After Rebirth, I was Entangled by a Second Generation Rich Guy Again

Chapter 89

However, Yang Bo’s dreams were destined to be shattered.

After he left, the nurse glanced at the door, discreetly retrieved an item from a concealed spot, and made a phone call to Lao Xing.

In order to investigate Ji Anning and Zhao Chen, Wen Yu employed Lao Xing and expedited the conclusion of this matter.

The conversation between Yang Bo and Xu Ying in the hospital room was recorded with ultra-clear audio equipment.

When it was played for Wen Guoan, hearing how Yang Bo told Xu Ying about how he had killed Cheng Lian, even though Wen Guoan had heard it before, he couldn’t help but grit his teeth.


Wen Guoan remained silent for a while, sighed, and said, “There’s no need to drag this out any longer. Let’s leave it all to Lao Qian.”

Wen Yu rubbed his face, knowing that everything had come to the point of conclusion.

But he didn’t feel any satisfaction.

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No one thought much of it.


Sun Yaxian was absent from class for several days in a row. One day, as Ji Anning was leaving school, Sun Yaxian intercepted her.

“Anning, Ji Anning,” she stopped Ji Anning, “Do you have a moment? I’d like to talk to you.”

Her eyes were a bit red, she was attractive and neatly dressed, appearing vulnerable. Many people might have been swayed, but not Ji Anning.

Ji Anning responded coolly, “I don’t have time, find someone else.” She took a step forward and was about to leave.

“Hey, Ji Anning!” Sun Yaxian still stopped her, tugging at her sleeve, and softly pleaded, “I’m begging you, it’s something really important.”

Sun Yaxian had observed Ji Anning socializing with her friends like Meng Xinyu, and she thought that if she humbled herself and asked Ji Anning nicely, Ji Anning would surely relent.

However, Ji Anning’s heart was much harder than Sun Yaxian had anticipated. She replied, “Your issues have nothing to do with me.”

After saying that, Ji Anning cast a glance toward the roadside.

Assistant Gao was standing next to a car, and he had noticed this pretty girl a while ago, not realizing she was waiting for Ji Anning.

Both girls were of a similar age, and even though Sun Yaxian had held onto Ji Anning’s sleeve, it didn’t seem like they were going to fight. Assistant Gao decided not to intervene.

However, when Ji Anning signaled him with that look, he immediately stepped in between the two and asked, “Excuse me, do you have any business here?”

Even if there were any issues, they couldn’t be discussed in front of him.


Sun Yaxian hesitated and said, “I…”

But Ji Anning cut her off, saying, “It’s nothing. Let’s go.” With that, she walked toward the roadside.

With Assistant Gao standing between them, Sun Yaxian couldn’t pull Ji Anning back, so she could only watch as Ji Anning got into the car and drove away.

She bit her lip and left as well.

The car drove a distance, and Ji Anning looked back for a moment. She saw Sun Yaxian take a few steps and then suddenly bend over next to a tree pit, vomiting.

Ji Anning furrowed her brow.

Assistant Gao must have reported this incident to Wen Yu because when he got home that evening, he took a shower, changed into loungewear, and asked, “Did Sun Yaxian approach you today?”

“Yeah,” Ji Anning replied, sitting on the couch with her notebook and browsing online. “She said it was something really important. I ignored her. It’s not my concern.”

Wen Yu appreciated that Ji Anning didn’t easily give in, that she wasn’t a pushover. He said, “Don’t pay her any mind.”

But Ji Anning couldn’t shake the image of Sun Yaxian vomiting and asked Wen Yu, “Is she involved with Qian Haoran?”

Wen Yu replied, “How should I know? I haven’t seen Haoran for several days. We’ll ask him later.”

Ji Anning returned to her notebook and said, “Doesn’t really matter.”


The couch was spacious and comfortable, with plenty of room to spare. However, Wen Yu scooted closer and sat next to Ji Anning.

Ji Anning turned to look at him and asked, “Is there something on your mind today?”

Wen Yu said, “Huh?”

Ji Anning continued, “I feel like you’re a bit different from your usual self.”

“Is that so?” Wen Yu inquired. “How am I different?”

Ji Anning said, “Can’t quite put my finger on it. It’s not that you’re happy or unhappy, just something doesn’t seem quite the same.”

Wen Yu looked surprised, touched his face, and asked, “Is it that noticeable?”

“It’s not exactly noticeable,” Ji Anning replied. “I can just sense it.”

Wen Yu made a disapproving sound and rested his head on her shoulder, grumbling, “You’re practically a roundworm in my belly.”

Ji Anning smiled and turned her head back to continue using her computer.

After a moment of silence, Wen Yu, who was leaning on her, suddenly said, “The murderer who killed my mom has been found.”

Ji Anning’s hand paused, and she turned her head, only to see Wen Yu’s head resting on her shoulder.


“Are you upset?” she asked.

“Upset my foot,” Wen Yu said gloomily. “My mom basically killed herself.”

He continued, “Guess who the murderer is.”

Ji Anning didn’t hesitate and replied, “Yang Bo? Or Yang Yuan?”

Wen Yu sighed and said, “Both of them, together.”

Ji Anning fell silent.

One was his biological father, the other was his half-brother, and the victim was his biological mother.

Even if they were caught, there was no real happiness to be found in the situation.

Ji Anning asked, “When is your uncle getting out?”

“Tomorrow,” Wen Yu replied. “I’ll definitely get my dad out tomorrow. I can’t let him suffer in there any longer.”

In reality, with Qian Haoran’s third uncle looking after him and Wen Guoan’s older age, he received special treatment in prison and didn’t face much hardship, aside from the lack of freedom. Nevertheless, his release was good news.

“See, there are still things worth being happy about,” Ji Anning said, kissing Wen Yu’s forehead.

Wen Yu sighed, embracing Ji Anning, and said, “Let’s go, sleep, sleep.”

Early to bed and early to rise keeps the body healthy.

Wen Yu had another dream.

In this dream, he was doing much the same as he did in real life, deceiving the Yang family father and son. But unlike reality, in this dream, it was Wen Yu who was arrested by the police, not the Yang family. He was charged with “murder.”

Wen Yu was confused. Whom had he murdered?

Wen Guoan was still in detention, and upon hearing this news, he suffered a stroke, which couldn’t be treated in time, leading to his passing.

With both father and son from the Wen family facing their respective fates, no one was steering the ship. Chaos and infighting broke out within the organization.

The Yang father and son managed to reach out to Sun, the secretary holding important information, and Zheng, the lawyer. Realizing that the situation was beyond repair and driven by their own interests, these two individuals surrendered to the Yang family.

Wen Yu was found guilty of murder. Normally, even for murder, the maximum sentence would typically be life imprisonment. However, Yang Bo’s influence led to Wen Yu receiving the death penalty.

Wen Yu felt an overwhelming sense of despair during his final days in the dream. It was suffocating.

As the last bullet ended his life, in his moment of death, he saw Ji Anning.

“If there’s a next life…” she cried.

Ah, he had dreamt of this scene before.

So, she said that sentence at the moment he died!

Wen Yu abruptly opened his eyes.

The bedroom was pitch black, and his heart constricted. Cold sweat covered his forehead. For a long time, he felt as if his heart still carried that piercing pain. His limbs were stiff, and he couldn’t move.

Until Ji Anning suddenly rolled over, embracing him.

She was by his side!

She was warm, her body smells good!

Both of them were alive!

After a few deep breaths, Wen Yu’s body finally relaxed. He hugged Ji Anning tightly, with her nestled in his arms. She moved a little, murmuring something and then fell silent.

In the darkness, Wen Yu gradually made out the contours of her cheek. She was sleeping soundly, with even, gentle breaths.

Listening to her breathing, Wen Yu’s inner turmoil gradually calmed, and he fell asleep once more.

The next day, Wen Guoan was finally released. Wen Yu had someone pick him up and brought him to their private hospital where they usually went for medical check-ups.

“Why are we here?” Wen Guoan asked.

“To get a check-up,” Wen Yu replied. “You’ve been locked up for so long; who knows if there are any health issues.”

Wen Guoan said, “You’re the one with issues; I’m perfectly healthy.”

“Alright, alright, may you live a long life to 100 years old,” Wen Yu teased, and he insisted on having Wen Guoan undergo various medical tests.

They did CT scans and MRIs, which irritated Wen Guoan, and he grumbled, “I just want to get home and have a relaxing bath!”

The results were much better than Wen Yu had expected, with some minor age-related health concerns that could be managed with regular care.

“See, I told you I’m perfectly fine,” Wen Guoan boasted.

“Alright, alright, I’m the one with issues, I’m the one with issues,” Wen Yu admitted.

He felt like he might genuinely have some issues, as his habit of daydreaming and having vivid dreams at night was getting worse. The emotions these dreams stirred within him were too intense, making it feel as if these events had truly happened.

When Wen Yu woke up this morning, his first task was to call and arrange a check-up for Wen Guoan.

It was all because of these darn dreams!

In the evening, Wen Yu received a call from Attorney Zheng, and it seemed that substantial leads had been discovered in the case of the Yang father and son’s involvement in the murder of Cheng Lian. This included evidence related to the crime scene, the vehicle used to transport the body, and more. It appeared to be an airtight case.

Additionally, evidence of Yang Yuan’s illicit dealings and money laundering over the years had been submitted, and the next step was to recover the Wen family’s money.

Shortly after, within a couple of days, both Yang Yuan and Yang Bo requested to meet with Wen Yu.

Wen Yu agreed to meet with them.

Yang Yuan was in tears.

“I only wanted to take control of the knife, it was all Yang Bo’s doing! He hated me and your mother, which is why he took action,” he pleaded. “Xiao Yu, I’m your biological father; you have to help me.”

Wen Yu was very impatient, saying, “Murder is a matter for the prosecutor’s office; why would I help you?”

Yang Yuan replied, “There’s nothing money can’t accomplish in this world. I just need you to take care of this for me.”

Yang Yuan dangled a temptation, “Yang Bo is done for. All the wealth I’ve accumulated over these years will undoubtedly be yours in the future.”

“Your wealth? The money from smuggling and money laundering?” Wen Yu coldly laughed. “Get real; that’s all going back to the state soon.”

Yang Yuan’s expression changed.

In the end, Wen Yu said, “Stop acting like you’re my dad. I’ve had enough.”

“Besides providing a sperm, what else have you done for me?”

“I’ve only ever had one father in my life.”

“He goes by the surname Wen.”

Sansukini: Shameless Yang Yuan. I wonder if Wen Yu would realize that all the dreams really happened in the past life. Although I finished this novel a long time ago, I honestly forgot if he realized it. LOL.

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