Black Moonlight Holds the BE Script

Chapter 41.2 Hatred


Su Su diligently took care of him, unaware that Ming Ye’s five senses were slowly recovering. He could gradually hear sounds, smell the fragrance of bamboo, and see hazy colours.

So she didn’t know that on a certain morning, when she’d gone up the mountain to search for medicine, Ming Ye opened his eyes and saw Tian Huan who had come searching for him.

When Su Su returned, carrying a bamboo basket filled with spiritual medicine, the small bamboo forest was already empty.

She froze for a long time, and a little wolf poked its head out of the bamboo basket. Su Su ran in and out several times. She even went to the spiritual spring, but there wasn’t any breath left1Normally, in xianxia context, you can detect the presence of someone through their breathing. Here, she’s finding Ming Ye’s trace..


The little wolf watched her run. On the way back, he had heard the lady continuing to talk about her True Lord, but when they got there, he only saw the girl look perplexed, searching high and low2四处寻找 (sìchù xúnzhǎo) – look into every hole and corner.

Later, when she was tired from searching, she sat under the tree. The little wolf thought she would cry, but to his surprise, she was extremely calm and carried him out. “Originally, seeing that you’re just a spirit beast, I wanted to use you to nourish the Immortal Lord’s body, so count yourself lucky. Just go home once I’m done treating your injuries.”

She tied a half-hearted knot on his hind leg and patted him, asking him to leave.

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The Great War of Gods and Devils was now coming to an end. All the three realms were happy to hear that the Devil God was dead and the rest of the demons and devils were about to be sealed in the Abyss of Desolation.


It was good that the Mo River wasn’t like the Immortal Realm, as both gods and devils looked down on it, so this time it had escaped by sheer luck3幸免 (xìngmiǎn) – narrowly and luckily escape.

Her current spiritual energy was no better than before, so even though she hurried it was already half a month later when she reached the Mo River.

Mo River was surrounded by immortal soldiers. There were several familiar faces that Su Su recognised among them. They were the immortal soldiers of Shangqing.

The water level of Mo River hadn’t risen, but a gust of dead air was spreading across the river.

Su Su was frozen for a long time, then staggeringly rushed inside. The others didn’t recognise Su Su, but the people of Shangqing did. They hesitated for a moment, and no one stopped her.

Su Su crouched down to pick up a dead coral.

This was her favourite childhood toy in the Mo River Palace. She staggered forward and saw countless fish and shrimp carcasses.


She saw a gigantic clam shell.

The clam was lying horizontally on the riverbank. Time had carved shallow patterns on its light gold clam shell. It was once strong and beautiful, but now, it was just an empty shell.

Su Su tried to pick it up, but she realised that she couldn’t carry it.

Like a child who had done something wrong, she sobbed and cried out for her father.


The immortal soldiers looked at each other.

A female immortal in battle armor stepped out, then covered her lips and laughed, “Look at how sad the little mortal realm demon is crying when the old demon is dead.”

Another similarly-attired female immortal also laughed and said, “Demons are still demons after all, they don’t have enough sense to distinguish between right and wrong on serious issues4大是大非 (dàshì-dàfēi) – major matters of principle; cardinal questions of right and wrong; 观 (guān) – sight/view/concept. Just a Mo River even has the audacity to hide devil creatures, their death isn’t pitiful.”

“Someone without strength still dares to call himself King!” The female immortal stroked the white silk5白绫 (bái líng) – white and thin silk cloth that can be used to fight (some xianxia or wuxia dramas have it) Image: in her hand, “He couldn’t even take on a hundred moves from Saint Tian Huan’s brocade mist silk, this old demon’s thousands of years of cultivation were in vain.”

Su Su put down the clam shell. She dully listened to these familiar voices, but didn’t ask them why and plunged into the Mo River.

A female immortal said with disgust, “She still dares to jump into such dirty water. As expected of someone who came out of this kind of place.”

Another one asked, “Do we need to catch her? Did the Saint order us to capture her or not?”

“Just capture her. Saint Tian Huan has just found the True Lord after great difficulty, we can’t let her cause trouble.”

After they spoke, they weren’t even willing to go down themselves, so they asked the immortal soldiers to go down the Mo River to find her instead.

Su Su walked on the bottom of the Mo River. The water rippled. She understood that it no longer mattered whether the water level of Mo River rises or not.

The river palace was destroyed, everything was turned upside down6东倒西歪 (dōngdǎo-xīwāi) – to lean unsteadily from side to side (idiom); leaning/unsteady/tottering; rickety/dilapidated. Her palace hall had collapsed, and her father’s favorite luminous pearl was shattered into many pieces.

She coughed up a mouthful of blood, and woodenly moved forward. She dug under the ruins of her palace hall and took out a beautiful white pearl.


She brushed her fingers over the pearl and presented before her were all the scenes of how the river palace was destroyed before her Father King was killed. The scenes were like streams of light, and after watching them, she closed her eyes.

Most of the living spirits in the river didn’t shed tears, and it wasn’t possible to tell whether the phosphorescence at the edges of her eyes were tears or river water.

During the Great War of Gods and Devils, many gods were sacrificed and the remaining immortals began to capture the remaining demons and devils. Shangqing Immortal Realm also participated in this apprehension. They came to Mo River, saw that the water vapor was turbid and demonic Qi was scattered about, and began to catch the sprites and monsters in it. 

Clam King had angrily stopped them.

The immortal soldiers were very hesitant, “Mo River was still the home of Immortal Consort Sang Jiu after all. Should we go ask the Saint what to do?”

However, Tian Huan had only sent two female immortals who bore her magic weapons.

They conveyed the words of the Saint, “All men are equal in the eyes of the law7天子犯法与庶民同罪 (tiānzǐ fànfǎ yǔ shùmín tóngzuì) – If a prince violates the law, he must be punished like an ordinary person./Anyone, no matter who he is, who violates the law must be dealt with according to the law.. If the Clam King harbors demons, he’ll not be tolerated.”

Su Su picked up the pearl. This is the first time I’ve ever hated a person this much, she thought.

It would be great if Tian Huan had asked, and asked once again. Ask and she would know, this dirty Mo River and soaring demonic Qi were all thanks to her and Ming Ye.

What Brother said was right. I shouldn’t have saved both of them a hundred years ago.

She had never hated Ming Ye. She didn’t blame him for liking Tian Huan, for leaving her in the cold for a hundred years, for not remembering her for three years and leaving the bamboo forest without saying goodbye. Those were never reasons for her to hate him.

However, today, she vaguely remembered that summer ten years ago, when she had heard the little butterfly demons enviously say——


“True Lord Ming Ye used the most beautiful cloud brocade and mist to make a life magic weapon for the Saint, which can protect her from the invasion of evil spirits. The extra cloud brocade was also made into a brocade mist silk for her.”

He made the best looking spiritual weapon in the world for Tian Huan. But that spiritual weapon later penetrated the body of the person she cared for the most.

She had picked him up in Mo River, fell in love with him in Mo River, but in today’s Mo River, she also started to hate Tian Huan, along with him.

Ten years of guardianship was like a joke.

Countless river clams had died, pearls bursting out of their carcasses and stained with blood, scattered all over the bottom of the river.

Su Su picked them up one by one.

She wanted to go and kill Tian Huan.


The author has something to say:

Ming Ye is Ming Ye, Sang Jiu is Sang Jiu, Su Su is Su Su, Tantai Jin is Tantai Jin. There is no relation between each other. 

It’s like borrowing someone else’s body, bringing in someone else’s feelings, and watching other people’s stories. The main leads have no control over how or where things go. They are just experiencing it, which is the same as watching a holographic movie.  So it doesn’t matter whether the fairies8the readers aka you like or hate the counterpart characters.

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