Drifting Between Film and Reality

Chapter 37: Let me go

The scenes for the day were extremely short. Originally, Director Xu was thinking about completing the current scene in the morning, and then changing sites to film the other scenes. Unfortunately, Cen Luan had slept through the morning, and wasted half a day. 

It was already 4.30PM when they finished this scene. If they went to the next venue to set up, filming would probably end very late. 

And so, Director Xu had no choice but to cut the day short, and allow everyone to go back to rest. 

Cen Luan was also held back by Director Xu. 

On the other hand, Ye Fu was stopped by Song Yu, “Let’s go. The movie king will be there soon too. Why don’t you go with us first?” 


Thinking that the movie king was going to be there too, Ye Fu relaxed slightly. “I’ll go over in my assistant’s car.” 

“That’s fine too.” Song Yu rattled off an address, then added, “Be quick. We’ll wait for you there.” 

Ye Fu got changed, then told Xiao Xiaohong about Song Yu’s invitation to his birthday party. 

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No matter what, she was hired by Cen Luan to be Ye Fu’s assistant. If anything happened to Ye Fu, Brother Cen would certainly take it out on her first. 


The venue that Song Yu was celebrating was not a restaurant, but a KTV bar. 

Before Ye Fu went in, she wore a mask and a pair of shades. Then, she lowered her head and entered the venue. After all, she was still in the midst of filming. If anyone intentionally took pictures of her entering such a place in the midst of their filming, it would create negative publicity for Director Xu’s movie. 

Walking through the dancefloor on the first floor and the bar, Ye Fu finally arrived at the private room on the second floor. 

Song Yu was already waiting for her in the private room. There were other actors inside, all of them the other “robbers” from the film. Ye Fu greeted all of them, then took a glass of wine and wished him ‘Happy Birthday’. 

After drinking, she stood up and prepared to leave. 

However, Song Yu stopped her. “Why are you leaving when you just arrived?” His arms were long, and he circled them around her shoulder, holding her in place. “There is still another scene with me tomorrow. I asked you here today because I wanted to rehearse the scene with you.” 

Rehearse the scene?

Who would do that in a KTV?

Ye Fu struggled for a while, but Song Yu’s hold tightened around her. He pulled her towards him, and used his other hand to hold her waist, as he whispered into her ear, “I’m going to drag you and walk tomorrow. What do you think? Will it hurt?” 

Ye Fu felt his actions were both awkward and absurd, so she struggled harder and her tone changed. “Song Yu, this place is not suitable to rehearse. Let me go. I need to go back.” 

Xiao Xiaohong couldn’t hold back anymore. She tried to pull Song Yu’s arm off Ye Fu, “Brother Song, Sister Ye is tired. I’ll bring her back to rest.” 

“Who do you think you are? Get lost!” Song Yu didn’t know that Xiao Xiaohong was hired by Cen Luan. He assumed that she was an assistant that Ye Fu brought with her, so he simply disregarded her. “I’m talking to her now, who are you to interrupt us?” 


After he said that, he swung his arm and threw Xiao Xiaohong onto the ground. 

Ye Fu and Song Yu had a scene together the next day, so Ye Fu didn’t want to blow things up. Hence, he could only say softly, “Song Yu, why don’t we rehearse on the set tomorrow instead?” 

“What’s the matter? You can rehearse with the movie king in the car, but you can’t rehearse with me?” Song Yu blew some air into her ear, “Are you looking down on me?” 

Ye Fu was terrified listening to his words, and her beautiful and clean eyes were filled with fear. 

When Song Yu saw her reaction, his smile widened. “Come on, tell me. Were you the one who seduced the movie king, or was it that he… couldn’t hold himself back and forced himself on you?” 

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