Daydreaming About Me

Chapter 2 Domesticated Little Kitty

After getting to know each other, Jiang Han revealed to Lin Yujing that when he first laid eyes on her, he revealed a look of marvel.

“You were wearing a dress and standing there, your eyes clear like glass, looking like a good girl. It didn’t seem to match the atmosphere,” Jiang Han shook his head, “I fucking thought I saw wrong.”

But at this moment in time, Lin Yujing still didn’t know what his name was. Her head was filled with the image of his dreadlock mop head, the words mophead 1 written in caps above his head.

Mophead 1 reacted very quickly. Just before a pillow hit his face, he raised his cigarette and used his other hand to block and capture the pillow.

With a twist of his wrist, he took the pillow in his arms and inhaled the smoke, his expression heavy, “Good kung fu.”


He looked like an idiot.

This idiot appeared as though what he did wasn’t silly and seeing that he couldn’t successfully wake the person up, he turned around and smiled, waving his hand. Paired with his dreadlocks and tattooed arm, there was an unspeakable ferociousness, “Little Sister, I’m sorry. Our boss isn’t feeling too good at this moment.”


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He let out an annoyed and low ‘tsk’ and could no longer continue to enjoy a sound sleep. He turned around, still lying on the sofa, and took off the blanket covering his face.


In that instant, Lin Yujing thought that she had seen the fourth mophead.

After all, a family had to have dreadlocks, tattooed arms, look like a couple, and appear as if nothing can come between them.

He raised a hand and pulled off the dark gray blanket covering his head. When the delinquent brother revealed true face, he looked nothing like a delinquent nor did he share any similarities with his good friends.

In fact, he didn’t even look that much older than her, he was a youthful delinquent brother.

The youthful delinquent brother’s onyx black short hair was clean and tidy. He propped himself up with one hand on the sofa and dropped his head down. His arms were atop his knee, his sleeves rolled up, revealing his cold white slender wrist.

He slowly raised his head and revealed his pitch black, tapered and upturned eyes. At this moment, his eyelids were still drooping down, emitting an air that says “this boss is too fed up”.

After about a couple of seconds, he finally reacted slowly and narrowed his eyes, looking in her direction.

After sobering up, he didn’t get angry at Lin Yujing. He merely furrowed his brows and yawned before getting up, “Tattoo?”

His voice contained the hoarseness of having not completely sobered up as well as a smidgeon of nasality.

Lin Yujing casually responded, “Yeah.”

“Where.” Shen Juan turned around and lifted up the blanket covering his head, one hand propped on the sofa.

From the back, two slender legs could be seen and they were so long it made one want to wolf whistle. His clothes were wrinkled from being pressed on and the edges were tucked inside his trousers, revealing a section of the belt he was wearing.


Lin Yujing’s sight swept uncontrollably towards the place that was attacked twice. It was indeed a very good-looking butt, so much that she unconsciously blurted out, “This butt…”

Her tone seemed to contain appreciation and a sigh.

The air turned still.

Mopheads 1, 2 and 3 once again seemed to have pressed the pause button again, their heads raising up mechanically.

Shen Juan turned around to look at her, his expression sleepy and indifferent.

Lin Yujing originally felt that her voice wasn’t that loud. It was at a volume of mumbling to herself, but the whole room plunged into silence, sounding particularly clear.

She recovered her senses right after she blurted the words but the other party immediately turned around in response and locked eyes with her. Fortunately, she had adjusted her expression in time, blinking her eyes quietly and staring innocently at him, her voice sounding a little awkward, “I want to get it tattooed there-”

She paused and wore an extremely embarrassed expression, “Can I?”

Shen Juan raised a brow, “Sure.”

Did you see it!

Did you see how indifferent he was!

As expected of the delinquent brother who has seen the world!


Wasn’t it just tattooing the butt!

What hasn’t the guy seen before!!

Now that she had started this topic, she had the responsibility to continue it. Lin Yujing mustered her resolve and began to survey the picture books and pencil sketches scattered on top of the wooden table, pretending to think deeply about the design.

After all, the irascible delinquent brother had already awakened. If she said the words ‘I’m just looking around so you can continue sleeping’ and angered him, she might get beaten up.

“Sigh,” Lin Yujing held up a piece of paper containing the drawing of an incomparably ugly cat, not understanding how the work of a ten year old kid appeared amongst the pile of high-end exquisite work, “This doraemon is cute.”

Shen Juan had already walked over and pulled the curtains, separating the rest area where the sofa was, from the working area. He walked towards her and shot a glance at the picture she was holding, “Hello Kitty.”


“That’s Hello Kitty.”


Lin Yujing stared at it closely. ‘Oh, it has ears.’


She dryly laughed twice, “Was this drawn by a little kid?”


Shen Juan yawned again, his voice pleasant to the ear, only the nasal tone sounded a little stuffy, “I drew it.”


Bro, you’re not kidding me, are you?

Are you telling me this was drawn by a tattoo artist?

Lin Yujing remained silent for a few seconds before resolving to change her angle, “Then, regarding the position of the tattoo, is there anything I should know?”

This question was reasonable and shouldn’t present any problems.

“The pain and the maintenance methods are different,” Sheng Juan leaned against the wall and answered listlessly, “If you believe in Feng Shui, then there’s more to say.”

“Where does it hurt the most?”

“The area where the skin is the thinnest.”

“I see.” The little lady’s neck shrank back, appearing as though she was quite afraid, “Then, where does it hurt the least?”

Shen Juan finally realized that this girl must’ve felt embarrassed to ask him to go back to sleep upon seeing him awaken and tried her best to find some matters to ask about, so he simply didn’t even turn on his computer.

He paused and stared straight at her for a while before saying with an ambiguous smile, “The area you want to have the tattoo on.”

Lin Yujing remained silent.

Lin Yu managed to pull along the conversation with Shen Juan for 5 minutes, racking her brain for all kinds of questions with regards to tattoos. Seeing that she had managed to use up quite a lot of time, she heaved a huge sigh of relief.

In the end, the two people ran out of words to exchange. Shen Juan leaned against the wall lazily while Lin Yujing could feel his cold line of sight sweeping her.

She was also too lazy to care.

When she left, Mophead 1 stuffed her the name card of the studio so she could come back if she had it all figured out.

Shen Juan maintained the same position the whole time, standing as if he had no bones and with the same expression of being too tired to open his eyes.

Jiang Han was just about to close the doors when he turned his head and saw him yawn. He patted the door frame and asked “Did you steal a landmine last night?1Reference comes from a Chinese movie called Tunnel Warfare but basically he’s poking fun at ML asking if he was busy trying to carry out a revolution at night which is why he’s so exhausted right now

Shen Juan sat on the sofa at the side, and took a dart from the table. He narrowed his eyes while yawning, throwing the dart towards the black dartboard hanging on the wall of the room, “It’s not easy making a living.”

The green plastic dart appeared quite bungled up, its end containing plastic hair. With a whoosh, it flew halfway across the room and stuck firmly onto the dartboard.

Jiang Han looked at it and because the distance was a bit far, he had to take two steps forward to see it clearly. The little dart had landed right smack in the little red center without any diversion.

“Our Boss Juan is still as awesome as always.” This wasn’t the first time Jiang Han had seen this but he still felt amazed. The distance was far and the lighting was dim. He couldn’t even see where the target was from where he stood.

Jiang Han turned around to close the door before leaning over and whispering, “The girl from earlier looks quite cute.”

Shen Juan glanced at him and didn’t speak.

“She’s like a little fairy. You get me right? She’s different from what she looks like on the outside, a true fairy.”

Shen Juan’s eyes paused mid-air, the figure of the fairy-like lady suddenly surfacing in his head.

She was indeed good-looking. Her legs were long and straight and her skin was so fair.

It was just that her eyes were empty, as if nothing were alive.

When she looked at him, it was no different to looking at a stone, empty and void. Her left eye said “I don’t care” and her right eye said “Whatever”. Together, they formed “Who am I”,”Where am I” and “What the heck am I doing.”

She was a dispirited girl who appeared blank and vaguely depressed.

She didn’t really seem that much like a fairy.

Two minutes later, Shen Juan once again closed his eyes, his mood evidently gloomy, “Don’t you like the steampunk style?”

“What do you mean I like the steampunk style?”

Jiang Han ran his hands through his dreadlocks with a serious face, “I admire beautiful girls of all styles. The one from earlier was too cute. She was like a little kid who was afraid that someone would discover she was secretly doing something bad. I could even hear the nervousness in her words.”

Shen Juan raised a brow and didn’t express an opinion.

The more Jiang Han spoke, the more he regretted it, “Why didn’t I think of making a move on her earlier? Why did I give her the business card? I should have just left her my personal number. She was so pure and behaved, like a little kitty you raised at home.”

Shen Juan raised his head and shot him a look, repeating incredulously, “Behaved?”

His line of sight fell on the incredibly ugly Hello Kitty picture lying on the wooden table. “Just like this kitten, if you really did make a move on her, she might not even let your bones off.”

Jiang Han felt as if he was biased towards the girl because she had disturbed his great slumber. He leaned to the side and said, “Brother Han himself is afraid to flirt with such an inexperienced girl.”

“Oh,” Shen Juan stretched out his legs in the front and rapped his finger on the table, languidly saying, “Go flirt with her.”

The author has something to say:

“You dare try flirting with her.” Boss Juan took out his own 50 meter long knife2老子今天劈死你(40米)-表情图片-斗图表情包-表情包网站 Translated, it means ‘Today, this daddy is going to hack you to death XD and said calmly.

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