CEO Is Being Abnormal

Chapter 107

Knowing that she was just a worker, Bao Er didn’t feel sad at all. Instead, she thought that being a worker was much better than their relationship right now. But it was okay, because after some time, she would be free, completely free.

This feeling had been long absent from her. When she recalled it, she felt like even the smell of the air had changed. She felt so good.

Suddenly she thought that what she was worried about before was completely wrong. Why should she be sad or nostalgic? Tan Jingmo had given her a wonderful memory, what she needed to do was to treasure this memory.

Yes, actually being nostalgic was also something painful.

“You have something in your mind?” Bao Er washed her hands, then ‘da da’ ran back to Tan Jingmo’s side and asked while blinking her eyes.


It was obvious, ever since he began talking, he’d rubbed his forehead multiple times. Naturally she could see that he wasn’t feeling so good today.

Wu, could it be that Tang Yuening really had such a big effect? Even someone like Tan Jingmo became troubled?

“It’s not a problem, I’m just feeling troubled as there are more things to do recently.” Tan Jingmo said resignedly.

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Tan Jingmo could grasp the meaning in Bao Er’s words.


“Did Liang Qing Qing tell you?” Recalling the scene where Liang Qing Qing chanced on him, he didn’t think that she was such a big mouth and told Bao Er.

Since he asked, Bao Er didn’t plan to hide it so she nodded.

“What kind of expression is this?” Tan Jingmo was unhappy, why did he think that she was full of expectations right now.

“An expression where I hope that you tell me. I know Supervisor Tang, ah, oh yeah, last time when I bought those clothes, she was also around. She wanted to buy one too but it’s the only one. Oh yeah, at that time she said she wanted to give it to someone she liked.” Bao Er suddenly recalled that incident and said in surprise.

This world was truly full of amusement.

Tan Jingmo wrinkled his brow, holding back the impulse to hit her.

“By the way, when another woman is targeting your man, shouldn’t your attitude be more fierce and stomp her hard to the ground to demonstrate your dominion? But what kind of expression are you showing now? Chuckling at the ordeal? Or waiting to hear the gossip?”

Shouldn’t normal women who encounter this case would act tragic? But why was she being so peculiar? This made him feel very defeated, did he really have so little attractiveness?

Bao Er stood up and walked in front of Tan Jingmo. She pointed at herself then pointed at another height. “The difference in height is apparent, it’s not easy for me to fight back, she’s taller than me by ten or more centimeters. If we fought, the chances of winning are not high, so it’d be better to be careful.”

Tang Yuening wasn’t fat, but her height of 1.70m had given Bao Er a lot of pressure. So instead of thinking to fight back, it was better if she laid back.

Besides, it was another woman who was targeting him, but he wasn’t considered her man, right?

Tan Jingmo was totally humored by her words. Because of that, the troubles in his heart also dissipated a lot.


“That’s right, it’ll be better to be careful with your tiny body.” As he talked, he still didn’t mention Tang Yuening, because Tan Jingmo thought that there was nothing to say about her. Besides, he was worried about something else, not this.

“Don’t overthink it, Tang Yuening doesn’t have the ability to worry me. But my grandfather is coming back, so I just feel a bit of a headache.” Tan Jingmo would feel his head ache when he thought of this.

For the last few years, his grandfather had been living in the past a lot more. Because of Tan Jingmo’s marriage, he had thrown a bad tantrum at him.

Tan Jingmo’s grandfather was VK’s previous CEO, who was also a truly odd old man. His temper was bad and stubborn. Because he was used to being domineering in VK, he was also being controlling to his grandson after he got home. When faced with his grandson who was as stubborn as him, he felt kind of defeated.

Tan Jingmo couldn’t stand how his grandfather kept planning blind dates for him. Looking at the bunch of Western ladies, he was upset.

Besides, he went to England at that time because of formal affairs, but his grandfather thought that he was not busy enough so he planned blind dates for him every day. At first, Tan Jingmo even went once just to satisfy him.

Afterwards, no matter how much his grandfather threatened him, Tan Jingmo firmly decided not to go.

This time, his grandfather who had been living overseas for the past few years suddenly wanted to come home for the new year. Wasn’t it strange?

It must be because he wanted to force him to get married! So this was why Tan Jingmo was having a headache.

“Your grandfather? Oh, I see, shouldn’t you be happy since he’s coming back? Is it necessary to act this… agonizing?” Bao Er asked in confusion. It was obviously a time for him to reunite with his grandfather, so why was he acting like this?

To have a reunion with your close family member was such a wonderful thing, she was even jealous of that!

But, for the new year this year, she wasn’t going back!


Bao Er looked at her maroon hair and her slightly curled waves, then decided that it would be better if she didn’t go home. She was afraid her parents might not accept it. There was a girl in her village that styled her hair into a Rinka haircut and even dyed it, her father then told Bao Er and her brother that they must not do this.

Her hair wasn’t too abnormal but her conservative family definitely wouldn’t accept it. If she went back, she guessed that her father would say she was ruining their culture. As for the reunion dinner, Bao Er always thought that she couldn’t eat well.

She was at the same table, but the three of them were happy as a family. When they faced her, they were almost expressionless. This felt like she was a complete outsider, while they were the true family members.

So, it would be better if she didn’t go back to experience that feeling.

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