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  • Daydreaming About Me

    Chapter 3.1 It doesn’t deserve my butt (1)

    After Lin Yujing left the tattoo studio, she wandered her way back. When the sky turned dark, she received a call from Guan Xiangmei’s driver.

    The driver was surnamed Li and she had only seen him once when she got off the plane that day. The road to her new home from the airport was very quiet. There weren’t a lot of words spoken but he seemed like a fairly easy person to get along with.

    She was just coming out of the pharmacy when she received his call. Inside the white plastic bag she carried were big piles of all sorts of little boxes, all pertaining to colds, fevers and runny noses.

    As annoying as her brother was, she couldn’t really argue with him every day until heaven fell and the earth ended.

    Lin Yujing’s finger swung the plastic bag back and forth while her other hand held the phone close to her ear and she remained silent.


    She didn’t have a lot of friends in the past and didn’t open up really easily. She had two childhood friends–Lu Jiaheng and Cheng Yi, who would just start talking once the call connected so she was used to waiting for the other person to start speaking first.

    After silence prevailed for two seconds, the other side also keeping silent, she finally responded, greeting him hello.

    “Hello hello,” The voice on the other end of the phone replied politely, “Miss Lin. I’m Old Li. It’s nothing much. I just wanted to ask what time you’ll be coming back.”

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    Old Li greeted her and she bent down slightly, “Sorry to trouble you.”


    Old Li appeared a little embarrassed, “It’s not troubling at all. It’s my job.”

    Lin Yujing didn’t speak, looking at the unfamiliar streets outside the window. She secretly cast a glance at Old Li who was driving the car. He was wearing a formal white blouse, his sleeves revealing a tinge of yellow that couldn’t be washed out.

    The car trip was silent.

    Old Li coughed to clear the air, “School is starting the day after tomorrow.”

    Lin Yujing turned her head and replied, “I see.”

    “Have you bought all the things you need? If you’re still missing something, just let me know.”

    “There’s nothing missing. I’ve bought them all.”

    “That’s good.

    “Alright,” the lady’s voice was soft, “Thank you.”

    The awkward conversation ended.

    Lin Yujing once again turned her head, looking outside the window and she started to get lost in thought.

    When she was young, she would often receive scolding. Lin Zhi was a perfectionist and she couldn’t stand any imperfection she had. Or perhaps, the girl she carried in her womb for ten months simply didn’t have any strong points. Everything she did was wrong, every aspect of her ‘was just like her dad’s’.


    As for Meng Weiguo, he simply didn’t even care about her.

    When she was young, she would feel dejected. She would study diligently, hoping Lin Zhi would at least praise her once. She would feel sad and aggrieved and she would hide by herself, crying in secret.

    Afterwards, she realized that habits were scary. No matter what it was, as long as she got used to it, the body and the mind would naturally carry out the same response.

    Just like how she had gotten used to being disciplined and reprimanded, her terrible familial relationship and forever disapproving eyes, she also got used to Meng Weiguo’s indifference, Guan Xiangmei’s hypocrisy, Aunt Zhan’s disdainful attitude and cold hostility of the brother she hadn’t even met yet.

    However, faced against the unfamiliar senior driver’s sincerity, she was a bit at a loss.

    She wasn’t used to it and she didn’t know how to respond to it, especially in the case where a third person wasn’t present. Aside from giving thanks, she didn’t know what else to say.

    The car quickly entered the courtyard and stopped at the entrance. The days of September weren’t that long and it was already night, nearing 7pm. The sky gradually turned dark. Lin Yujing once again thanked Old Li before getting out of the car. She then turned to the door and walked inside.

    After walking halfway, she heard a youthful voice ring behind her, sounding very impatient. “Why were you so slow?”

    Lin Yujing subconsciously turned her head back and realized that the words weren’t directed at her.

    She didn’t know how long the youth had been standing at the entrance, having missed him just a while ago. The youth walked towards Old Li, complaining, “I’ve been waiting for you for half an hour, about to starve to death.”

    Old Li chuckled, “Are you hungry? Let’s go. Time to go home. What do you want to eat for dinner?”


    The lights in the garden emitted yellow rays, shining the two people’s similar features.

    The youth didn’t notice her gaze and scrunched his brows, evidently still unhappy, “Nothing really. I don’t really care.”

    Lin Yujing turned around and took out her keys. She opened the door and stepped inside.

    The big house was quiet and still. She passed through the foyer and into the drawing room, the crystal lights bright and resplendent. The TV was on and several washed fruits laid on top of the table, the sofa empty.

    She suddenly felt very annoyed.

    She didn’t know where this kind of irritation came from, it appeared all so sudden that it caused her to feel a bit of panic.

    Lin Yujing walked to the kitchen, taking out a glass from the drawer, to pour herself some water. The ice cold water slid down her throat. She let out a sigh of relief and carried the glass of water to the kitchen island, looking at her phone for a while. She then turned around and exited the kitchen, preparing to head up the stairs.

    She had just come out and before she could even take two steps, she raised her head and saw someone on the sofa.

    The man was also looking at her and even looked quite handsome, his facial features a bit similar to Guan Xiangmei.

    Lin Yujing used about 0.5 seconds to react back in time, quickly calling out, “Brother.”

    She didn’t have any particular skills since she was young, but she had a glib tongue. Whenever needed, she could make herself act specially behaved.

    As expected, the corner of the man’s mouth turned a little stiff and it even seemed to twitch. It was just that he still continued to remain silent, his expression ill at ease, and his eyes wary.


    Lin Yujing walked over and took out a white plastic bag from her pockets. She placed it on the table in front of him and apologized to him in a soft voice, “Sorry, I was joking in the afternoon, I didn’t intend to call the fire department but because you said you were having a fever at 40 degrees…..”


    Fu Mingxiu’s face turned even darker.

    But Lin Yujing pretended as if she didn’t see it, “Take care of your body and drink more water.”

    Fu Mingxiu: “…..’

    Fu Mingxiu was so angry he nearly stood up.

    “Hot water. Sorry.” Lin Yujing quickly corrected. She looked at his careful expression as if she were looking at some demon.

    Seeing the opponent give in and apologize very quickly, Fu Mingxiu felt his anger get stuck, unable to go up or down and it only made him feel even more stuffy.

    By the time he reacted, Lin Yujing had already scuttled up the stairs like a rabbit. Fu Mingxiu grabbed the plastic bag she placed on the table and took a look at the contents.

    Inside were several boxes of cold medicine and fever-reducing medicine.


    Fu Mingxiu stared blankly, feeling a bit uneasy, his heart in extreme turmoil.

    Sometimes, some feelings were hard to control. Even if he knew his inexplicable dislike was unreasonable, he was still unable to accept it at the moment, finding it hard to have good feelings for this sister that appeared out of nowhere.

    Fortunately, she wasn’t annoying.

    She wasn’t annoying?

    This was only the first day and she already mentioned the fire department and hot water.

    Fu Xiuming couldn’t imagine how he would live out his future days.

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