After Rebirth, I was Entangled by a Second Generation Rich Guy Again

Chapter 32

“Where are the others?” Ji Anning asked.

“Today is your special session, one-on-one, VIP personal training,” Wen Yu smirked.

He was wearing a tight-fitting round-neck sports T-shirt, made of soft and stretchy fabric that was breathable and absorbent, clinging tightly to his body. His long-term training had sculpted his body without an ounce of excess fat, showcasing his well-defined muscles.

After finishing his sentence, he took a step forward, emitting a full burst of masculine hormones.

Ji Anning was momentarily breathless under his pressure.


Wen Yu was too cunning, and Ji Anning didn’t know what to say to him.

“Let me tell you, you’re the only girl in the fighting club. If you train with these guys, you’ll stand out like a giant panda, you know?” Wen Yu confidently crossed his arms, “Do you want to be the center of attention or do you prefer a calm and quiet environment? It’s your choice.”

On Monday, Ji Anning saw that there were about twenty veteran members in the fighting club, all of them muscular men. Being watched by such a group of people was not a pleasant experience.

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Wen Yu’s lips curled up.


Inside locker number one were several paper bags. Ji Anning took a look and found two sets of sporty autumn outfits that were suitable for the current season. However, these were clearly everyday clothes and not training attire.

The real training clothes were in another bag.

Ji Anning picked it up and examined it. The training pants were loose, but the top was short and came with a built-in bra. She took off her bra and put on the training outfit, trying some movements to confirm that it was indeed more convenient for exercise than wearing a bra and a T-shirt.

Ji Anning walked out of the changing room, and Wen Yu’s eyes lit up.

Ji Anning was familiar with Wen Yu’s intense gaze. In her past life, he always looked at her like that. Sometimes when their conversation became tense, his gaze would turn cold, but it remained scorching.

At this moment, Wen Yu’s scorching gaze landed on her waist, and Ji Anning felt slightly uncomfortable. Subconsciously, she pulled at her shirt.

The top was tight and short, revealing a glimpse of her midriff. It wasn’t a big deal; Ji Anning had gone through etiquette training, worn qipaos, and even super short skirts that showed her belly button. She had no problem accepting such clothes.

However, when Wen Yu’s gaze fell on her waist, the intensity of that scorching sensation was too strong, prompting Ji Anning to instinctively place her hand on her waist, covering the exposed skin.

“There are two more sets of clothes in the locker…” Ji Anning brought up the topic, diverting Wen Yu’s attention.

Wen Yu responded with a nonchalant “Oh” and said, “I bought them for you. Did you try them on? Do they fit? I bought them according to your height.”

Ji Anning recalled that on Monday night when they left the combat club together, Wen Yu did ask her about her height. It turns out it was for this reason.

“Those two sets of clothes…” Ji Anning started, but Wen Yu casually interrupted her, saying, “Club perks.”


Those two words shut Ji Anning up.

Seeing her blink a few times, Wen Yu smiled.

“Don’t you know that the perks here are famously good?” he said. “Stop overthinking. I bought them randomly, wear them as you like. Even if you add up the cost of both sets, they’re still cheaper than a pair of shoes for Chen Hao and the others. Don’t worry, I’ll make it up to you with more perks in the future. You shouldn’t be at a disadvantage compared to them.”

He grinned, not taking it seriously at all.

Since Ji Anning was willing to wear this training outfit, it meant that she had decided not to treat Wen Yu in the same decisive way as in her previous life.

She nodded and said, “Thank you.” Then she asked, “Should we start now?”

Ji Anning remained calm, neither rejecting him due to excessive self-deprecation nor taking advantage of the situation, making Wen Yu feel particularly comfortable. He said, “Start by using the treadmill to test your physical fitness.”

Wen Yu let Ji Anning use the treadmill first. The training room in the small building had surround sound, and he played energetic music. He ran on the treadmill next to her, making it convenient for him to instruct her on adjusting her speed.

After thirty minutes, Wen Yu was somewhat surprised. “You have good physical fitness.”

Ji Anning, who appeared delicate and frail, actually had above-average physical fitness for a girl. Her daily chores had made her body quite robust. She was much stronger than those delicate girls who tried every means to escape physical education class.

Wen Yu then tested her strength and reaction speed.

Ji Anning has good flexibility and quick reactions, but strength is her weak point. Women naturally can’t compare in strength to men, even though the Creator, when making humans, must have had some strange thoughts in mind.


“What thoughts or expectations do you have about combat?” Wen Yu asked, having a general understanding of Ji Anning’s physical condition.

After being tossed around by Wen Yu for a while, Ji Anning’s temples were already sweaty. Without hesitation, she responded to Wen Yu’s question, saying, “I want to learn something practical.”

“I don’t need sports routines; what I need are methods that allow me to take down adult males on my own,” she continued. “I don’t care about the other person’s life or whether they get injured. Whether it’s without weapons or with weapons, my priority is to subdue the opponent or ensure my own safety.”

During the process of testing Ji Anning, Wen Yu had a cheerful smile on his face. But as Ji Anning clearly expressed her thoughts one by one, Wen Yu’s smile gradually faded, and his expression changed.

“What have you encountered?” he asked, looking at her.

“Nothing,” Ji Anning replied calmly. “Just being cautious. No one knows when they might encounter someone really bad, right?”

Being so young and still a student, she was already capable of using drugging techniques on her classmates 1 I think he meant the pepper spray that she made herself as a means of self-protection .

Zhao Chen initially wanted to take advantage of her. He relied on the fact that girls in such situations tend to stay silent, possibly with broken teeth and swallowing blood, or they might have the courage to report the incident, but many things are difficult to explain clearly. He could even turn the tables on her, and she would have to face the strange gazes and suspicions of others. That’s why he acted without restraint.

Later, Ji Anning saw through his methods, so Zhao Chen resorted to using violence to threaten her.

It became really ugly.

The way Ji Anning spoke didn’t sound like “being cautious,” but more like reflecting on past experiences and lessons.

Wen Yu stared at her, observing her expression and seeing that she had no intention of saying more. He didn’t press further and took her to another area.


“Let’s start with the basic movements,” he said. “I’ll think about it more carefully and come up with a suitable plan for you.”

He demonstrated the basic movements to her. “Like this, stand with your feet apart, knees slightly bent…”

Starting from scratch, Wen Yu taught Ji Anning the left straight punch, right straight punch, combinations of left and right straight punches, and front kick.

Wen Yu threw a punch, and the punching bag made a loud thud as it flew away.

Of course, Ji Anning’s punches couldn’t have that kind of effect. In fact, for girls with a weakness in strength like her, this kind of direct attack is almost ineffective. Ji Anning couldn’t help but ask, “Is learning this useful for me?”

“These movements are simple, and they won’t have much impact with your current strength, but they can train your body’s response speed and adaptability,” he explained. “Don’t underestimate the basics. Basics may be boring, but they are the foundation. Without progressing step by step, you can’t reach great heights.”

What Wen Yu said made sense, and Ji Anning wasn’t an impulsive person. After experiencing rebirth, she was even more capable of staying focused.

However, as a beginner, her movements were not accurate.

“Like this,” Wen Yu stood behind her, holding her fist and guiding her punch, “Feel the path of the punch. The straight punch has the shortest path.”

Ji Anning’s shoulders and arms lightly touched Wen Yu’s body. They were so close that she felt she could smell his breath. It was strange, he wasn’t sweating at all.

It was a very masculine scent, but not unpleasant, rather clean.

When learning the front kick, Wen Yu supported Ji Anning’s shoulders and waist, helping her feel the angle of her body when lifting her leg and correcting her form.

Her training outfit was short, exposing part of her waist. When Wen Yu reached out, there was direct contact with her skin. As soon as his hand touched her waist, Ji Anning’s shoulders tensed.

Knowing Wen Yu as she did, she felt that he, being a perverted wolf, would definitely take advantage of the situation.

Ever since she impulsively kissed him yesterday, the boundaries between them had become blurred.

But Wen Yu’s hands were disciplined and firmly placed on her shoulders and lower back. “Feel this angle and experience it. Only then can your leg exert its full power.”

This truly surprised Ji Anning.

How could Wen Yu not have any impure thoughts?

The texture of Ji Anning’s waist could be felt more deeply through touch than through visual perception. That tightening and loosening curve made her body heat up.

Wen Yu had to exercise great self-control to restrain his desires.

Wen Yu possessed a good quality that he had been taught by Wen Guoan: no matter how carefree and frivolous he appeared in his daily life, once he was doing something serious, he would be very focused and meticulous.

If someone acted casually while doing something serious, they would lose Wen Yu’s trust.

Similarly, Ji Anning genuinely sought advice. She squeezed out time from her busy schedule to learn some self-defense techniques, and Wen Yu also didn’t want to lose Ji Anning’s trust.

The whole morning was spent learning the basics of combat.

“Your punches lack power, so in the future, I’ll focus on teaching you kicking techniques,” Wen Yu said, “Although girls have less strength, the legs are the most powerful limbs in the body. A single strike to a vulnerable area of an average adult male is enough to incapacitate him.”

“Come on!” He patted the sandbag. “Imagine this as someone threatening you. Don’t hesitate, don’t hold back. Give it your all!”

The front kick is one of the three essential leg techniques, and the front kick is equivalent to a straight punch, with the shortest path and the most destructive power.

Wen Yu shouted, “Give it your all!” Ji Anning took a step forward with her left foot, lifted her right knee, and without any hesitation, forcefully kicked forward.

The sandbag made a loud “thud” sound as it swung backward.

Wen Yu stood by and watched carefully. Although Ji Anning was a beginner, her kick was decisive. The height was just right, targeting the lower body of an average man.

When Ji Anning kicked, her gaze was focused ahead, her brow calm and composed.

Wen Yu keenly sensed a trace of ruthlessness in her eyes.

She was kicking with such force. If the sandbag were a real person, they would likely be severely injured or even killed.

Wen Yu kept his gaze fixed on her.

She didn’t want to talk about it. But Wen Yu really wanted to know what she had experienced.

What kind of experience could make a fragile girl like her exude such an aura of hostility?

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