After Rebirth, I was Entangled by a Second Generation Rich Guy Again

Chapter 44

Early Saturday morning, Ji Anning got out of bed and took care of her grandmother, feeding her porridge and eggs. She prepared lunch and dinner for her as well.

“I’ll try to come back in the afternoon,” she told her, “and then I’ll go to the coffee shop.”

Seeing that it was almost time, she grabbed her bag and headed downstairs.

Downstairs, she instinctively looked for Wen Yu’s black Hummer, but it was nowhere to be found. Instead, she saw an even larger off-road vehicle, with tires that were intimidatingly big.

The windows of the car were rolled down, and Wen Yu sat inside smoking. When he turned his head and caught sight of her, his eyes immediately lit up.


Clothes make the person.

Although Ji Anning could turn a sack into fashionable attire and make teenage clothes look sexy, there was a distinct difference when she put on genuine fashion brands.

Even when she got into the car and fastened her seatbelt, Wen Yu’s eyes were sparkling.

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Ji Anning silently ate all the food he served her and urged him, “When are we leaving? We won’t be late, will we?”


What a mood killer. This was supposed to be a morning when the two of them were alone together, specially arranged by Wen Yu. But now they were rushing to get it over with.

“Why are you in such a hurry?” Wen Yu asked displeased.

Ji Anning realized she was being too obvious and casually said, “I’m afraid you’ll be late because of me.”

“No need to rush, we have time,” Wen Yu said.

His order of corn juice arrived, steaming hot. He poured a glass for Ji Anning and said, “Since you eat so little, have some of this. It’s high in calories. You’re too thin.”

This was the first time Wen Yu had ever complained about a girl being “too thin.” In fact, he liked girls with a slim figure. After all, visually, a slim girl had more aesthetic appeal to a man. Besides, Ji Anning had a decent bust. She had the ideal body type that many girls who worked out and dieted wanted to achieve.

But Wen Yu still felt that Ji Anning was “too thin,” and he always thought that her thinness was a result of working too hard and being exhausted. He couldn’t help but want her to eat more and gain some weight.

“Thin? I think it’s fine,” Ji Anning didn’t feel that way herself.

She naturally had a small bone structure, so she could still fit into her middle school clothes. Because of her small frame, she appeared slim, but she felt that she still had some flesh on her. However, due to her long-term hard work, her muscles were naturally toned, making her look even more slender compared to girls of the same weight.

“That core muscle training really works,” she said, placing her hand on her abdomen. “I can feel that my muscles have become firmer.”

Wen Yu said nonchalantly, “Is that so? Let me see.”

The shameless wolf wanted to touch her.


Ji Anning: “…”

Ji Anning grabbed his wolf paw and twisted his fingers backward.

“Hey, hey, don’t twist it! I won’t be able to play squash later,” the shameless wolf begged for mercy, retracting his paw and complaining, “Where did you learn this move?”

Ji Anning took a sip of corn juice and said, “I learned it from the security department’s big brother back when I was in the NL.”

Wen Yu clicked his tongue. “…Do you like this drink?”

Corn juice was fragrant, sweet, and warm—perfect for the season. Ji Anning instantly fell in love with it.

Feeling warm and satisfied in her stomach, she realized that she had been too impatient in the morning. She suppressed her thoughts and slowly sipped the corn juice.

The two of them, one restrained and patient, the other happily enjoying. Sitting at the same table but with completely different thoughts.

Wen Yu had arranged to meet Li He at 9:30.

The place they were going to play squash was some kind of club. When their car entered, Ji Anning didn’t see any prominent signs. However, the courtyard inside was elegant, and there were plenty of parking spaces. The cars parked there were all strange and peculiar shapes, so Wen Yu’s oversized off-road vehicle didn’t stand out as much.

Li He arrived first and was waiting for them in the lobby.

Wen Yu brought Ji Anning over and introduced them to each other.


When introducing Ji Anning, he raised his hand and hugged her shoulder, saying, “Ji Anning.”

The intention was clear. Even Li He couldn’t ignore the possessiveness in his eyes.

“Li He,” Li He smiled and extended his hand to Ji Anning.

Ji Anning shook his hand and said, “Hello.”

Li He intentionally held onto Ji Anning’s hand and didn’t let go. “From Huada University, right? Are you in the same grade as Xiaoyu? I watched Xiaoyu grow up.”

Wen Yu impatiently pulled his hand back and told Ji Anning, “Middle-aged people are always so chatty. Don’t mind him.”

Li He retorted with a smile, “Hey! I’m only twenty-seven!”

The three of them became familiar with each other, chatting and laughing without restraint, which made Ji Anning relax. She asked, “Hasn’t anyone else arrived yet?”

Wen Yu had actually noticed that Ji Anning was a bit nervous since the morning, and Li He deliberately teased him, so he played along. As expected, she seemed more at ease now.

He looked at his watch, “Still early.”

The three of them chatted in the lobby for a while, and before long, their other friend, Yang Bo, arrived. He was the last one to arrive.

Before Yang Bo arrived, Ji Anning remained quiet while the four of them were talking. She wasn’t familiar with them, and she couldn’t join in their conversations, so she quietly stayed by the side.


However, her gaze unconsciously swept over the entrance door. She knew that they would enter the lobby through that door after parking their cars.

Wen Yu was listening to Li He when he suddenly noticed that Ji Anning’s body tensed up beside him. He turned his head and followed her gaze, only to see Yang Bo walking towards them.

He glanced at Ji Anning and noticed that her gaze was fixed on Yang Bo, who was approaching confidently. Wen Yu’s gaze slightly hardened.

Yang Bo walked over with big strides and smiled, “Everyone arrived so early?”

He was familiar with Li He and acquainted with Wen Yu, but he didn’t know Wen Yu’s other friend and Ji Anning, so they had to go through introductions again.

Li He was older but mischievous. When introducing Ji Anning, he directly told Yang Bo, “This is Anning, Wen Yu’s girlfriend.”

Half serious, half joking. At this point, denying it would make everyone lose face, so Ji Anning could only silently acknowledge it. Wen Yu gave Li He a look of “well done.”

Yang Bo, on the other hand, took an extra look at Ji Anning.

With everyone present, they split up by gender and went to the changing rooms to change clothes.

Ji Anning wasn’t present, so Li He chuckled and said to Wen Yu, “No wonder you’re guarding this piece of land at Huada so strictly! You’ve got such good luck with women!”

Being older and perceptive, Li He had already discreetly assessed Ji Anning.

The fact that she could make Wen Yu so boldly declare his ownership spoke volumes about her beauty.

As a freshman girl who had just transitioned from high school to university, it was unclear whether she was naturally quiet or had a calm enough personality. In any case, she was more appealing to Li He than those girls who were loud, eager to show off themselves.

The only question was how long Wen Yu’s enthusiasm would last.

After changing into their sports attire and arriving at the court, when they saw Ji Anning again, she was wearing a short fitness outfit, revealing a slim and delicate figure.

White as snow, slender as a willow.

The men couldn’t help but glance at her. It wasn’t that they had any thoughts about Ji Anning; it was just a primal instinct.

Wen Yu walked over and hugged Ji Anning from behind, smiling mischievously. “She’s never played before, so I’ll teach her first.” Saying that, he took Ji Anning to another court.

Ji Anning’s heart wasn’t really in playing, but she used it as an excuse to follow along. She couldn’t refuse, so she was pulled by Wen Yu to the adjacent court. Fortunately, the two courts were close to each other, and even though the glass walls were closed, they could see the shared corridor outside. The tables and chairs for resting were all along the corridor.

“Hey! Pay attention!” Wen Yu said unhappily. “Why are you so distracted early in the morning? Are you too full from eating? That can’t be, right?”

Despite Wen Yu usually having a carefree and playful demeanor, Ji Anning had experienced his seriousness in certain aspects during their martial arts club. She quickly gathered her focus and sincerely apologized, “I’m sorry.”

This attitude was pretty good.

Even better was the fact that he was teaching her how to play squash, guiding her hands-on. Holding her softly and warmly in his arms, that was Wen Yu’s true intention.

On the other side were three people taking turns to play. The extra person rested in the corridor.

Seeing Wen Yu next door, openly using the excuse of teaching squash to hold the girl in his arms, the resting person couldn’t help but smile.

Ji Anning was responsive and had good coordination, so she quickly picked it up.

“Can we try a game now?” she asked.

Reluctantly, Wen Yu let her go. Squash is a fast-paced sport with strong impact. Once Ji Anning got into it, she had to focus.

After playing squash for a while, which was quite intense, Wen Yu started sweating.

When they both caught their breaths and Ji Anning lost a point, she glanced over and noticed that Yang Bo had taken the place of the resting person. She lowered her racket and said, “I’m tired, let’s rest for a while.”

They pushed open the glass door and joined Yang Bo at a table, watching Li He and another friend play.

Ji Anning suddenly realized that she had oversimplified things. Approaching Yang Bo with her status as “Wen Yu’s girlfriend” was awkward. It was simply an impossible task when Wen Yu was right there.

She could only quietly listen to the two of them chat.

Yang Bo had a handsome appearance, mature demeanor, and spoke with substance. He was a charming young man. Ji Anning’s gaze lingered on him for a bit too long, which made Wen Yu unhappy.

Wen Yu picked up a bottle of mineral water, took a sip, and then, without letting go of the bottle, directly covered Ji Anning’s hand that was placed on the table.

This action was quite obvious, and Yang Bo’s gaze shifted between their hands, giving a slight smile.

Ji Anning felt helpless, as Wen Yu’s jealousy was too strong. She had a premonition that this trip today was in vain.

But things turned out unexpectedly.

While playing, the five of them rotated between the two courts, but no matter how they rotated, Wen Yu always accompanied Ji Anning. When Li He wanted to play a game with her, Wen Yu directly refused, causing several men to laugh, making Ji Anning’s ears turn a bit red.

After playing, everyone went to shower. Ji Anning was afraid of taking too long and making others wait for her, so she showered quickly and came out as soon as her hair was dry.

As a result, only Yang Bo was in the lobby. He sat there, watching Ji Anning come out and smilingly waved to her.

Ji Anning walked over and asked, “Where are the others?”

Yang Bo replied, “They’re in the steam room.”

It turned out that not all men showered as quickly.

Finally, they had the chance to be alone. Ji Anning tentatively asked, “Have you known Wen Yu for a long time?”

“Quite a while,” Yang Bo said. “The elders have known each other for a long time.”

Ji Anning then asked him about what his family does, but Yang Bo gave vague and evasive answers, tinged with the slickness of a socialite.

Ji Anning realized that she really didn’t have the talent for being a spy or gathering information, feeling a bit helpless.

On the contrary, Yang Bo asked her some questions, mostly about herself, such as her school, major, and grade. Ji Anning felt a bit disheartened and abandoned her spying intentions, answering politely and carefully to whatever Yang Bo asked.

Having just exercised and taken a hot shower, her cheeks were flushed and her complexion was radiant, with a pair of black eyes that were clear and bright, exuding a captivating charm. Yang Bo’s gaze lingered on her face for a moment, then he glanced towards the men’s changing room, took out a business card, and handed it to her with a smile.

Ji Anning was taken aback, looking up at him.

“My personal business card,” this handsome man smiled gracefully, his eyes carrying a hint of allure. “My phone number is on it.”

Leaving a personal business card for someone else’s girlfriend.

Ji Anning didn’t expect things to take this turn. But for her, it was an opportunity that she didn’t want to miss.

She put away the business card and nodded, saying, “I’ll add you on WeChat later.”

Just as she finished speaking, Wen Yu and the others came out one after another.

That was close.

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