Black Moonlight Holds the BE Script

Chapter 52.1 Abnormal State

Su Su read the prayer according to his order and the Bingdi lotuses bloomed even more beautifully. 

The light pink lotuses looked pure and graceful.

Feeling like this was all an absurd dream, Su Su tightly bit her lip. 

Tantai Jin chuckled softly and stepped back a bit. 

Su Su was confused. She’d never experienced such things, but she could sense that he was purposeful as he smiled and touched her face.


Su Su’s expression changed.

Tantai Jin’s fingers went down, caressing her lips, and Su Su stared at his fingers, fearing that in the next moment, he would force open her mouth.

Is there anything he won’t do? He can do anything!

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The worm couldn’t break the puppet spell. But Curved Jade didn’t lie when it told Su Su that the puppet spell couldn’t last long. What kept it activated was the fragrance in the room. It was an incense of the Yiyue Tribe, which could complement it. 


The worm could detoxify all poisons and bewitching fragrances.

Tantai Jin didn’t know about or see it. 

He spoke quickly, sounding a bit nervous, “You used to look at me like I was just a lowly bug on the ground. But look, now you can only beg for mercy under this bug.”

“I should’ve killed you,” he muttered to himself and started to softly laugh, “But if you behave, I can spare you for now. I’m the emperor……”

He paused for a while and said, “In the future, I’ll also be the emperor of the Great Xia Empire. As long as you don’t oppose me, like today, I can……”

“How? Like this?”

A pair of lotus-like arms ruthlessly strangled his neck.

Fortunately, they were in the water, so Su Su didn’t have to use force. With just skill, she abruptly drowned the young man in front of her.

“Cough, cough!”

She turned her body and went ashore, picking up her clothes and quickly putting them on. Su Su hooked her finger to grab his cloak. Tantai Jin choked on the water and had just popped out his head when she strangled him with the cloak and pulled him to shore.

His ink-black hair was thoroughly soaked, and from either the coughing or something else, his pale skin was layered with a beautiful peach color.

He looked somewhat pitiful, but mostly frail.


If not for his earlier behavior, Su Su nearly thought that she had bullied him.

She knelt down in front of the pool, meeting his cold deep pool-like eyes. 

“Your turn, do you want to beg me or not?” Su Su asked.

He sneered, and Su Su knew his answer. From her angle, she could see directly underwater. The young man’s long slender legs were slightly curled up and pressed against the pool in a rare moment of cooperation, so she couldn’t see if he’d had a reaction or not.

She pursed her lips, fortunately, I didn’t see anything dirty.

“You know, I’m someone who really hates when people I don’t like touch me. While your people still haven’t arrived, why don’t……” Su Su leaned closer to him, she looked cold and angry, “I just cut off that finger of yours?”

The young man’s frantic gasping subsided as he reached back to tug at the cloak and furiously said, “Ye Xi Wu, how dare you!”

“You’re full of shit!” Su Su said.

She freed a hand to cover her lowered collar.

“I can spare you too, but you have to get rid of the corpse demons.”

“Dream on!”

She stared at the young man’s pure and elegant face for a long time, then abruptly leaned closer to him. Tantai Jin subconsciously wanted to avoid her, even forgetting that his neck was still strangled by Su Su’s cloak.


How funny. When she couldn’t see, he obscenely and wantonly played with her until his tone changed from excitement. But when she scrutinized him, as soon as she got close, he wanted to back away.

The Soul Extinguishing Tear in Su Su’s clothes was slightly heating up.

Su Su’s mood was a little subtle. She looked at the bright red corners of the cold young man’s eyes and suddenly asked, “Do you like me?” 

The air fell into a strange period of silence. Tantai Jin looked up, the corners of his mouth mocking, as if he was watching some live joke.

The person he liked was clearly Ye Bing Shang.

The Soul Extinguishing Tear in her clothes suddenly dimmed, and even Su Su felt that she was flattering herself. 

Tantai Jin coldly looked away when he saw the white Gu worm beside the pool. He became lost in thought, as if he recognized it.

Su Su hurriedly hid the worm that Xiao Shan had given her. She felt like she was in a difficult situation to deal with as she couldn’t really kill him, but her anger wasn’t easily extinguished.

She realized that she was currently too weak, and it was too dangerous to stay by Tantai Jin’s side.

Tantai Jin was always thinking about attacking the city and killing people, so she might as well take him away from Mohe to ease the situation for a while.

The more she thought about it, the more she felt like this was the only way for right now.

“Get up, get dressed and come with me.”


Tantai Jin waited for a moment, then got up from the pool. He didn’t feel ashamed to be naked, everyone came into the world this way.

Su Su didn’t dare to loosen her grip and tightly dragged the “hostage” in her hands. 

Inevitably, she saw his body.

The young man’s body was too pale, and perhaps because he never exercised much and couldn’t practice martial arts, he didn’t have bulging muscles, but he had a beautiful figure and was almost fairer than her current body.

His legs were long and slender, and that bulge was very conspicuous. Actually, from a certain point of view, the body of the devil was just as perfect and spectacular as a god’s.

Su Su tried her best to control her facial expression as she scolded him in her heart, shameless.

Tantai Jin got dressed and Su Su dragged him out.

She tried to use the same plan1如法炮制 (rúfǎ-páozhì) – lit. to follow the recipe (idiom); prepare herbal medicine by the prescribed method; fig. to follow a set pattern; follow suit from when she’d taken away the fox demon to bring him away, she wouldn’t let him speak and would asked the others to let them go.

She pushed open the door and had only made it to the entrance when a transparent arrow shot into her shoulder.

She had clearly sensed it, but the weak water rope’s bindings made it impossible for her to dodge. Su Su’s pupil slightly shrank and her body softly collapsed as she fell unconscious.

She released her grip on Tantai Jin, who was prepared to catch her, and he nonchalantly spoke to the darkness, “That’s enough, do you really want her life?”

Countless arrows silently retracted.

Tantai Jin coldly looked at the person in his arms for a few seconds. Naturally, he wouldn’t fall for the same trick twice. He just wanted to see if she really couldn’t kill him.

Obviously, he guessed correctly, though he didn’t know for what reason.

With the young emperor’s black brocade robe spread around him, he held her in his arms as they sat together on the threshold.

It was still drizzling outside and the sky was pitch black.

Tantai Jin sat still, wondering what the young girl in his arms wanted from him?

He didn’t deliberately hug Su Su or push her away, allowing her to lean into his arms as he looked up at the endlessly pouring rain outside.

In the rain, the rigid female official ran over, looking terrified.

“Your Majesty, has the ritual been completed?” In front of Tantai Jin, she didn’t dare to be the least bit mean or arrogant, appearing respectful and submissive as she led a group of ceremonial female officials to kowtow, “The ancient gods will henceforth grant you long life and bless you with a long reign.”

He laughed sarcastically, “Is that so?”

Unfortunately, the ritual wasn’t completed, and he thought to himself, there won’t be any ancient gods that will bless me.

If these people knew the cost of his birth, they would’ve screamed and fainted.

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