CEO Is Being Abnormal

Chapter 105

“That’s all from me. As for what you want to do next, it’s up to you, Supervisor Tang. If there’s nothing else, you can go back first!” Tan Jingmo returned to his seat.

Tang Yuening looked at him in shock. She never thought that he would ask her to leave because of this small matter!

Small matter, wasn’t it? It was simply a failed love confession. He actually wanted her to leave so that he could reject her.

“I’m not leaving, I want to stay here. Ah Mo, you will regret what you said today. One day, you will realize that no other woman can make a good match with you other than me!” Tang Yuening looked at him stubbornly. The assertiveness in her eyes did not disappear at all, but became more intense instead.

“Wuu, I suddenly realize that I’m here at the wrong time!” A sudden voice broke the stiff atmosphere in the office.


Liang Qing Qing was holding the door to the office. One leg was raised up while the other leg was on the ground. Her motions were a bit exaggerated but she looked funny and comedic.

Tan Jingmo glanced at her. For the first time, he thought that Liang Qing Qing was so pleasant to the eyes.

On the other hand, Tang Yuening only wanted to rip Liang Qing Qing apart.

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“Tsk tsk, I have no idea our CEO Tan has such good luck with the opposite sex that the peach flowers came all the way to the office. I don’t know if our Bao Er is still unaware about this and is still falling hard foolishly!”


Tan Jingmo had a smile on his face, “Seeing that Designer Liang can talk so much about it, then I will also pass Sheng Xing’s matters altogether to you as well, in case you are too bored.”

Liang Qing Qing gritted her teeth after she heard that. She really wanted to stomp Tan Jingmo to the ground with her foot.

But as a subordinate, she wasn’t qualified to do this. Moreover, she couldn’t compete against Tan Jingmo at all, she might be the one being stomped to the ground instead if she did.

He was really a cunning businessman. He knew what he had under his sleeve. She didn’t even have the chance to badmouth him.

“I wonder what kind of urgent matters CEO Tan has to summon me here? I don’t want to waste CEO Tan’s precious time!” Liang Qing Qing acted weak and spoke softly.

“Sheng Xing initially needs three sets, now add on to five sets!” Tan Jingmo did not want to be in the same train of thought with her, and only used practical actions to show that he couldn’t put up with her anymore.

Liang Qing Qing originally had a doll-like voice, but after she feigned it, her voice completely changed to become so creepy.

“Damn, Tan Jingmo, you don’t take personal revenge during work! You are completely exploiting labor.” Liang Qing Qing was frantic.

“Shout, continue to bellow, then I’ll add up to ten sets.” Tan Jingmo said casually. When he saw that Liang Qing Qing became like a deflated balloon, only did he go easy on her.

“About Sheng Xing, your task is five sets. You better finish its design before the middle of next month. I want to see the results. But this time, Designer Liang, you better take good care of your own design blueprint. If the same thing happened as last time, then what I said may not be valid anymore.” At the end, Tan Jingmo was not smiling anymore.

Bao Er only started working for a few days when she was accused of stealing her design blueprints. Luckily Liang Qing Qing did not investigate further, because if she did, this would not be settled so easily. It was possible that they might even go to court.

To say that he did not understand Liang Qing Qing, that was certain, but to say that he did not understand Bao Er, then this was quite impossible.


Liang Qing Qing wanted to retort after she heard that, but she did not have the nerves.

“Yes, I understand. But CEO Tan, can’t you assign an assistant that was almost as hard-working as Bao Er?” Mentioning that, she wanted to vomit blood on impulse.

Ever since Bao Er left, there was a new assistant in her office, but this assistant was much lazier than her, making the office so dull and stinky the whole day. It was so messy yet she didn’t even tidy it up.

She was the same, she only knew how to create rubbish and not tidy things up. Besides, she’d been busy during this period of time, so how would she have time to do anything else? Not to mention tidying it herself. But her small assistant was much snobbier than her, she was typically a petite lady from a rich family who couldn’t endure any suffering. She would cry if she criticized her, making Liang Qing Qing so troubled.

“You should tell the Human Resource Department about this! What’s the use of telling me?” Tan Jingmo gave her an eye roll and waved his hand, “If there’s nothing else, you can leave. As for your assistant, go to the human resource manager straight away. Just tell him it’s my order.”

Liang Qing Qing left mournfully.

Damn, CEO Tan only knew how to exploit her labor work, if not because of the high salary, she would have already packed her things and left!

But for that cold and noble Supervisor Tang Yuening, she never knew that she would lower her stance so much, tsk tsk tsk!

To think that they already knew each other when they were still in school, and they didn’t see eye to eye with each other. Today when she barged into such a scene, Tang Yuening must have hated her so much, right?

But she didn’t care at all, just loathe her then, she was in a very good mood!

Back in the office, Liang Qing Qing took her phone out to make a phone call to Bao Er.

“Bao Er, let me tell you something very bad!” Liang Qing Qing’s tone was full of compassion, as if she was saying something unbelievable.


Bao Er put down the chopsticks in her hands after she heard that and listened to Liang Qing Qing seriously.

“Huh? What’s the matter?” It was so serious that Liang Qing Qing needed to tell her when she was still at work. Looks like it was very urgent.

“Today, when I went to your man’s office, I saw a very interesting scene!” When she said this, Liang Qing Qing was very satisfied. What was wrong with her reporting about Tan Jingmo? If she didn’t ask Bao Er to mess with Tan Jingmo, she would feel uncomfortable inside.

Who asks him to take personal revenge during work! Since she didn’t have the ability to take care of this, then it was the same to make Bao Er do it for her. From what she saw, Tan Jingmo still treated Bao Er quite differently.

“Do you know Tang Yuening? The Artistic Supervisor in VK!”

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