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  • Black Moonlight Holds the BE Script

    Chapter 23 Ruthless

    Before Su Su was thrown into the storehouse, the last two talisman papers, pouch of soul immobilising nails, and even the bell on her waist, were found and taken away.

    This ship was Tantai Jin’s return vessel to the Zhou Kingdom, so even the dirtiest place was not that dirty. However, it was indeed very cold.

    The cold wind of the winter night blew in, like needles through one’s bones.

    Su Su couldn’t get rid of the black cloth over her eyes, so she moved to crouch behind several wooden barrels to block out the cold wind. The ship had already set sail.

    The storehouse was very far from the upper deck, and from the sound of the waves, it was clearly very windy tonight. Su Su shivered and felt like she was about to be frozen stiff. Tantai Jin threw her in here, so naturally, he wouldn’t care whether she lived or died.

    After confirming that there was no one around, Su Su laughed. 

    “Heavy fire, burn!”

    The last sheet of talisman paper flew out from her collar. Luckily, no one searched here.

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    The sound of their footsteps was very light, they mingled with the scent of the wind and snow from outside, and finally stopped beside her.

    A soft sigh rang out. “Are you hungry? Have something to eat.”

    Su Su could recognise that she was that “Madam.”

    The woman put down a meal box and pushed the food to Su Su’s lips. Su Su looked away, “Who are you?”

    The woman said, “Don’t worry, I won’t harm you for now. You’re still useful to His Highness. Before we reach Zhou Kingdom, I won’t let you die.” 

    “What happened to the Zhou Kingdom?”

    The woman paused, “I can’t tell you this.”

    A cold breeze poured in, and the woman gathered her fox fur coat around her. Su Su felt that she was being observed.

    “I’ve heard that His Highness has someone he likes in Xia Empire, and she’s a kind lady who has given him a lot of help. That person isn’t Third Miss Ye, right?”

    Su Su thought to herself, I’m indeed not. The original owner had never treated him with respect. The person in front of her seemed to care about Tantai Jin and knew him very well.

    Seeing that Su Su didn’t speak, that woman methodically said1一板一眼 (yībǎn-yīyǎn) – literal meaning: one strong beat and one weak beats in a measure of music (two beats in the bar); Meaning: following a prescribed (or set) pattern in speech or action/scrupulous and methodical, “Although you’re His Highness’s wife, you insulted and trampled on him. Even if you weren’t Ye Xiao’s daughter, you couldn’t escape death.”

    “Are you scolding me for his sake2鸣不平 (míng bù píng) – complain of unfairness/protest unfairness?” Su Su said, “I’m too vicious, so I certainly can’t be compared to your Highness’s beloved. If you want to see me regret it, that’s probably impossible. If Madam isn’t willing to tell me about the situation in the Great Xia and Zhou Kingdom, Madam should return.”

    Su Su smiled, “I don’t have an appetite. As Madam can see, I’m very dirty and the storehouse is really cold. If you really pity me and are afraid that I’ll die, why don’t you find me some thicker clothes.”

    Seeing her being so stubborn and unrepentant, the woman unhappily said, “As expected of the daughter of that old man Ye Xiao! Since His Highness has asked you to stay here, you should atone for your sins.”

    She got up and left. 

    As soon as she was gone, Su Su threw away the rope and black blindfold. On the floor, there was a meal box with some food in it which looked pretty appetizing. Although she was hungry, she didn’t dare to eat what they had brought.

    Too bad I didn’t see who that “Madam” was.

    Su Su covered her stomach and pursed her lips. What did she3That “Madam” come here for? Was it to see what kind of vicious woman Tantai Jin had been forced to marry in Great Xia, or to simply ridicule me, wanting me to repent for abusing him in the past? Whatever the reason is, I won’t accept it. 

    She lightly climbed out of the storehouse, hid herself, and observed the situation.

    Su Su acted with utmost caution. She could see that although Tantai Jin’s men numbered only a few, they were highly skilled in martial arts and could fight off ten men each. Even a little sweeping maidservant seemed to have very light strides, which obviously revealed that she knew martial arts.

    Su Su didn’t dare to go to the upper level, so she could only move back and forth in the middle level.

    She was starving, so she followed a maidservant to the kitchen and hid for a while. Only after everyone on the ship had fallen asleep did Su Su choose some edible food to eat.

    Su Su took a few flame sticks4 Source: from the kitchen and wrapped them in oil cloth to save just in case. Her divine fire spell was gone, so perhaps the flame sticks could be useful instead. She wanted to look for weapons, but Tantai Jin’s men wouldn’t leave those kinds of things lying around. She could only leave and go to the stern to have a look. 

    On the wide river channel, the ship sailed in the middle, far away from the heavy snow-covered banks. Su Su calculated the distance and sadly discovered that since she couldn’t fly on a sword, she couldn’t get over. If she chose to swim, she would freeze to death before she could get to shore.

    She was very stressed. How can I run away now? This is all that seven-tailed fox’s fault.

    I don’t know if the seven-tailed fox will look for Second Brother once he returns. Catching the demon this time was simply trying to gain an advantage only to end up worse than before5偷鸡不成蚀把米 (tōujībùchéngshíbǎmǐ or tōujībùzháoshíbǎmǐ) – literal meaning: try to steal a chicken only to end up losing the rice used to lure it. It can also mean to go for wool and come back shorn..

    Su Su was unable to fly or swim, so she could only return to the storehouse. It was almost dawn. It would be bad if someone discovered that she had left. 

    She shrank into the corner defeatedly, reasoning that she had no other choice other than to wait until the ship crossed the bay channel. When it was closest to shore, she would try to escape by diving into the water.


    The woman slowly walked over. Smelling the blood in the air, she frowned and asked, “What’s going on?”

    “Madam, this morning, this servant sent clothes to His Highness,” the servant girl looked frightened, “But I saw His Highness, he……” She didn’t dare continue.

    The “Madam” said, “You can leave.”

    The servant girl saluted, then fearfully stumbled away.

    Hesitating for a while, the Madam finally pushed open the door and saw Tantai Jin sitting cross-legged.

    There was a huge cage in front of him, and held inside was a large wolf demon. It was chained, unable to move, and was howling desperately.

    The sky outside was pale grey, and the surface of the water was covered with a light mist. The young man with black hair and red lips reached out his hand and pulled out the wolf demon’s inner core. It twitched a few times before it stopped breathing.

    Tantai Jin swallowed the inner core without raising his head, then wiped his hands with a handkerchief. “You are here, feel free to sit down.” His fingers were long, cold, and slender, with distinct joints. As the blood was wiped away little by little, his jade-like fingertips became paler and paler.

    In front of him there were several similar metal cages. There was even a bloody skeleton whose bones were already cold. Even though she had seen such a scene before, the Madam still felt sick to her stomach.

    Tantai Jin opened his hand and a lump of black Qi gathered in his palm. A bright light emerged in his eyes. However, after just a short moment, the black Qi disappeared.

    The smile in his eyes vanished and was replaced by an icy cold glint. 

    “It’s still not enough.”

    As the Madam looked at the wolf demon’s corpse, she couldn’t help but advise, “Your Highness, since this method isn’t working, why don’t you find another way?”

    “Other way?” Tantai Jin slowly pondered over those few words and said, “I can’t practice martial arts, my innate bone structure is unusually weak, and my lungs were injured at birth. I don’t know how many years I can live. Aunt Lan An, can you think of other ways?” 

    At those words, he covered half of his face and started to laugh. “Look at you. Why is your expression so bad? Aunt Lan An, could it be that you’re afraid of me too? Thinking that this method is immoral.”

    The woman’s gentle face went pale, just like when she had “abandoned” Tantai Jin back then and left. Lan An hurriedly replied, “Your Highness, Lan An certainly won’t be afraid of you. Whatever you want to do, I’ll help you.”

    “As long as Your Highness requires it, not just a few mischievous demons, but even great demons, will be found by the Night Shadows for Your Highness.”

    Tantai Jin nodded in satisfaction. 

    “Of course I believe in Aunt Lan An. You’ve proven your loyalty. I certainly won’t treat you badly. You don’t need to pity them either,” he said, “All living things in the world are equally dirty. Demons that can’t protect themselves will end up like this sooner or later. I’m just sending them on their way earlier.”

    “Your Highness is right.”

    Tantai Jin looked at his hands, “Of course, I’m just as filthy as they are, having absorbed so many inner cores, I’m incorrigibly dirty.”

    Lan An felt sorrowful and grieved in her heart. Over the years, she had occasionally questioned her decision back then. However, once you start something, there’s no turning back6开弓没有回头箭 (kāigōngméiyǒuhuítóujiàn) – literal meaning: once you’ve shot the arrow, there’s no getting it back. It can also mean to have to finish what one started/to be determined to reach one’s goals in spite of setbacks. Since she had decided to raise a demon, she really couldn’t watch him die. Her life belonged to Imperial Concubine Rou. Since she wanted him to live, she, Lan An, would make sure of it.

    Originally, the imperial physician said that the Little Highness couldn’t live more than ten years, but he had now come of age by relying on demons’ inner cores. Although it was a wrong path, he still had to take it.

    Lan An could only hope that Tantai Jin would grow stronger and stronger. Even if he was cold-blooded, heartless, and selfish. No matter how, he must continue living.

    Lan An looked at Tantai Jin’s handsome side face and suddenly said, “This ship has been travelling for two days, and today is already the third day. I heard that Your Highness didn’t get along well with Third Miss Ye in Great Xia.”

    Tantai Jin’s action of wiping his fingers paused, “What are you trying to say?”

    “Lan An wants to say that what Third Miss Ye has done to Your Highness all these years is enough for Your Highness to cut her to pieces. However, Your Highness had only locked her up for two days. You’ve thrown her into the storehouse and done nothing.”

    The atmosphere fell into an awkward silence.

    Tantai Jin said, “How funny. Lan An, you don’t think that I’ve developed feelings for her, do you?”

    Lan An didn’t say anything. Although this was a ridiculous assumption, Lan An still couldn’t help but think this way.

    She had raised the young man in front of her, and was the person who knew him best in the world. He would look at her with his pitch-black pupils and ask her, puzzled, “What is life? What is death? If there is reincarnation, death is life.” “I only sent them to be reborn. Aunt Lan An, why are you crying?”

    Tantai Jin was born cruel yet unaware of it.

    When he was young, he caught a butterfly and tightened his hand little by little, watching its wings shatter.

    But Tantai Jin didn’t kill the butterfly that polluted his food. In the end, the butterfly that lost its wings was left soaking in sewage, slowly dying and losing its breath at some unknown hour of the night.

    When Lan An walked in, the boy was nibbling at the contaminated food. He innocently pointed to the butterfly and said, “Look, I’ve learned to forgive.”

    However, was that forgiveness? No, it was even more contemptuous and mockingly cruel. Lan An didn’t know how many times she had said to him that he couldn’t do something, that this wasn’t right, that doing these things were considered monstrous. He would look pensive, and gradually, learn an even smarter and more hypocritical way to achieve his desired goal.

    When Lan An first met Su Su two days ago, she thought that Su Su would end up like that butterfly, and wanly disappear from this world in some painful way on some nameless night.

    However, that lady was still living well. 

    Lan An: ……

    When she went to the storehouse this morning she saw Third Miss Ye curled up in the corner, both her arms were wrapped around herself, her little face was dirty and she was sleeping soundly. 

    The ship had been sailing for two days and was almost out of Great Xia’s border, but Tantai Jin didn’t kill her or humiliate her. He had caught the butterfly, but he just placed “it” there and didn’t quite dare to touch “its” “wings”.

    Ye Xi Wu’s appearance had put his cruelty on hold. However, for Lan An, this was not good news. From the moment the Emperor of Zhou Kingdom collapsed, what awaited Tantai Jin would be endless killing, so he shouldn’t have feelings at such a time.

    Tantai Jin frowned and said, “I really hate this thinking of yours.”

    He pressed his chest, his heart beneath his palm, and it was beating unhurriedly, beat by beat, cold, hard and ruthless. Why would Lan An have such ridiculous speculation? How foolish. 

    “Tomorrow, the ship will cross Jiayu Pass,” he smiled, “I’ll show you a good show.”

    I will prove to you that I don’t like her.


    The author has something to say:

    Lan An: Why aren’t you dead yet?

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