I Reincarnated and Became Friends With the Black Lion Prince! I’ll Make Him Change His Unhealthy Eating Habits So I Won’t Get Eaten by Him.

6 years old 9 Part 2. The black lion prince has overcome white rice.

Translator: Michiko

Editor: Lastinline

His Holiness took me and Faus to a pavilion in the garden to carry out the luncheon. 

I was nervous at the thought of what was to follow after eating the rice but it was just Faus incessantly recounting his recent experiences. 

That he had eaten carrots and onions in the hamburger steak. 


About how I almost got burned while trying to make rice balls. 

As for studying, he said that arithmetic was interesting and that foreign language was boring. 

His Holiness nodded happily as he listened to Faus’ rambling. 

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His blue eyes stared at me as if he could see behind my glasses, straight into me. 


I hid behind Faus in a panic. I felt like I couldn’t let him look at me. 

Faus raised his tail to protect me behind his back. 

“Uncle. Don’t bully Theo. The rice balls are mine. Here is yours.” 

He pointed to the plain white rice. I guess he really had no intention of giving His Holiness the rice balls. 

“Can’t you at least give me one?” 

“Uncle, you already ate one. The rest is mine. Theo, Theo! Feed me more. I want the ones with meat inside.” 

“I also don’t know which one has meat in it. I put meat and small pieces of fish in them.” 

“Fish! Theo, I also like fish!” 

Maybe he liked fish just like cats did because lions belonged to the cat family. 

Faus still tried to put my fingers in his mouth while saying, “Fish! Fish!” 

Were you too hungry? Did my fingers taste good? 

When he put my whole finger in his mouth, I could feel his small tongue licking it, which tickled me a lot. 


When I laughed because it was ticklish, Faus got carried away and licked me more and more. 

My back started to tingle and I felt kind of embarrassed like I was doing something wrong. 

“You guys are really close. I can’t stay any longer so I am leaving now. Faustelaude, take good care of Theodore-kun.” 

Saying this, His Holiness stood up in the middle of the meal. 

He told us to finish our meal and really left. He seemed to be a busy person. 

In the pavilion, in addition to the rice balls I had made, there were various other items such as rare fruits and juices made from honey and fruit juice mixed with water. 

Faus, who had a hearty appetite, continued to eat without reservation. I was also able to join him. 


Faus, who put my fingers and rice balls in his mouth and licked them, finally pushed me down and hugged me. 

I wondered if he thought I was his cat or dog because he rubbed his cheeks against mine. 

His soft, fluffy jet-black hair and round ears tickled my cheeks. 

His round ears were adorable. I wished I could touch them at least once, I thought to myself as Faus held me down. 


“Theo. I can eat rice now.” 

“Yes, you’re right.” 

“I can do anything as long as I have Theo.” 

I thought anything was an overstatement. 

My capabilities were not that great in the first place. I just knew a few different things because of my past life memories. 


I was happy that he acknowledged me. 

“I am glad to hear you say so.” 

“Theo. Theo. Show me your red eyes.” 

Before I could agree, Faus had taken away my glasses. 

I squinted as the intensity of the light suddenly increased. 

The pavilion was shadowed, so it wasn’t painfully bright. 


“You’re cute, Theo. Your beautiful red eyes and your listless face. Every part of you is cute. Always stay by my side from now on.” 

Faus’ eyes were serious as he told me this. 

His golden eyes stared at me sharply. 

Always by his side. 

My cheeks slowly began to heat up. 

I knew my face was flushed. 

It would mean serving Faus for the rest of my life. 

I kept getting shown the path to live for him, ever since I was given the position of the prince’s study mate and studied together with him. 

I didn’t just want to cook food that would fix Faus’ picky eating habits, I wanted to be by his side with all that I could offer. 

Next to Faus, who was brave enough to stand up to his brother for me. 

Next to the willful Faus, who immediately ran away from things he didn’t like. 

“Yes. Faus-sama. I will always be by your side.” 

As soon as he heard my reply, Faus hugged me tightly. 

Faus’ tanned skin was hot. 

I hesitantly hugged him back. 

I felt that I would be forgiven even if I did so now. 

It would not be an easy road for me, a commoner. It would be hard for me to keep up with him with my frail body compared to that of the beastmen’s. 


I wanted to be by the side of a willful, free, but brave prince. 

I wanted his golden eyes to reflect me. 

“Theo. Theo. Can I bite your nape?” 


Faus whispered as if it were very important. I nodded, carried away by the enthusiasm of Faus. 

“Theo. You’re bright red. So cute.” 

Faus’ hand moved my hair aside. 

Without hesitation, he bit down on me. 

“It huーrts!” 

I screamed in reflex. 

It hurt so much that my eyes stung with tears. 

It hurt so much that I thought he was going to bite my flesh off. 

“D-does it hurt? I’m sorry, Theo! I went overboard.” 

“What are you doing all of a sudden!? It hurts.” 

“Theo. Because, because you said I can bite you. You promised you would always be by my side.” 

“I’ll be by your side! I’ll always be by your side until you say you don’t need me, Faus-sama! But please don’t bite me. It hurts a lot.” 


His golden eyes became wet with reproach and sadness, but I resolutely refused to be bitten anymore. 

Because it hurt so much. 

I probably had teeth marks on me. I wondered if it would fade without a problem. 

I had no idea what it meant for a beastman to bite the nape or what it meant to have teeth marks, but from that day on, I became Faustelaude’s.

TN: I am sorry for not updating for a long time. I took a break due to my health issues but when I recovered, there was a power outage issue. My place used to get electricity 16 hours a day but it has changed to 12 hours and 12 hours includes night time so I was busy doing housework when there was electricity that I couldn’t spare time to translate. The power outage issue might get worse so I couldn’t promise anything. But I am still going to translate BLP as Theo and Faus’ cuteness heals me. Sorry for the long wait and enjoy reading.

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