After Rebirth, I was Entangled by a Second Generation Rich Guy Again

Chapter 45

Lunch was eaten in this club.

During the meal, Yang Bo and Wen Yu were chatting and laughing as if they were getting along well. It was hard to tell that not long ago, Yang Bo was trying to pursue Wen Yu. Only occasionally, in between conversations, he would give a brief, quick glance to Ji Anning.

Ji Anning felt that there was always a hint of a smile in his gaze, even though he seemed to be getting along well with Wen Yu.

Her wariness towards him grew stronger.

After finishing their meal, they went their separate ways.


Wen Yu didn’t want to send Ji Anning home and asked, “How about watching a movie?”

Ji Anning replied, “I have to go to the coffee shop in the evening. Just drop me off at home. My grandmother is still there.”

Wen Yu didn’t really care about going to a coffee shop or anything, so he agreed to drive her home when she mentioned her grandmother.

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Trying to figure out Wen Yu’s thoughts was really difficult, and Ji Anning felt mentally exhausted.


But then she thought about it and asked, “Do you have any business competition between each other?”

“Not at the moment, we’re involved in different fields,” Wen Yu asked, “Why are you asking about this?”

Ji Anning said, “Just concerned about you.”

“Tsk!” Wen Yu was displeased. “Now you suddenly remember to show concern for me? Aren’t you feeling guilty? How can you be someone’s girlfriend like this? You’re so unqualified.”

Ji Anning laughed angirly. “Wen Yu, don’t push it. Li He made a random introduction, and I didn’t want to deny it to save you from embarrassment.”

“It’s fine. You even care about preserving your boyfriend’s face. I guess you barely qualify,” Wen Yu shamelessly said.

Ji Anning turned her head away and ignored him.

She thought about the relationship between Yang Bo and Wen Yu. They claimed to have no business competition between them, which Ji Anning couldn’t understand. But during the conversation at the dinner table today, there were many topics she didn’t understand.

Even in her past life, she was just a student. Her understanding of economics and business was limited to some vague macro-level theories in textbooks. Wen Yu and Li He were discussing practical matters that she couldn’t grasp at all.

Ji Anning touched the outside pocket of her backpack, where Yang Bo’s business card was hidden.

Could she deal with Yang Bo?

She had witnessed Li He and the others’ conversations today. They were all older and mature. Even Wen Yu showed a mature side that was completely different from the school environment.


In comparison, she felt immature and inexperienced. Could she be their match? After all, in her past life, that person had sent Wen Yu to prison.

Ji Anning felt restless in her heart and couldn’t help but bite her finger.

The car stopped at a red light intersection.

“What’s the matter with you? You’re already an adult,” Wen Yu glanced at her and happened to see her biting her finger, so he moved her hand away. Sensing that something was off, he asked, “What’s wrong? Are you upset?”

He was teasing her, but Ji Anning was preoccupied and gave a perfunctory response.

All along the way, she had been contemplating, and no matter how she thought about it, she felt that she, as a girl like her, had no chance against a calculating and capable man like Yang Bo.

How could she break this deadlock?

She couldn’t come up with a solution, and the car had already returned to the residential building of Huada University.

Ji Anning hopped out of the car and was momentarily blinded by the sunlight. The autumn sun was truly too bright. She raised her hand to shield her eyes and looked up at the sky. The autumn sky was so clear and vast.

Ji Anning remembered the night in her past life when she had accidentally fallen to her death. There were no stars or moon visible, only neon lights that made everything look eerie and sinister.

If her past life taught Ji Anning any profound lesson, it was the phrase “not enough strength.”

She had always believed that she was agile and vigilant enough to protect herself. It was only when she faced traps, violence, and power that she realized how weak and powerless she truly was, completely inadequate to deal with such crises.


It was true that she wanted to protect Wen Yu, but she didn’t have enough power.

But Wen Yu had enough!

When Wen Yu closed the car door and walked around to her side, he saw Ji Anning looking at him with a slight tilt of her head. He asked, “What’s wrong?”

Throughout the journey, he had felt that Ji Anning was acting strangely.

He didn’t know that in the moment she jumped out of the car, momentarily blinded by the sunlight, Ji Anning had figured it out.

There was no doubt that Yang Bo was Wen Yu’s enemy. Wen Yu had originally arranged a way to safely extricate himself from Zhao Chen’s situation, but it was Yang Bo who sent him to prison.

Moreover, based on Yang Bo’s words, Wen Yu could have suppressed him.

Wen Yu had enough power to suppress Yang Bo.

Therefore, all she had to do was make Wen Yu vigilant against Yang Bo from now on.

As for sowing discord and manipulation, Ji Anning knew she didn’t have that ability. But it was too coincidental that Yang Bo, for some reason, wanted to poach Wen Yu’s corner.

And as for Wen Yu, Ji Anning knew him too well. In her past life, because of her, he had acted like an immature teenager, even resorting to violence against her suitors.

His possessiveness towards her was off the charts.


Wen Yu looked at Ji Anning, who slightly lowered her head, and took out a card from her bag, handing it directly to him. “Here, it’s for you.”

Wen Yu was momentarily stunned and asked, “What’s this?” He reached out and took it, looking down at the card.

The card was very simple, without any patterns, just a name and a phone number, nothing more.

When Wen Yu looked up again, his expression had changed.

Business cards usually have a lot of information printed on them, such as the company, job title, business phone number, and even email. People exchange these kinds of cards for business purposes.

But what was the point of using this type of personal card?

In gatherings among friends like today, where Yang Bo and another friend of Wen Yu didn’t know each other, they exchanged these personal cards.

But it had another purpose, one that was even more common: using it to pick up girls and leave a contact number.

In this very moment, he had made a damn mistake, and Ji Anning had Yang Bo’s damn phone number in her hands!

Wen Yu stared at Ji Anning and asked, “When?”

Ji Anning replied calmly, “When you were still in the shower.”

Yang Bo had said he didn’t like steaming and left early. Just that short amount of time!

Son of a bitch! Were all men with the surname Yang cunning foxes reincarnated?

Wen Yu turned a blind eye to matters involving the older generation and didn’t want to interfere. He didn’t want to let the Yang father and son go too far.

Wen Yu felt anger in his heart, and it showed in his expression. This was exactly what Ji Anning wanted.

“I don’t really understand your relationship with him or if there’s any business connection,” she said, “but I just feel that this person… isn’t suitable to be a friend.”

Wen Yu suddenly realized why she kept asking about Yang Bo and whether they had any competition. It turned out she was worried about him.

Come to think of it, Yang Bo’s appearance should be quite attractive to girls, but Ji Anning showed no interest and even “surrendered” his business card. Wen Yu’s pent-up frustration dissipated, and a smile appeared in his eyes.

This rebellious little girl who was always questioning him could also be so obedient.

She was a qualified girlfriend!

He waved the business card in his hand and teased Ji Anning, “What a great opportunity to have, being able to have two relationships at the same time, and yet you gave it up just like that? Weren’t you always trying to dump me? Maybe if you got involved with this guy, you could finally get rid of me.”

Ji Anning thought he didn’t care about Yang Bo, so she became a bit anxious and said, “His character is not good. He’s digging into your territory now, and who knows, he might stab you in the back later. Be careful around him.”

She spoke with a serious expression, and the more she criticized Yang Bo, the more pleased Wen Yu felt.

Did she even know what she was saying? Wen Yu’s eyes curved with amusement.

“Got it, don’t worry,” he suddenly lowered his head and kissed Ji Anning’s forehead, chuckling. “My little territory.”

Ji Anning was taken aback and irritated, saying, “Who is your territory!”

Wen Yu smiled mischievously and said, “Whoever worries about me is.”

Ji Anning was about to be driven crazy by his playful demeanor. What was wrong with this person?

She rolled her eyes at him and said, “I’m going home, you don’t need to accompany me. Go back.” After speaking, she turned around and walked away.

“Hey, Anning!” Wen Yu called out to her from behind.

Ji Anning turned around.

Wen Yu leaned against the car door, one leg crossed over the other, and said with a playful smile, “I forgot to tell you something…”

Ji Anning asked, “…?”

“You looked…,” Wen Yu raised his thumb against his chest, “super beautiful today!”

In the sunlight, his nose was straight, his thin lips were sexy, and his eyes sparkled like bright stars.

Ji Anning felt a rush of heat on her cheeks, and an inexplicable restlessness swept through her body.

“Stop flattering!” she scolded him and turned to run away.

It was almost like she was fleeing, which made Wen Yu burst into laughter.

Wen Yu looked up at the sky.

What great weather it was, and how delightful it felt when the girl was gentle and obedient. It was just that damn guy with the surname Yang who made him nauseous.

He made a phone call to Cheng Lian, asking, “Where are you?”

“At home,” Cheng Lian asked, “What’s going on?”

Wen Yu said, “I’ll go back later, wait for me.”

Cheng Lian was surprised, “What’s gotten into you? Aren’t you usually out having fun on Saturdays?”

Cheng Lian soon found out what had gotten into him.

“Do you think this guy with the surname Yang is a fox spirit reincarnated?” Wen Yu jokingly pushed Yang Bo’s business card in front of Cheng Lian and said, “I just made one mistake, and he slipped a business card into my girlfriend’s hand. What does he think he’s doing?”

Cheng Lian was taken aback and forced a smile, saying, “Young people, they sometimes play around like that. Besides, what girlfriend of yours doesn’t last just a few months?”

“How many months it lasts is my business. What he did is just uncalled for,” Wen Yu sneered, “Do people with the surname Yang think that our women from the Wen family are easy targets?”

Cheng Lian’s expression turned unpleasant.

But Wen Yu didn’t care.

While Wen Guoan was strict with him academically, he was quite indulgent when it came to other aspects of Wen Yu’s life as an only child. Wen Yu’s temper had long been spoiled, and his word was law.

However, Wen Guoan was getting older, and at his age, even having a monthly sexual encounter wasn’t a guarantee. On the other hand, Cheng Lian was in her prime and had a stronger desire than even young girls.

It was pitiful to make her wait in an empty house.

So Wen Yu didn’t really want to interfere with her affairs. At their age, divorce was unlikely, so they would just turn a blind eye to certain things.

But that didn’t mean he had no anger in his heart.

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