollen, and it still hurt a little. 

Once the man’s finger touched the area, she began to shudder. 

Cen Luan probed her a few times and realised that her body was subconsciously tense. Hence, he moved his finger towards the inside of her thighs, but simulated the act of f*ngering her. 

Tang Gu’s breathing hastened. 

The man seemed to feel that she was wet enough, so he started to undo his pants. 

Cen Luan wasn’t wearing any underwear today. They were filming in the living room, and the director didn’t invite anyone. Only Song Yu and the other male supporting actors stood at the side watching them. 

He rubbed his c*ck a few times, then delivered it to the middle of her butt cheeks, acting as though he was f*cking her. And then, he hugged and kissed her, swallowing all of her moans. 


In this scene, Yu Chibei was extremely gentle, as he wanted to let Tang Gu experience the joy and pleasures of s*x. Hence, he didn’t allow himself to pump into her as he had in the past. He simply kissed her all again and again, then entered her body slowly and gently. 

Just as Yu Chibei was groaning and spilling his load, the door was kicked open. And then a group of policemen with guns in their hands entered, shouting at him, “Freeze!” 

Yu Chibei was stunned for a moment, but he quickly helped Tang Gu put on her dress. And then, after planting a kiss on her forehead, he then turned around naked. 

“Raise your hands!” The policemen surrounded him, as they were worried that he might suddenly attack the woman and use her as a hostage. 

However, Yu Chibei didn’t struggle. He simply placed his hands at the back of his head, then turned to look at the sofa, at his Tang Gu, who was still in a daze. 

He smiled at her, and said in a hoarse voice, “Be good, my baby. Wait for me to return.” 

Immediately after he said that, the police ran forward and pressed him on the ground, then used the handcuffs to bind his hands. 

Another police officer used a blanket to wrap Tang Gu’s body, “It’s fine now, we’re here to save you…” 

Tang Gu started sobbing loudly. 

In front of her, the man was pressed on the ground, but instead of defeat, there was a smile on his face. 

His lips opened and closed. 

It was as though there was a low and rough voice at the side of her ear, triggering the depths of her soul. 

“Wait for me.”

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