After Sleeping With Her Childhood Sweetheart

Chapter 72. Submissive Outside of Bed, but Aggressive in Bed.

Qi Yin felt that she had been completely and utterly played out.


In the end, Ji Liucheng carried her to the shower to clean up, and later, he wiped the floor mirror. She was vaguely impressed, but completely unable to respond anymore.


The afterglow of this orgasm was so long that just enjoying the feeling of being in the clouds took so much effort on her part.



It was the ultimate in pleasure.


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But the scene from last night was still fresh in her mind.



The f*cking in the karaoke room, the squ*rting in front of the floor-to-ceiling mirror, she couldn’t forget it all.


So Qi Yin was relentless and gave him a big slap on the face.


“Get the f*ck out of here!”


Her voice was hoarse because she had been f*cked too much yesterday and her voice had broken.


Ji Liucheng was immediately distressed.


“Yinyin, I’m wrong ……”



Qi Yin did not want to pay attention to him.


“Do I kneel on the keyboard or on the rubbing board? If I can’t, kneeling durian is fine.”


Qi Yin kicked again.


The more submissive Ji Liucheng was to her outside of bed, the more aggressive he became in bed. She could see through it.


This time, Ji Liucheng really took a long time to coax the person. When the two were well and ready to go to school, they were bumped into by Su Xue, who came looking for them.





Su Xue raised her hand to hit Ji Liucheng, but Qi Yin couldn’t let go and went over to block Ji Liucheng.


“You silly girl.” Su Xue helplessly put the slap down and took Qi Yin to sit aside.


Ji Liucheng was still unclear as he poured juice for Su Xue and handed it over, asking puzzledly, “Aren’t you very busy? Why have you come over at this time?”


Su Xue now became angry when she heard Ji Liucheng speak, and without even drinking the juice, her beautiful eyes shot up and glared at him, “You still have the nerve to ask me, don’t you?”


Ji Liucheng still didn’t understand: “What’s wrong?”


Su Xue slowed her breathing. She looked at Qi Yin and asked Ji Liucheng again, “Did you guys do it?”



Ji Liucheng’s face heated up.


“Why are you asking this?”


Su Xue threw the car keys directly at his face, “And why am I asking this? How old is Yinyin? She’s only 17; how can you do that? Not to mention, what did you promise me before?”


“I didn’t promise you anything,” Ji Liucheng caught the car keys that Su Xue threw at him and sat down next to Qi Yin. “Not to mention that when we met with you last time, I was already sleeping with Yinyin.”


Su Xue: “And the reality of husband and wife?”


She wanted to hit Ji Liucheng even more. This son of hers had slept with a nice little girl. How could he still be so righteous?


“I am Yinyin’s first man. I have to be responsible for her after sleeping with her, and I will naturally marry her in the future,” seeing that Qi Yin’s face also changed, Ji Liucheng hastily put his arm around Qi Yin again and turned to her to add, “Of course I still want to marry you mainly because I like you. “


Qi Yin kicked him without a trace.


Su Xue looked at the young boy and girl flirting in front of her, and a feeling of not knowing what to say was born. She pressed her brow and looked at Qi Yin helplessly again, asking her, “Did Xiao Cheng force you?”


Of course he did.


For example, last night, she said no, but Ji Liucheng still insisted on continuing to f*ck. He insisted to continue to f*ck even if, and even forced her to spray urine in the mirror ……


But Qi Yin still shook her head and said, “No, auntie, I like Ji Liucheng and I had sex with him of my own free will.”


Su Xue was still worried: “Then did you take protective measures?”


Qi Yin froze for a moment.


Su Xue looked at Ji Liucheng again, “I’m asking you, did you …… wear condoms when you had that?”

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