After Rebirth, I was Entangled by a Second Generation Rich Guy Again

Chapter 96

Although the house had central air conditioning and was temperature and humidity controlled, summer always made people feel inexplicably restless.

Ji Anning spent some time in the small study in the bedroom area, working on her assignments. She got up, went to the kitchen to grab a bottle of drink, and upon second thought, she also grabbed a bottle of beer. She brought it to Wen Yu in the large study.

This house had two studies.

The large study was the formal one, with a big desk and bookshelves filled with various types of books.

The small study was in the bedroom area, separated from the bedroom by just a door. It had a simpler design, seemingly intended for the owner’s leisure.


Presumably, this was how it was arranged during the initial interior design. However, people are naturally lazy, and when something is close, why go to something far? Basically, since Ji Anning moved in, Wen Yu mainly used this small study.

The proper large study was used very infrequently.

Today, for some reason, he went to the large study.

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Wen Yu chuckled as he watched her escape, and she even remembered to close the door behind her.


Once the door was closed, Wen Yu’s laughter faded. He stared blankly at the two folders in front of him.

Inside the folders were the results of the investigation Old Xing had conducted initially—one for Ji Anning and one for Zhao Chen.

Wen Yu took them out again and carefully went through them once more.

However, just like Old Xing had analyzed at the time, there seemed to be no possibility of finding any intersection between these two individuals.

Wen Yu couldn’t help but bite his thumb.

According to the analysis of the psychologist, dreams are projections of reality.

Ji Anning had once provided him with information about her past entanglements, encounters with bad people, and her fear of Zhao Chen.

These pieces of information entered his brain, twisted and distorted, leading him to dream first of Zhao Chen harassing Ji Anning at Huada University and then of Zhao Chen attempting to use force against Ji Anning, who resisted fiercely.

Is that how it is?

In theory, it should be like that. It was Wen Yu who distorted the real information and created these dreams. These dreams were different from actual reality.

Wen Yu believed in the words of the psychologist because they sounded very scientific.

However, for some reason, he was deeply troubled by these dreams.


When he broke free from the first-person perspective in the dream, turned around, and saw the entire scene of that dream, his heart contracted painfully.

Ji Anning, in such a wretched state.

Struggling with all her might.

She seemed to understand what fate awaited her if she couldn’t escape.

Wen Yu couldn’t understand. In reality, he wouldn’t let Ji Anning suffer the slightest injustice. Why, in the dream, would he construct such a dangerous and difficult situation for her?

The doctor said that he would always wake up at this point because this dream was constructed by himself. Therefore, his subconscious knew the developments that would follow, and to avoid harm, he always made himself wake up to escape.

Wen Yu felt that the doctor’s explanation made a lot of sense.

Based on the scenes in the dream, without anyone’s help, Ji Anning was almost impossible to escape from Zhao Chen’s clutches.

So, if this dream were to continue… Wen Yu, even in his awake state, couldn’t imagine what would happen in the dream.

Each time, he made himself wake up, and it proved to be an effective way to avoid facing the dream’s challenges.

The doctor told him that, based on his descriptions, this dream had evidently not reached a true conclusion. He likely already constructed a complete or even closed story in his brain, similar to a movie.

The doctor hoped that next time, Wen Yu could try to overcome this point and continue the dream.


Wen Yu hesitated unexpectedly.

But the doctor didn’t press him; instead, he told him he had a week to consider. Of course, if this recurring dreaming issue could resolve on its own afterward, he might not need further treatment.

Wen Yu stared at the two folders in front of him for a long time, then opened a drawer, stuffed them inside, closed and locked it.

He got up and went to the small study.

Ji Anning had just finished her homework, standing in front of the table packing her bag. She turned her head upon hearing the sound, glanced at him, and said, “Are you done with work?”

Wen Yu responded with a “Hmm,” went over, and hugged her from behind, giving a kiss to her slender neck. He asked, “Finished your homework?”

Ji Anning had only uttered, “Done,” when Wen Yu’s hands slid to her waist, clasping them together tightly.

Ji Anning immediately understood what he wanted to do.

Despite having the intention to resist, Wen Yu was skilled in teasing, and she couldn’t escape the encounter on the hard desk.

When they finished, the sweat on the edge of the desk outlined the shape of a peach.

Ji Anning covered her eyes.

Wen Yu wanted to try breaking through that point without the doctor’s presence. However, he fell asleep embracing Ji Anning, and he slept soundly without any dreams throughout the night.


On the next scheduled appointment, Wen Yu visited the doctor again. After careful consideration, he shared this situation with the doctor as well.

“Sleeping soundly when I embrace her, no dreams at all,” he said.

The doctor nodded, saying, “Your anxiety originally arose from her, and the harmonious gender relations and stable emotions between you two evidently contribute to diluting the anxiety in your subconscious.”

The doctor’s words always sounded scientific and convincing, and Wen Yu had now developed a considerable level of trust in him. In the doctor-patient relationship, especially between a psychologist and a patient, this kind of trust is crucial.

In the end, Wen Yu decided to give it a try with the doctor’s assistance.

“Let’s see if I can stay asleep and continue this dream without waking up,” he said.

This time, entering the dream was much easier.

From the moment he saw the stairs, Wen Yu was already in the dream. As he raised his head, he saw Ji Anning running desperately barefoot, trying to climb up.

Her appearance was heart-wrenching. With a slight hesitation, she disappeared around the corner of the stairs, and immediately after, some men chased after her from below.

“She’s up there!” they shouted.

They passed through Wen Yu’s body, chasing after Ji Anning.

Wen Yu clenched his fists and followed.

The men reached the rooftop and found only one entrance. Instead of immediately searching for her, they called Zhao Chen and waited for him to come up.

However, Wen Yu knew where Ji Anning was hiding. He walked through the men’s bodies and headed there.

He followed the path Zhao Chen took. When he arrived, just like Zhao Chen, he turned his head and locked eyes with Ji Anning.

Like a trapped beast, a bit red but not giving up.

She tightly bit her lip, held her breath, and the joints of the hand holding the steel skewer turned pale.

Although she had never practiced combat or fighting, her entire body was tense, poised, driven entirely by instinctual survival instincts.

His Anning!

In a momentary distraction, Wen Yu suddenly saw Ji Anning’s facial expression change. The steel skewer was swung towards him.

Wen Yu, who had been trained in combat since childhood, quickly stepped back, revealing Zhao Chen’s body – Zhao Chen had arrived and stood where Wen Yu was standing. The steel skewer seemed to be aimed at Wen Yu’s face.

Wen Yu took a step back and stabilized his stance, realizing that the world had frozen again. No one moved, and blood didn’t splatter.

Wen Yu knew this was the crucial turning point.

This time, Wen Yu entered the dream with the purpose of letting it continue. However, at this moment, his palms were sweaty, his heart raced, and cold sweat formed on his forehead.

He clearly sensed that if he continued, something he didn’t want to see would undoubtedly happen.

He had mentally prepared himself before entering the dream and didn’t expect to resist like this. No wonder he woke up here every time.

But the doctor’s words echoed in his ears, saying, “To find out what your subconscious wants to tell you, you have to explore it in your dreams.”

Wen Yu’s palms continued to sweat. He clenched his fists, closed his eyes, and took a deep breath.

Then suddenly, he opened his eyes!

Everything started moving!

And the previously silent scene, as if the mute button had been turned off, suddenly had normal sound.

Wen Yu heard the sounds of cars passing on the road, the music coming from somewhere downstairs. The loudest, of course, was Zhao Chen’s miserable screams.

He screamed miserably as he fell backward.

Ji Anning jumped over him, swiftly passing through Wen Yu’s body. Wen Yu turned abruptly, watching as Ji Anning attempted to rush toward the stairwell but was restrained on the ground by Zhao Chen’s men.

His girl has a rebellious nature and innate tenacity. She wouldn’t easily give up. He saw her grab a broken piece from the ground and, turning around, smack it against one of Zhao Chen’s bodyguards’ faces.

That’s truly like her!

In the end, with no way to escape the encirclement of the men, she jumped onto the edge of the building.

“Don’t come any closer! Stay away!” she shouted hoarsely.

In her hands was only half of a broken bottle, and behind her lay more than thirty floors of open air.

In front of her were men filled with malice.

What could she do?

What was she supposed to do?

Wen Yu’s heart felt like it was being squeezed.

But he knew this was a dream, and these people were illusions; they could pass through his body. In this dream, he couldn’t help Ji Anning at all.

Wen Yu helplessly watched as the men approached, and Ji Anning, in fear, took a step backward.

Wen Yu still reached out his hand.

However, his hand was just an illusion for Ji Anning.

Or perhaps Ji Anning was just an illusion for Wen Yu.

He couldn’t stop anything. Ji Anning stepped into nothingness and fell backward.

Without hesitation, Wen Yu jumped after her, extending his hand.

Then, he woke up.

The doctor had been sitting by the bedside, occasionally glancing up to observe the patient. If it was time and the patient hadn’t awakened, he would shake the bell, pulling the patient out of hypnosis.

He glanced at Wen Yu and saw rapid eye movement beneath his eyelids, a manifestation of intense activity in the cerebral cortex.

Checking the timer, he noted that the patient had been in the dream for longer than the previous times he had been involuntarily awakened and the last time he had consciously startled himself.

As Wen Yu showed no sign of waking up, the doctor lowered his head to continue his notes.

After just two entries, the patient abruptly sat up on the bed.

The doctor, slightly surprised, looked up and met a pair of eyes.

As dark as ink, as crimson as blood.

Like they were about to kill someone.

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