After Sleeping With Her Childhood Sweetheart

Chapter 71. F*cked to Death and Volunteering to Squ*rt into the Mirror (h)

It was too humiliating.


It was also too much.


F*cking her in front of a floor-to-ceiling mirror was already out of line, so why did she have to be incontinent?



The urine spilled not only on Qi Yin’s body and Ji Liucheng’s d*ck, but also on the floor mirror. The water stains were reflected on the transparent mirror. It was so obvious that Qi Yin couldn’t ignore them even if she wanted to.


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“You’re so tight, Yin Yin, especially when you were f*cking and pissing just now. Your little tender p*ssy underneath was biting my d*ck so tightly ……”



“Shut up, shut up ~ mmmm …… ah! Don’t say it, you’re not allowed to say it ……”


“Why not? Yin Yin, you don’t even know how beautiful you were just now and how soulful your little sl*t was ……”


“Shut up,” Qi Yin still couldn’t accept it, “it’s obviously dirty ……”


She hadn’t peed anywhere other than the toilet at all since she peed the bed when she was a child, but just now she had peed because of Ji Liucheng’s f*cking …… surprisingly ……


“It’s not dirty. Dirty what? Yin Yin is clean everywhere.”


“Mmmm ……”



“Relax baby, I don’t want to c*m yet. I want to keep f*cking your sl*tty p*ssy.”


With that, he raised his hand and scraped the tears from Qi Yin’s cheeks.


Qi Yin smacked his hand away and continued to cry, “Pull out, you’ve humiliated me enough. Now  I need to go to the bathroom.”


Ji Liucheng moved his hand to the small of her back and said in surprise, “Didn’t you just finish peeing?”


Qi Yin was so ashamed that her face was smoking: “Of course not!”


She had just been f*cked to the point of incontinence, but because she was so ashamed, she held back halfway through ……



Because it was really too shameful and humiliating aaaaahhhhh!


Qi Yin couldn’t take it anymore. When Ji Liucheng wasn’t looking she pushed him away directly, letting that big hot d*ck separate from her p*ssy.


But Ji Liucheng immediately pulled her back again and pressed her against the floor mirror.


“Ji Liucheng, you’re going to rebel, aren’t you?”


“Baby, under the bed, you’re my princess. I do everything you say, but when it comes to getting f*cked, you’re my little sl*t,” Ji Liucheng said and held his d*ck, rubbing her wet p*ssy and thrusting it to the bottom. He ground the opening of her womb as he panted, “I’m going to f*ck you and you’re only going to take it. I’m going to f*ck you as much as I want. Understand? Do you understand?”


“I don’t understand! Ji Liucheng, am I spoiling you …… mmmm~” Qi Yin wanted to be mean, but as soon as the hideous fierce tool rubbed along her delicate p*ssy, her fierce words all turned into a delicate moan, “mmmm~ ah~”



“Be a good girl,” Ji Liucheng rubbed her belly and coaxed her, “it’s uncomfortable to only pee halfway. Pee all the way out and show me. I love to see you squ*rt.”


Especially being f*cked by him until you squ*rt.


“You pervert …… Ji Liucheng ~ mmm, you …… you pervert ……”


“Perverted or not, can’t I just give you a good f*ck?”


Said Ji Liucheng as he increased the speed, specialising in Qi Yin’s sensitive points.


“No, no ……”


“I’ll f*ck you good. I’ll f*ck you until you squ*rt, okay?”


“No good, um …… no good ……”


“Sl*t! That means I’m not f*cking you enough!”


Ji Liucheng put his hands around the front, rubbing Qi Yin’s t*ts with one hand and lifting Qi Yin’s legs with the other. Then, he f*cked her p*ssy hard against the floor mirror.


“Raise your eyes and watch how I f*ck you!”


“No ……”


Qi Yin tried to refuse, but Ji Liucheng gave her n*pples a hard squeeze.




Qi Yin could only be forced to raise her neck.


The girl in the mirror was charming and coquettish, and her face was full of flirtatiousness at this point. She was saying no, but her body was swaying wildly. Her p*ssy had obviously been f*cked open countless times, but she was still sucking on his d*ck in a sultry and fawning manner. Her toes were curling and screaming with pleasure every time the hideous, huge thing broke through her p*ssy and penetrated to the bottom.


“Mmmm… ah!”


Why was Ji Liucheng’s d*ck so big and hot? How could she possibly withstand such a large, hot, hard d*ck pounding repeatedly into her p*ssy like an electric motor?


The pleasure piled up and the waves of desire surged. Finally, when Ji Liucheng lifted her legs, held her in a child’s urine position, and pushed her right up to the bottom of her womb, she climbed to the top and climaxed once more.


But it was not enough.


Ji Liucheng f*cked the opening of her womb, licked her earlobe, and began to seduce again, “Yinyin, your little sl*tty p*ssy is already squirting. Now, don’t hold back even in front, squirt for me, okay?”


Qi Yin tried to refuse, yet the hot d*ck was grinding repeatedly right at her womb, driving the already org*smic woman to the top of another wave.


“I like to watch all of Yinyin. I like it,” Ji Liucheng panted raggedly in her ear as he nailed her, “I’ll f*ck Yinyin’s womb open and c*m in it, and Yinyin will squ*rt for brother to see, okay?”


This time Qi Yin didn’t refuse, she leaned her neck and panted, “Ah~”


He lifted both of QiYin’s legs and thrust hard, and as he did so, QiYin finally peed in the mirror with a scream as he f*cked QiYin’s womb open.


She peed.




P*ssing into the mirror, of her own accord ……


This time, not only was her mouth salivating and her p*ssy tingling with nectar, but she was even squ*rting urine from her urethra…


But obviously, it was such a humiliating thing to do, yet she felt so good.


Especially when Ji Liucheng stuck his hand in her mouth and ej*culated in her womb. Her mind went blank as she squ*rted in three places. Her entire body felt like she was stepping on a cloud. She felt like being on the edge of dying and coming back to life, reaching a kind of extinction org*sm that she had never had before!


“Ahh ~ ……”


So this is what it feels like to be in lust?

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