After Rebirth, I was Entangled by a Second Generation Rich Guy Again

Chapter 97

Meng Xinyu encountered a dilemma.

The dilemma she faced was evident on her face, and Ji Anning could tell at a glance.

“What’s wrong? You’ve been frowning all this time,” she couldn’t help but ask.

Meng Xinyu bit her lip, lifted her eyes to look ahead. Bai Lu sat a few rows in front with other roommates, keeping some distance from them.

“Bai Lu wants to borrow money from me,” Meng Xinyu said.


Ji Anning paused and asked, “Why does she need to borrow money?”

Meng Xinyu replied, “She can’t repay her loan.”

Ji Anning was surprised, “Didn’t she say she could repay it? It’s only been two months; how come she can’t repay it in the third month?”

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Kk Gddkdt kdiwkale, “Pke usw zlde kv vs bla?”

Meng Xinyu replied, “Not yet…”


Meng Xinyu wasn’t being stingy; she was just frustrated with Bai Lu’s reckless spending. At that moment, she had said angrily, “When spending money, why don’t you think about how to repay the loan when you don’t have any money!” and had refused to lend her any.

Now that her anger had subsided, Meng Xinyu began to worry that Bai Lu wouldn’t be able to repay the loan. The decision of whether to lend money to Bai Lu or not became a dilemma for her.

Ji Anning, hearing that Meng Xinyu hadn’t lent the money, breathed a sigh of relief and advised her, “You can’t lend her money.”

“But…” Meng Xinyu hesitated.

As they shared the same dormitory, Meng Xinyu’s emotional connection with Bai Lu was undoubtedly deeper than Ji Anning’s and Bai Lu.

Ji Anning questioned her, “If she doesn’t have money to repay the loan, how will she repay you?”

Meng Xinyu hadn’t considered this aspect at all and was momentarily stunned. After thinking for a moment, she said, “Maybe she will ask for money from her family?”

Ji Anning countered, “If she can ask her family for money, why doesn’t she directly ask for money to repay the loan?”

It suddenly became clear to Meng Xinyu. Bai Lu definitely didn’t dare to inform her family about the loan, so when she ran short of money, she had no choice but to borrow from her classmates.

“You lend her money, at most, give her a lecture. After all, there’s not much you can do to punish her. For her, this matter is easily resolved,” Ji Anning said. “But guess what? The next time she sees something she wants to buy, can she control herself?”

Meng Xinyu knew Bai Lu too well; she was certain that Bai Lu wouldn’t be able to restrain herself.

“I understand,” Meng Xinyu, who was inherently decisive, became firm once she grasped the situation. “I won’t lend her any money.”


After school, when Ji Anning returned home, Wen Yu hadn’t come back yet.

For over a month, he had been coming home late every Friday. Ji Anning thought it was work-related and didn’t inquire much about it.

After finishing her homework, she sat on the living room sofa with her laptop, surfing the internet. The door opened, and Wen Yu returned.

She greeted him, “You’re back.”

After saying that, she continued to focus on her laptop screen. A few seconds later, realizing that she didn’t hear Wen Yu’s usual sound, she looked up.

Wen Yu stood at the door, gazing at her with an expression that was somewhat dark and unclear.

Ji Anning asked curiously, “What’s wrong?”

Wen Yu gazed at Ji Anning.

She sat on the sofa, holding a laptop, dressed in the silk pajamas he had bought for her. She wore a spaghetti-strap tank top on the upper body and lace-edged shorts on the lower body. The soft sheen complemented her fair skin, giving off a warm and gentle appearance.

Her hair had grown quite long, cascading over one shoulder, revealing a delicate and slender neck, forming a beautiful curve.

Her slim and straight legs stretched out comfortably on the sofa.

Her posture seemed relaxed and content.


In his house, she lived a peaceful and joyous life.

Suddenly, Wen Yu let out a big sigh of relief.

Indeed, it was just a dream.

Another week passed.

The doctor had just finished a consultation, opened his schedule, frowned suddenly, and called his assistant, “Does Wen Yu have any appointments this week?”

The assistant checked and replied, “No.”

The doctor hung up and pulled up Wen Yu’s information, then dialed him.

Wen Yu was currently having a meal with Ji Anning. He saw the incoming call and stepped outside to answer.

“I don’t want to continue for now,” he told the doctor.

After witnessing the ending of that dream, Wen Yu found it utterly absurd. What was even more absurd was the overwhelming resentment he felt, almost ready to overflow.

He really felt like killing someone.

But how could he consider taking a life based on a dream? It was simply a joke. Wen Yu decided not to touch that dream for the time being.


He added, “I haven’t been having any dreams recently.”

The doctor didn’t insist and said, “Okay, come back if there are any developments.”


Meng Xinyu exploded because of Bai Lu’s situation.

“Do you know what? I didn’t lend her money; she went to borrow from Yang Jia,” she said.

As far as Ji Anning knew, Yang Jia wasn’t from Bai Lu’s dormitory.

“You think that’s all? No!” Meng Xinyu exclaimed. “Yesterday, when she wasn’t around, we were chatting in the dorm. Chen Yuyao said, ‘Why did Bai Lu borrow money from Yang Jia again? She hasn’t repaid the money she borrowed before!'”

It’s not over yet,” Meng Xinyu continued, “Turns out, Liu Kehan said Bai Lu borrowed money from her too!”

It turned out that Bai Lu had borrowed money from these two individuals in the previous and the month before last.

Meng Xinyu had a good reputation in both the class and the dormitory. She was actually afraid of Meng Xinyu’s lecturing, but since the other two roommates had already borrowed from them, Bai Lu had no choice this month but to seek help from Meng Xinyu.

Not only did Meng Xinyu scold her, but she also refused to lend her money.

Although the amounts Bai Lu borrowed were not very large, the nature of the situation was quite bad.

Both Meng Xinyu and Ji Anning were financially independent individuals and understood that Bai Lu’s financial situation was in serious trouble.

She borrowed money to patch up a hole, but the more she borrowed, the bigger the hole became.

They both tried talking to Bai Lu, but she evaded the conversation, always avoiding the issue.

When pressed about how much money she owed, she refused to disclose the details, always being evasive.

Her attitude left Meng Xinyu feeling disheartened. After some thought, they realized that they were just classmates and roommates; Meng Xinyu wasn’t Bai Lu’s mother, and she couldn’t really do much about it.

They simply didn’t want her to interfere, and their attitude was quite clear.

Meng Xinyu decided to wash her hands of the matter.

However, it wasn’t as if Meng Xinyu washing her hands of the situation meant that everything would be peaceful. This was destined to be a ticking time bomb, waiting to explode.

What they didn’t expect was for it to explode between Bai Lu and Chen Hao.

They had a big argument and subsequently broke up.

Ji Anning found out about their breakup from Wen Yu of all people.

“Bai Lu is trouble; try to have as little to do with her as possible,” Wen Yu warned her. “She and Chen Hao broke up.”

Ji Anning was surprised. Bai Lu was cute and charming, and Chen Hao really liked her. They practically started dating as soon as they met, and he cherished her, doing his best to fulfill her needs.

“What happened?” she asked.

Wen Yu gave a sarcastic laugh.

Since getting a girlfriend, Chen Hao had felt the financial pressure. His carefree student life had come to an end, and he began seriously considering his future.

In reality, Chen Hao found it challenging to secure a job in his field. After careful consideration, he decided to pursue some certifications that would be beneficial for future employment. This meant not only spending money on exam registrations and preparatory classes but also dedicating a significant amount of time and effort to studying and reviewing. He no longer had the luxury of time to take up part-time jobs. Moreover, he didn’t feel comfortable occupying a position arranged by Wen Yu and taking money from him. Therefore, he informed Wen Yu and ended the internship.1good boy

With a long-term perspective in mind, Wen Yu naturally supported Chen Hao’s decision.

However, with this change, Chen Hao found it challenging to financially support Bai Lu.

But Bai Lu knew that Chen Hao had a card.

This card was the budget for the boxing club. Wen Yu always allocated 100,000 yuan to the card at the beginning of each school year, intended for club members to use for gatherings and activities.

Bai Lu was well aware of this card in Chen Hao’s possession.

She set her sights on this card, thinking that Chen Hao could use the money to help her out. However, Chen Hao refused.

This disagreement led to a major argument between the two, ultimately resulting in their breakup.

Ji Anning realized that Bai Lu’s situation was getting serious, and if it continued like this, it could lead to significant problems.

She discussed the matter with Meng Xinyu, who was equally puzzled.

Essentially, Bai Lu was attempting to incite her own boyfriend to steal money from Ji Anning’s boyfriend.

Meng Xinyu also recognized the severity of the situation. Upon returning to the dormitory, she joined forces with the other two roommates to confront Bai Lu, demanding to know exactly how much money she owed.

The amount they extracted left Meng Xinyu feeling overwhelmed—Bai Lu owed sixty thousand!

For Meng Xinyu, sixty thousand was already a considerable sum. Of course, for Bai Lu, it was as well.

Bai Lu was distraught too, genuinely not understanding how she ended up owing such a large amount.

“At first, it was just to buy a bag. I signed an agreement, borrowed ten thousand, but only received three thousand in hand,” she explained tearfully. “Later, I spent it, and then bought a watch…”

Those loan agreements were deceptive. It wasn’t a straightforward borrowing of three thousand and receiving three thousand. The actual amount on the agreement was much higher than the cash received, and the repayment was based on that higher amount. Any delay would result in accumulating interest. Unscrupulous platforms would deceive students into signing new loan agreements, using the new loan to repay the original, making the hole even larger.

Unfortunately, for those students who receive the money, it feels as if the cash comes so easily—just a simple ID, and the money swiftly lands in their accounts. They don’t sense the heavy interest burden behind that money; it’s as if money is falling from the sky.

Their consumer desires repeatedly expand. Initially, it might be just for buying a bag or a phone, but quickly, like inflating a balloon, they want more.

By the time they realize it, they find themselves burdened with debt that a student is fundamentally incapable of repaying independently.

Bai Lu tearfully said, “I really don’t know what to do. I haven’t figured out next month’s money, and they’re already pushing me to sign a new agreement for another loan.”

Bai Lu also recognized the severity of the problem, which led her to contemplate using that card to quickly settle her debts.

“Please, I beg you, help me out, lend me some money…” she cried, her makeup smudged.

The roommates looked at each other, bewildered and unsure, not knowing what to do.

Only Meng Xinyu remained calm. She said, “What you should be doing now is not borrowing money from classmates. Your current living expenses are not enough to cover your monthly loan payments, right? If you borrow money from classmates, what will you use to repay?”

Tears streamed down Bai Lu’s face as she sniffled, “Then what should I do?”

Meng Xinyu said, “The only correct course of action now is to call your mom!”

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