After Sleeping With Her Childhood Sweetheart

Chapter 70. Slammed in Front of the Floor-to-ceiling Mirror and F*cked to Incontinence. (h)



Qi Yin’s little sl*t had long been f*cked by Ji Liucheng, and now as soon as the big d*ck plunged in, the wintry flesh inside pressed up pleasingly.


“So sl*tty.”



Ji Liucheng jerked his waist and rotated his d*ck inwards, asking as he did so, “How can Yinyin’s p*ssy be so sl*tty? It’s obviously taken a lot of c*m, but now it’s craving for more water. It’s still biting my d*ck and saying it hasn’t had enough and wants more.”


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Even if she seemed a little reluctant now, there was no denying that she was tingling with the pleasure of having her p*ssy pounded by such a huge thing, and she just wanted to be f*cked by that hideous rod all the time.



“Mmmm… ……”


Just as she was thinking that, Ji Liucheng’s glans poked her sensitive spot again. The thick pole stretched her p*ssy open and made her feel full of ample sensation.


“Was that good?”


Ji Liucheng picked up the pace and spoke with a ragged gasp.


Qi Yin no longer suppressed herself and cried out as she waved, “So good, I’m getting f*cked by a big d*ck ~ mmmm …… mmmm ~ ah ……”


Once again, Ji Liucheng’s fingers thrust into her mouth.



The index and middle fingers gagged QiYin’s moan and also flicked up her tongue and began to play with it with abandon.


And Ji Liucheng’s other hand lingered on her neck before moving to rub those full, puffy bre*sts. The n*pple beads were kneaded until they were hard, the t*ts were desecrated until they rose as if they had milk, and then Ji Liucheng moved his hand all the way down again. He peeled open Qi Yin’s lips and pressed directly onto that lovely little orb.


“Mmmm~mmm ……”


Her cl*toris was pinched.


Even the cl*toris was grasped in Ji Liucheng’s hand and played with liberally.


“Mmmm~ ah!”



It was really good!


With a finger in the top mouth, a big d*ck in the bottom mouth, and even her cl*t being stimulated by Ji Liucheng’s hand, Qi Yin was so excited that she tightened her p*ssy again.


“No coming so fast this time.”


Ji Liucheng hadn’t enjoyed enough, and seeing that Qi Yin was going again, he deliberately slowed down his thrusts. His glans deliberately avoided Qi Yin’s most sensitive spot.


“Don’t …… well ……”


Stop playing with her, give it to her, make her c*m quickly, ah.



“Hurry up and f*ck me,” Qi Yin pulled out Ji Liucheng’s fingers and reached out to stroke the intersection between them. She pressed his d*ck into her hole with a sharp gasp, ordering Ji Liucheng with a sob, “Stop dilly-dallying, I want you to f*ck faster, I want you to f*ck faster… …um ……”


Ji Liucheng took advantage of Qi Yin’s turn to kiss her lips, and at the same time, he pressed Qi Yin to the floor to ceiling mirror. Then, his d*ck began to f*ck her again.


Qi Yin was soon overwhelmed by this onslaught.


Her stomach was full and bursting at the seams, and it felt like something was about to spurt out uncontrollably.


It wasn’t even lustful water.


“Don’t, don’t ……” Qi Yin panicked a little as she tried to run away from Ji Liucheng, adding, “Wait, I suddenly want to go to the bathroom …… “




This was coming to a critical point. How can Ji Liucheng let Qi Yin go?


He picked Qi Yin up like that, in the position of a child urinating, facing the large floor-to-ceiling mirror.


As he f*cked, Ji Liucheng said, “Pee here if you want to.”


“No! I don’t want to ~ ah ……”


How can it be here …… how can ……


But Qi Yin was already nearing her breaking point, and Ji Liucheng pressed her belly again while f*cking her sensitive spots hard.


So when a wave of pleasure hit her, Qi Yin finally squirted out uncontrollably.


She was so f*cked that she was incontinent.

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