Black Moonlight Holds the BE Script

Chapter 41.1 Hatred

River clams lived in shallow water, and no clam could survive the deep sea, let alone weak water where even demons couldn’t live.

When Su Su jumped into the weak water, her clam shell started to dissolve.

She was born a demon, and the edge of her clam shell was laced with a beautiful pale pink. However, that pink melted in the weak water like drops of painful tears. 

That night, she had said to Ming Ye, “I’m afraid of pain, don’t let my clam shell break. It’ll hurt more than a mortal breaking a bone.”

But when her clam shell really dissolved little by little, she didn’t shed a single tear, and her eyes were wide open as she searched for a black figure. Her clam shell was getting thinner and thinner. When her tender axe foot1斧足 (fǔ zú) – also known as pelecypoda(Latin), feet of shell animals of mollusca phylum (like clams, mussels etc), normally flat and axe-shaped accidentally touched the weak water, she shuddered in pain.


But she still went down, in spite of everything.

For a flood dragon who was tens of thousands of years old, he was handsome and powerful, but cultivation was lonely, and he actually had nothing. He had a cold and aloof personality and was always alone. When he fell into the weak water, no one immediately came to look for him. Despite his immortal cultivation, Ming Ye was born with a demon body. After three days in weak water, how could he not feel pain?

She wasn’t sure how many bones a mortal had, and how badly broken they would have to be before it would be too painful to speak.

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The bamboo forest was completely devastated. Streaks of blood snaked down Su Su’s back. After placing Ming Ye on the bed, she moved into the water tank to soak her body.


She knew not how long she had slept for.

It might have been seven days, or half a month, before Su Su finally opened her eyes.

Ming Ye, who was on the bed, still hadn’t woken up. He couldn’t even transform back into his original form to recuperate and was lying unconscious on the bed. 

No one could stand a blow from the Devil God. She was incomparably grateful that Ming Ye hadn’t immediately died. Even if he had fallen into the weak water, it was still good enough.

She transferred the spiritual Qi that she had cultivated these past few days to him. However, their spiritual energy was on two different levels, so her deed was just like adding a cup of water to a burning cart of firewood2杯水车薪 (bēishuǐ-chēxīn) – an idiom; fig. an utterly inadequate measure/useless attempt. But Su Su wasn’t discouraged and carried him to the spring water to recuperate.

Ming Ye’s cultivation was profound, so he was able to slowly recover on his own in a place where spiritual Qi was abundant.

He was asleep in the mortal world’s spiritual spring for seven years and Su Su accompanied him the entire time. When she had time, she would go out and find some spiritual medicine that could help his body recover. When she returned, she would sometimes sing or tie his hair for him.

Although he didn’t speak, didn’t wake up, and his black eyes were tightly closed, it was the happiest seven years of Su Su’s life.

The Great War of Gods and Devils was still ongoing and they lived in a corner of the world. No one came to disturb until the seventh year, when he woke up.

It was early morning. She had collected dew and came to feed him, when she saw the man with his dark pupils open, looking at the direction of the woods without any joy or sorrow.

Su Su’s hand trembled and the dew on the lotus leaf nearly spilled.

She knew that he still hated her because of the relic, so she hurriedly casted a spell and transformed herself into a delicate and pretty sixteen or seventeen-year-old teenager. 


Su Su smiled as she walked over and said as naturally as she could, “You’re finally awake.”

Ming Ye didn’t respond.

Su Su was stunned. He didn’t react at all even when she had transformed into a delicate little teenager and ran to his side. Su Su reached out her hand and waved in front of his eyes, but he didn’t even blink.

Her heart sank. Serious injury and weak water had affected Ming Ye’s body, and he’d now lost his five senses.

He had lost his hearing, smell, taste, sight, and even sense of pain.

Although worried, she also sighed in relief and transformed back to herself. She placed the lotus leaf to his lips and gently said, “Drink.”

When Ming Ye woke up, his world was terrifyingly empty. Wary, he grabbed the wrist of the person who approached and found that it was slender and soft beyond words.

He squeezed it hard, but she wasn’t angry. Instead, she gently patted the back of his hand, signaling for him to not be afraid. She pulled his hand over and wrote on his palm——

“I won’t hurt you, I just want to give you water.”

He didn’t have his five senses, but he was able to open his spiritual sense, and with his demon body being no better than any other person’s, he could feel the itch of his palm being brushed against. 

Ming Ye remembered that during these years when he was in slumber, it seemed like someone had been by his side the entire time. Sometimes, her fingers would run through his hair, carefully washing it.

He loosened his grip on her hand and drank the dew on the lotus leaf.


Ming Ye walked out of the spiritual spring, but was unable to orient himself. A small hand tugged at his sleeve, pulling him towards a place. He followed her silently.

A True Lord without his five senses was worse than an ordinary mortal.

He knew deep down that he still needed to recuperate. 

But who is this person beside me? Such small bones, she must be a woman.

The first person who came to mind was Tian Huan, but Tian Huan lived in Shangqing. This place wasn’t like the Immortal Realm. He calmly used a few days to figure out that he was in a quiet and secluded small bamboo forest.

She wasn’t Tian Huan so he suddenly thought of the clam sprite3精 (jīng) – Refers to a plant or non-living thing that hasn’t become a demon or immortal during their cultivation process but has some magical power. For instance, ginseng sprite, tree sprite, etc. Their magical power is slightly lesser than demons, but they are also more benevolent than them. They like to confuse people but aren’t very harmful to them. They can move around during the day and night. (Source: Sohu) PS: Demons, devils, ghosts, monsters, sprites and spirits are different. If you want a further explanation, you can comment below or ask me in Discord..

The clam sprite born from the Mo River with low spiritual energy. She didn’t look like someone who could pull him out of the weak water, she didn’t have that ability.

And she……was stubborn and unruly.

Ming Ye didn’t have the slightest interest in the Clam Clan, and he also hated the little clam sprite with her impure six sense organs4六根 (liùgēn) – i.e. eye, ear, nose, tongue, body and mind; six root sources of sins

Not being able to guess her identity, he didn’t know how to treat her.

But she was very happy just knowing that he could simply perceive things. Sometimes, she would lead him out and let him touch the flowers in the forest.

Her soft fingers nudged his palm——


“It smells good. When you get better, you’ll be able to smell it. ”

Sometimes she would steal nectar from wasp nests and would get stung to the point of wailing. Although he couldn’t see or hear, when she wouldn’t let him pull her hand, he knew that she’d been stung.

After that, the nectar would be made into spiritual dew and she would feed him as if nothing had happened.

There was a strange feeling in his heart, dense and continuous, making him feel suffocated. The next time she went out, he held her hand, “Don’t go anymore.”

She was stunned and withdrew her hand out of instinct.

Just when Ming Ye thought she was leaving, his face was gently touched. It was very light and brief, so light that it was almost unnoticeable.

She really didn’t go out and wove cloth in the courtyard.

Ming Ye curved his lips, how obedient…… 

After recuperating for such a long time, he would occasionally think of Shangqing that was filled with immortal mist, and the Great War of Gods and Devils that hasn’t ended yet.

I wonder how Shangqing is now? Will Tian Huan be able to guard the immortal domain without me?

But most of the time, he would think of her. He knew that she would lean on the window frame and boldly look at him. He sat cross-legged, and the wind blowing in from the window was mixed with the scent of her hair. She didn’t realise itl and thought that she’d concealed herself well.

He hid the smile in his eyes and pretended he didn’t know, concentrating on his cultivation.

Sometimes, she would deliberately move close to him, because Ming Ye couldn’t see. At first, he would always bump into her. He was quick to react and always managed to catch her in time after bumping into her. But when it happened more often, he understood what was going on.

He thought this bad habit was too crude and simply avoided her.

But those next few days, she seemed very sad and would only lean against his window for a while then leave.

Ming Ye paused. She’s unhappy.

After who knows how many days of Su Su being downcasted, one day, Ming Ye bumped into her again. His lips just happened to crash into her forehead.

She looked at him blankly and heard him say in a cold voice, “I’m sorry.”

She covered her face, “I-it’s alright.”

The Clam Princess ran out of the bamboo forest with a flushed face and rolled several times in the clear spring.

Ming Ye sat down cross-legged and lightly touched his cold lips.

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