Black Moonlight Holds the BE Script

Chapter 42.1 Divine Core

It wouldn’t be easy to kill Tian Huan. Su Su’s body was already extremely weak from jumping into the weak water.

The Clam King’s Palace had existed for thousands of years. They used to not be this weak before. Su Su picked all the pearls up and walked into the palace.

The deep sea was a beautiful blue, but the Clam King’s Palace in front of her was filled with lingering black Qi.

She dove to the bottom of the river, pushed aside the water grass below, and a wordless tablet came into view. The riverbed shook violently when Su Su pushed it down. She got up from the ground, and after hesitating, she dug down.

The Water Immobilising Seal was quietly lying at the bottom of the pit.


Su Su picked up the Water Immobilising Seal. When she’d seen it as a child, it was glowing with a faint purple light. The water of Mo River had been clear, and fishes and shrimps swam all around. Clam King said, “Sang You, Sang Jiu, this is the Water Immobilising Seal. We clams are born with a demon body, but because of this divine weapon, Mo River is stable and prosperous and our path to cultivation can be even smoother.”

With the Water Immobilising Seal, Mo River would be a clean immortal river, but without it, it would become a demonic river with rolling black water.

Su Su flipped the Water Immobilising Seal over, the originally complete Water Immobilising Seal was empty in the middle. Its divine core was gone.

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That was the first time the Clam Princess saw Tian Huan. She was wearing a light blue flowy dress, looking extremely pretty.


Sensing the increasingly thick devilish Qi, Clam Princess hesitated for a moment, then opened her clam shell, bringing the two of them to hide in the Mo River. 

Tracking marks had been placed on them. Clam Princess hid them well and turned back to lure the devil army away by herself.

She transformed into human form and quickly swam in the Mo River. After the devil army lost her, Clam Princess immediately went back, not expecting the bottom of the Mo River to be brightly glowing.

Clam Princess was shocked and hurriedly ran over, only to see the divine core of the Water Immobilising Seal entering the body of the sleeping Ming Ye.

“No!” She ran to Ming Ye, but it was too late.

Clam Princess shook Ming Ye, “Give it back to me! Wake up! Give the divine core back to me!”

Ming Ye was surrounded by a faint white light, ignorant and unconscious, while Tian Huan was lying on the ground, also having fallen into a coma.

Clam Princess never expected that Tian Huan would bring Ming Ye out of their hiding place and to the wordless tablet. Ming Ye had a special physique and had unexpectedly1阴差阳错 (yīnchā-yángcuò) – (idiom) due to an unexpected turn of events; mistake or error due to a strange combination of circumstances devoured the divine core of the Water Immobilising Seal.

Clam Princess didn’t know who to blame. Ming Ye had unintentionally devoured the divine core and Saint Tian Huan, who knew about the situation, was unconscious.

She brought them home, hoping to protect the Immortal Lord who had fought for the mortal realm day and night2不眠不休 (bùmiánbùxiū) without stopping to sleep or rest – an idiom for three months, but she’d unexpectedly harmed the Clam Clan.

The loss of the divine core sent the Mo River into turmoil and alarmed the entire Clam King’s Palace. Clam King angrily rushed over and raised his hand, wanting to kill Ming Ye and Tian Huan.

Remembering the figure in the sky, who refused to take even half a step back, she knelt down and begged her father for the first time in her life.


It was her mistake. She shouldn’t have brought Ming Ye and Tian Huan home.

Clam Princess was born with the ability to purify water sources. She endured the excruciating pain of shaving off her own spiritual marrow to calm Mo River down. The whole river was suffused with white light, and Sang You was angry and heartbroken. Even so, her spiritual marrow could only protect Mo River for ten years.

Clam Princess curled up in her clam and softly muttered, “Don’t kill him. He didn’t do it on purpose. He has been protecting the mortal realm.”

Clam King was silent for a long time, and when even Sang You thought that the Clam King would kill Ming Ye, he let out a deep sigh.

The divine core had already merged with Ming Ye’s body, so killing him would still be useless.

In order to help him atone for his sins, Sang Jiu had shaved off her spiritual marrow, and she would no longer have a chance in the Great Dao in this life. Ming Ye, who had obtained the divine core instead, would now have a smooth cultivation and might be able to become a god.

Naturally, Clam King had also seen the sight of Ming Ye fighting with the great demons for Mo River and the mortals behind him.

The Clam Clan couldn’t kill Ming Ye, they couldn’t kill a warrior.

Clam King guarded his weak daughter, who was in her clam shell. He held back his sorrow and coldly said, “You can save him. He comes from Shangqing. He might be a god in the future. I want him to protect the peace in my Mo River for eternity with his divine power. Shangqing has an immortal weapon, the relic. Every ten years, you should borrow it to bring back and pacify the river area. If you can do that, I’ll let them go.”

Clam Princess nodded her head.

Clam King stroked her hair and said, “Go and kneel in front of the wordless tablet, until he comes to marry you.”

She knelt down in front of the wordless tablet for a long time, and personally buried the Water Immobilising Seal without the divine core under the tablet. The fishes and shrimps in the river came to find Clam Princess and saw her palely kneeling in front of the wordless tablet.


Because in order to save someone, she lost the Water Immobilising Seal;

In order to let True Lord Ming Ye live, she no longer had spiritual marrow and the chance to tread on the Great Dao;

Father forced Ming Ye to marry her, and from now on, her husband was destined not to love her;

She couldn’t tell everything to Ming Ye, there was no way she could tell him how many living spirits had died in the Mo River these days. The Great Dao was difficult. Only those who had not harmed or hurt people could go on with an open heart and forthrightness.

Ming Ye must become a god in order to protect the Mo River for eternity.

From the very beginning, in this love, she was the sacrifice. Clam King knew it, and so did Sang Jiu. Clam King held back his heartache and pushed his daughter out, in the hope that there would be a place for the little princess next to Ming Ye.

When he became a god, even if he only helped the little princess, who had no spiritual marrow, clear her turbid Qi once in a while, it would be good enough.

However, the Clam Clan had thought everything out, but didn’t consider that Ming Ye would be cold-hearted and solitary. For a hundred years, he didn’t love the Clam Princess at all. 

In the end, the “impartial3大公无私 (dàgōng-wúsī) – perfectly impartial/selfless” Saint Tian Huan had the immortal soldiers slaughter Mo River with the justification that Mo River was filled with demonic creatures.

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