After Rebirth, I was Entangled by a Second Generation Rich Guy Again

Chapter 88

Sure enough, Lao Xing said, “It should be related to your mother, Mrs. Cheng.”

Lao Xing visited some of the old staff at the psychiatric hospital. From a few old nurses, he learned that when Yang Bo’s mother was first admitted to the psychiatric hospital, although she was emotionally agitated, she probably wasn’t insane.

“She always cursed a woman, claiming that this woman had stolen her husband,” Lao Xing said. “She once went to catch her husband cheating, caught this woman, and even physically assaulted her. She also threatened to find this woman’s husband.”

Wen Yu felt a headache hearing this melodramatic story.

“So, Yang Yuan sent her to the psychiatric hospital for that?” he asked, rubbing his temples.


“Yes,” Lao Xing confirmed.

“So the woman who was accused of stealing her husband and getting beaten by her,” Wen Yu looked up, “was my mother?”

“Yes,” Lao Xing affirmed.

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The male assistant spoke with a mysterious tone, which carried a gossipy vibe. The female assistant asked, “What is it? Just tell me, don’t keep me in suspense.”


The male assistant said, “Our photography studio was acquired by a big boss, right? This big boss has never shown his face. Only Ma Ge and a few photographers know who he is, and they aren’t allowed to tell anyone. Guess who this big boss is?”

The female assistant’s curiosity was piqued, and she rapidly inquired, “Who is it? Is he a famous person?”

The male assistant replied, “Not exactly famous. But,” he continued, “you know him.”

This was quite surprising; the female assistant couldn’t believe that such a wealthy big boss was someone they knew. She playfully nudged him, “Come on, who is it? Just tell me!”

“Hey, don’t hit me!” the male assistant chuckled, lowering his voice and said, “It’s Ji Anning’s boyfriend!”

“Ha?” The female assistant gasped, “What? What did you just say?”

The male assistant grinned, “I said it’s Ji Anning’s boyfriend, Wen Yu.”

“Oh my god! This is like a fantasy! What’s going on?” The female assistant clutched her chest and asked.

“What else can be going on? He’s rich. When his girlfriend wants to become a model, he quietly bought the entire photography studio. And don’t tell Ji Anning! Understand?” The male assistant said with frustration.

“Wow! This is like a plot from a romance novel! Oh my god! How come I don’t have such an amazing boyfriend?” The female assistant screamed.

“Shh! Keep your voice down!” The male assistant hurriedly covered her mouth and shushed her, “Don’t talk about it, especially outside! The big boss doesn’t allow it. He’s afraid Ji Anning will get mad if she finds out!”

“I get it, I get it!” The female assistant said, but then she couldn’t help but feel envious and said, “Such a great boyfriend! Please, give me a dozen of those!”


The male assistant said, “Well, you’d have to lose at least fifty pounds first… Oh my gosh, you’re going to kill me!”

They both laughed and ran off.

With a creaking sound, the studio door swung open, and Ji Anning leaned against the door frame.

She stood there for a moment, imagining Wen Yu buying the photography studio in secret, and how he and Ma Ge would meet up, acting all nonchalant…

Doing something so full of CEO vibes really did sound like something Wen Yu would do.

Ji Anning shook her head and chuckled.

She realized her mindset had really changed. Hearing that Wen Yu had done something like this, she couldn’t help but find it funny.1I was going to say that. This is her biggest change. This was the kind of thing she ultimately detested before.

Later, when she was at home watching Wen Yu, she thought he looked kind of silly, and Ji Anning couldn’t help but let a smile creep across her lips.

Wen Yu was puzzled and touched his own face, saying, “Is there something on my face?”

Ji Anning, who was busy working, replied, “No, there isn’t.”

But her lips were unmistakably curved upwards.

They were both in a small study room in the bedroom area, sharing a desk.


On one side were Ji Anning’s textbooks and homework, and on the other were Wen Yu’s stack of folders and a laptop.

Wen Yu was actually quite busy, but seeing Ji Anning’s smiling lips, his thoughts began to wander.

As he continued to type on his keyboard, he stretched his leg over and stepped on Ji Anning’s foot.

Ji Anning kicked him and said, “Focus on your work! Don’t you have an early meeting tomorrow?”

Wen Yu reluctantly withdrew his foot.

Ji Anning asked, “How is the situation at the company now?”

“Rumors are flying everywhere, and some fools actually believe them,” Wen Yu said. “Don’t worry; we can stabilize the situation.”

He spoke with confidence, and Ji Anning nodded lightly while looking at him, saying, “Hmm.”

On Friday, Yang Bo brought a cake to visit his mother at the mental hospital.

He had made an appointment in advance, and when he arrived, the nurse reminded him, “No open flames allowed.”

Yang Bo acknowledged this and thanked her politely.

Xu Ying stayed in a single room with good conditions. She didn’t have a tendency to self-harm or violence, and her room was allowed to have some furniture, making it more comfortable. Unlike some patients with severe self-harming tendencies, whose rooms were empty with no furniture allowed.


Xu Ying sat by the window, staring blankly at the outside scenery. When Yang Bo entered, she didn’t react.

He walked over and called out, “Mom.” It was only then that Xu Ying turned around, her expression somewhat distant. Upon seeing him, she said with pleasant surprise, “You’ve come.”

However, Yang Bo knew that Xu Ying didn’t recognize him at all – she had mistaken him for Yang Yuan, who looked very similar to him, for several years now.

A pang of sadness welled up inside Yang Bo.

He placed the cake on the table and gently said, “Today is your birthday, so I came to celebrate it with you.”

A happy smile appeared on Xu Ying’s face, “You remember my birthday even with your busy work schedule. I’m lucky. You even seem a bit shy.” This girlish expression on her aged face was even more heart-wrenching.

The hospital didn’t allow open flames, so Yang Bo had to pretend with a few candles. Luckily, given Xu Ying’s mental state, she didn’t find it strange at all. She was completely immersed in her happiness.

Back then, she had been a factory worker with only a junior high school education, working in the county town. Suddenly, she caught the eye of “Big Brother Yang” next door, who had gone to university in the big city, had a promising future, and was incredibly handsome. He married her, and her life turned into this happiness.2This is really sad. I feel sorry for Yang Bo and his mom.

As Yang Bo fed her the cake, her happy smile was like a sharp knife thrust into his heart, releasing not blood but pure hatred.

Scoundrels and wicked women, they all deserved to die.

“Mom, do you remember that woman?” Yang Bo couldn’t help but ask.

The four words, “that woman,” seemed like a keyword that triggered something in Xu Ying.

“That woman, that woman…” Xu Ying’s face suddenly contorted, turning sinister. “Shameless! Seducing someone else’s husband! Broken shoes3like a harlot! I’ll kill you!”

Xu Ying flipped the table, and the cake fell to the floor as she became hysterical.

“Calm down, please calm down!” Yang Bo embraced her from behind, holding her arms tightly to prevent her from going insane. He told her, “That woman is dead!”

Xu Ying’s angry outburst came to a sudden stop.

She looked puzzled and asked, “Dead? How did she die?”

“It was me,” Yang Bo whispered close to her ear, telling her, “I killed her. She found out that Yang Yuan was keeping young women on the side, and she went crazy, wanting to kill him. Yang Yuan held the knife, and I held Yang Yuan’s hand, letting him personally stab her to death.”

“Do you feel avenged?” he asked his mother with a smile, his eyes filled with tears.

Years ago, Xu Ying had secretly followed Yang Yuan based on her woman’s intuition and caught him red-handed in bed with another woman. She rushed forward to confront and fight with Cheng Lian but ended up getting beaten by Yang Yuan instead.

In reality, she had no idea who Cheng Lian was, but she guessed that Cheng Lian was likely married based on her age, so she just threatened to find the harlot’s husband to scare her.

She was just bluffing.

She had no idea that this threat would hit Yang Yuan and Cheng Lian where it hurt.

She also had no idea what kind of polished and sinister monster she had married.

She was sent to a mental institution, and Yang Bo was sent to a boarding school. When relatives from her family came to visit her, Yang Yuan had made prior arrangements to have her medicated and injected, so the family members would only see a woman with a vacant, tearful expression.

Yang Yuan treated his wife’s family well, often providing them with money and goods, which raised no suspicions from anyone.

But Yang Bo harbored suspicions.

Yang Bo would sneak out of school, going to the hospital to see his mother, and she told him the whole story when she was coherent.

By that time, Xu Ying had realized what kind of person her husband was. Tearfully, she told Yang Bo, “Don’t let him know you’ve found out, don’t speak up for me. Focus on your studies and grow up well.”

She was afraid her husband would act cruelly, possibly harming their son in some way.

Yang Bo kept his feelings to himself.

Yang Yuan didn’t pay much attention to Yang Bo. He didn’t particularly like his wife, which extended to his feelings about their son. He had more than one child.

However, Yang Bo was the eldest son, older than Wen Yu by a few years, and he reached adulthood first. He also inherited his father’s intelligence, persevering through difficulties and studying hard. He managed to gain admission to a top university in the capital, ranking second nationwide.

Finally, Yang Yuan began to take him seriously.

His “business” involved many secretive matters that required the trust of reliable individuals. Yang Bo was, after all, his son and had always been honest and trustworthy. After Yang Bo graduated, Yang Yuan allowed him to assist with these matters.

Yang Bo worked diligently and put in a lot of effort, quickly earning Yang Yuan’s trust and growing more favored by him.

He had already determined who the “other woman” was, as described by his mother.

Perhaps due to her long confinement, Yang Yuan had nearly forgotten about her and openly introduced Yang Bo to Cheng Lian.

Inside, Yang Bo loathed them but had to maintain a facade of politeness, even addressing Cheng Lian as “Aunt Cheng.”

After being institutionalized for over a decade and continuously medicated, Xu Ying’s mental state deteriorated over time.

Yang Bo wished he could get her released, but with Yang Yuan and Cheng Lian around, that was nearly impossible.

Yang Bo even entertained thoughts of eliminating Yang Yuan, but these thoughts had not fully materialized yet. However, before he could act on these thoughts, Cheng Lian couldn’t tolerate the current situation any longer and went mad, demanding to leave Wen Guoan. This finally provided him with an opportunity for revenge.

“Mom, I’ll tell you…” Yang Bo grinned and said, “It’s quite satisfying! Very cathartic!”

The nurse, who had heard the commotion earlier, entered the room and scolded, “What’s going on? Don’t agitate the patient!”

Seeing the nurse administer a sedative to calm Xu Ying, Yang Bo turned his head and wiped his eyes.

Soon, he thought, once he’s done dealing with his current matters, he will get her out of this hellish place!

Sansukini: He’s in the wrong, but I totally empathize with Yang Bo. Wished he could have done his revenge differently, because his mom is so pitiful.

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