CEO Is Being Abnormal

Chapter 106

Bao Er nodded, then said grumpily: “Yes, I’ve met her so many times these few days.” Ever since she met her when she was buying clothes that day, both of them seemed to start bumping into each other, running into each other from time to time.

But these encounters were not fascinating at all.

“It seems she was confessing to Tan Jingmo today! She even said that one day, Tan Jingmo will realize that no other woman can make a good match with him other than her! She sounds so arrogant!” After Liang Qing Qing said this, she realized that Bao Er might really get worked up on this, so she quickly changed her attitude and started defending Tan Jingmo.

“But Bao Er, don’t worry. I can clearly see that Tan Jingmo doesn’t even want to see Tang Yuening. The tone of his voice was not good at all, I guess he’s always disliked Tang Yuening too! Haha, I’ve finally found my alliance, Tan Jingmo still has a part of him that I don’t hate!”

Bao Er was astounded for a while, what kind of logic was this? Looks like she has some history with Tan Jingmo! But as for what Liang Qing Qing had said, it didn’t sound like bad news at all!


“Qing Qing Jie, do you have some kind of rivalry with Supervisor Tang? Why does it sound like you’re so happy?” Bao Er asked.

Liang Qing Qing’s face went stiff as she realized she was being too obvious. But since Bao Er had said that, she didn’t hide it anymore. “Yes, I have a grudge with her!”

“What grudge?” Bao Er asked.

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“Xb, R pll. Kwetkdt qasx bla zssjp, R nyd’v clzklhl vbyv Fwrlahkpsa Mydt kp vbkp jkde sq rlapsd.” Mydt Zwldkdt zssjle lzltydv yde rasqlppksdyz, pbl dlhla vbswtbv vbyv pbl oswze nsdqlpp bla zshl vs Myd Kkdtxs, yde dlhla kxytkdle vbyv pbl oswze byhl psxl jkde sq akhyzau okvb Nkydt Ckdt Ckdt.

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“Jys Oa, usw’al dsv ydtau?” Nkydt Ckdt Ckdt ypjle nyalqwzzu.

“Gdtau? Ebu pbswze R?” Jys Oa qlzv ypvsdkpble, obyv oyp vblal vs cl ydtau ycswv?

Ebld Nkydt Ckdt Ckdt blyae vbyv, pbl oyp ps akzle wr vbyv pbl hsxkvle czsse.

She finally understood this today. Mo Xiaoyi and her were not the densest ones, the densest person was actually the sensitive Bao Er.


“The homewrecker is already here yet you’re not worried at all? You need to be cautious of the danger even when the situation is calm. Always be alert of the people around Tan Jingmo. Don’t get to that stage where you don’t even know that you’re bullied!” Liang Qing Qing was exasperated.

“Tang Yuening was not someone simple. Her schemes were top-notch, you need to be on guard.”

Bao Er rolled her eyes. She couldn’t wait for Tang Yuening to use her remarkable tricks to captivate Tan Jingmo! The relationship between them was almost ending, so what was there to worry about?

However, why did she feel such sadness in her heart when she thought that their relationship was ending?

Was it because she had been living such a pampered life for too long that she had gotten used to it?

Bao Er was shocked by this thought in her head. She found that she’d gradually diverted from her original intentions. She was slowly changing, slowly getting used to it, slowly accepting what was given to her by Tan Jingmo, and slowly moving away from the main purpose of her life!

Oh god, when did all of this happen? Why did she only realize it until now?

“Qing Qing Jie I still have something to do, let’s talk next time.” Without waiting for her reply, Bao Er hung up the phone.

She slowly slid down the wall and sat on the floor directly, her arms wrapped around her knees.

Be cautious of the danger even when the situation is calm1TN: from the chinese proverb 居安思危? Of course she had to do that, or else if she continued to be lazy like this, she didn’t know what would become of her? She was most afraid that she wouldn’t even recognize herself anymore. By that time, it was no use no matter how much remorse or regret she felt.

No, she shouldn’t let this go on anymore. Her relationship with him would end in another half a month. She shouldn’t let herself crumble.

Bao Er didn’t even have the heart to eat lunch right now. She silently got up and tidied the dining table. She threw away the food that she didn’t finish eating, then washed the plates.


As she washed the plates absent-mindedly, Bao Er suddenly stretched out her hand in front of her.

It was still the same pair of white hands like five months ago. Her fingers were white and slender, her knuckles were small and snowy like Tan Jingmo had said. The only difference was that the callus on top was slowly disappearing. Her pair of hands looked like they had been treated properly.

“Am I the one who changed?” Bao Er spoke to herself while facing the wall.

She was most afraid of change. Ever since she met Tan Jingmo, it seemed like everything had changed. She was changing, the people around her were changing, not to mention Tan Jingmo as well. She also got to know many people that she wouldn’t know in the past, such as Tan Jingmo and his brothers, such as Liang Qing Qing.

Tan Jingmo was the reason everything changed.

Bao Er was suddenly glad that she realized it at this time. It was just a short five months yet she was slowly losing herself in it.

But it wasn’t too late yet to notice this problem. At least she hadn’t fallen completely into it, right?

Tan Jingmo was like a poison that would make someone get addicted slowly without their knowledge. She couldn’t have him because she couldn’t lose what she had.

After she thought this through, Bao Er silently comforted herself in her heart. It’s okay, she was only slightly dependent on Tan Jingmo, she would get out of this suffering soon.

When Tan Jingmo returned home, Bao Er was sweeping the floor.

Actually the floor was already clean enough, but after she thought things through in the afternoon, Bao Er thought that she should go back to her original spot.

The story of Cinderella was just a fairy tale and not reality. People didn’t live in fairy tales.


“Why are you doing this? Don’t we have a maid?” Tan Jingmo was slightly unhappy. His woman didn’t need to do all these, or else why would he hire the maid?

After changing his shoes, Tan Jingmo slowly headed towards Bao Er’s direction.

“I suddenly became bored and wanted to find something to do.” Bao Er raised her head and told Tan Jingmo seriously. Her small, tender face was brimming with a youthful look under the light.

After she said that, she lowered her head and continued her work subconsciously.

“I don’t want to tire you, or else why would I hire the maid? This is their job.” Tan Jingmo rubbed his brow, his tone sounded slightly exhausted.

The corner of her mouth was stretched into a smile after Bao Er heard his words. “Okay, I understand.” After she sweeped the last empty area, she stopped doing it anymore.

Tan Jingmo was right, he hired the maid to do her job. At the same time, he also hired her for the same reason. She was simply a worker.

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