After Rebirth, I was Entangled by a Second Generation Rich Guy Again

Chapter 28: Bonus Chapter!!!

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Ji Anning turned her head back and pressed her body inward, trying to create a little space between her and Wen Yu.

But shamelessly, Wen Yu pressed closer to her again.

Ji Anning glared at him, and Wen Yu innocently said, “It’s so crowded…”

Indeed, the bus was crowded, objectively speaking, so it didn’t seem like it was entirely Wen Yu’s fault. Ji Anning felt slightly annoyed and turned her head back, ignoring him.


With Wen Yu pressing against her, his thoughts started to wander. He boldly lowered his head and kissed the top of Ji Anning’s hair.

Ji Anning tensed up instantly.

“What are you doing?” she asked in a low voice, her face tensed.

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In her previous life, she had a few limited physical contacts with Wen Yu. She remembered how forcefully he held her wrists and the scorching sensation of his intense kiss.


But they had never been as intimate as they were now. Wen Yu, who was rubbing against her hair, was like a spoiled cat!

Goosebumps started from her back and spread to the nape of her neck and ears. Her body involuntarily shrank.

Subconsciously, she let go of the handle and leaned forward, holding onto the horizontal bar on the window.

But Wen Yu swiftly grabbed her hand, enveloping her hand and the horizontal bar together. Ji Anning tried to free herself, but he held her tightly, and their hands were like they were glued together.

One was restraining her embarrassment, and the other was holding back laughter. The two of them silently competed inside the rumbling bus.

Ji Anning felt the vibrations from Wen Yu’s chest as they bumped along on the bus. Was this guy laughing? Was he teasing and mocking her for his own amusement?

Ji Anning bit her lip, lifted her heel, and stepped on Wen Yu’s instep with force.

If Ji Anning resorted to “violence,” then Wen Yu felt even less inclined to be polite. He immediately reached his left arm around and hugged Ji Anning’s waist.

He grabbed quite a large portion before tightening his hold.

So slender.

Wen Yu’s heart swayed for a moment, and suddenly a thought emerged: She always eats so little, such light and plain food. Could it be… she’s hungry?

Somehow, he felt that it was actually possible. All those mischievous thoughts in his mind scattered in an instant.


With a different feeling in his heart, his arm tightened even more.

Ji Anning’s face flushed red. In the crowded bus with noise all around, she didn’t want to argue with Wen Yu. She finally managed to retrieve her hand from Wen Yu’s right hand, and she used both hands to pry his arm that was holding onto her waist.

Wen Yu’s arm was as firm as iron, unmoving.

Ji Anning had no choice but to say in a low voice, “We’re getting off.”

Her tone was soft, which actually revealed her powerlessness and her willingness to yield to Wen Yu.

In her past life, Ji Anning and Wen Yu were too intense and stubborn with each other. One was obstinate, and the other didn’t reason at all. They always clashed head-on.

Ji Anning thought that Wen Yu would be as indifferent as he was in the past, no matter what she said. But unexpectedly, when she mentioned getting off, Wen Yu simply responded with an “Oh,” sounding somewhat regretful, and said, “Are we there already?”

After speaking, he unexpectedly let go of her hand.

Ji Anning breathed a sigh of relief and also realized that Wen Yu had no experience of squeezing onto a crowded bus.

She turned around and pushed him, saying, “Let’s move toward the exit.”

It was the kind of squeezing where people were pressed against each other. Wen Yu’s decision to board the bus was purely impulsive, and now he found himself jostling against a group of middle-aged and elderly people. He was quite uncomfortable but had to grit his teeth and follow Ji Anning as they squeezed their way out.

Ji Anning clearly had a lot of experience. She could find a way to squeeze through even when there seemed to be no gaps between people. Wen Yu hurriedly kept up with her.


But when they were halfway through and couldn’t move any further, Ji Anning stopped. Wen Yu stopped too, wondering how all these people in front of them would manage to get off the bus.

The bus arrived at their stop, and the people near the door quickly got off in a commotion. Ji Anning took the opportunity to squeeze into a more open spot and stood firmly. The doors closed — the next stop would be their bright road.

Wen Yu: “…” So that’s how it is.

Wen Yu was experiencing the power of the elderly crowd squeezing onto the bus for the first time. Wen Yu couldn’t help but feel frightened as he squeezed off the bus with Ji Anning on Guangming Road.

“What’s that smell?” Wen Yu sniffed himself and his face turned ugly.

Ji Anning moved her nose slightly and calmly told Wen Yu, “It’s dried fish.”

Wen Yu: “…”

“Just now, there was an auntie with dried hairtail fish in her bag,” Ji Anning shrugged.

Young Master Wen’s expression can be described as quite interesting.

Ji Anning couldn’t help but find it amusing, her eyes curved.

She rarely smiled, but every time she did, Wen Yu’s heart would skip a beat. The smell of hairtail fish or celery no longer bothered him.

“I’ll accompany you to work,” he said, his eyes bright.


“No,” Ji Anning firmly refused.

Seeing that Wen Yu still wanted to say something, she added, “I have two jobs and won’t finish until around eleven at night. Don’t bother, just go back.”

Ji Anning’s part-time job was a headache for Wen Yu. It wasn’t a lie when she said she had no time for a boyfriend.

Ji Anning was stubborn, and Wen Yu wasn’t in a rush to make things official. He planned to slowly work on it in the future. He said, “Okay, I’ll go back first.”

After speaking, he suddenly reached out and pinched Ji Anning’s earlobe, instructing her, “Don’t overwork yourself.”

Her earlobe felt like it had been scalded.

Ji Anning opened Wen Yu’s hand, covered her ear, and glared at him.

Wen Yu’s lips curved into a smile, his gaze cunning.

Ji Anning was helpless. In fact, she understood that ever since the impulsive kiss at noon, things between her and Wen Yu had changed.

Some relationships and some people couldn’t retreat until they achieved their goals. Wen Yu was precisely that kind of person. His dictionary only contained “pushing the boundaries,” and there was never “backing down” or “leaving empty-handed.”

Wen Yu called a car and left, while Ji Anning headed towards Shu Chen’s coffee shop. After walking a few steps, someone called her.

The girl who worked together with her in the evening shift caught up from behind and asked, “Anning, was that your boyfriend just now?”

Before Ji Anning could say “no,” the girl excitedly interrupted her, “He’s so handsome! Your boyfriend is really handsome! You two are such a perfect match! Ahhh, I want a boyfriend too.”

She chattered on and asked Ji Anning, “Hey, where did you find such a handsome boyfriend? Is he from our school?”

Her excitement overwhelmed Ji Anning, and she simply replied, “Uh, he’s a junior in our school.”

The girl asked various questions in her excitement and even wanted Ji Anning to introduce some boys from Huada to her.

Ji Anning felt a headache coming on. “I don’t live on campus, and I’m not very familiar with my classmates…”

As soon as they entered the shop, the girl excitedly told Shu Chen, “Manager, manager! I saw Anning’s boyfriend just now! He’s super handsome!”

Shu Chen had a gentle and pleasant disposition, and he himself had an attractive appearance. The girls in the shop liked him quite a bit. He smiled and asked, “Oh, Wen Yu, right? Why didn’t he come in for a visit?”

They all considered Wen Yu her boyfriend?

Ji Anning suddenly realized that she didn’t feel repelled at all by others regarding Wen Yu as her boyfriend. Instead, she felt a sense of… agreement in her heart.

“He just dropped me off and had something to do, so he went back,” she said. Her cheeks felt slightly warm for some reason.

Shu Chen already considered Ji Anning as a “girl with a boyfriend.” He had accepted this fact in his heart and had a calm and relaxed attitude. He even teased her a bit, saying, “Next time, let him come in, and I’ll treat him to coffee.”

Ji Anning agreed and rushed inside to have her meal and change clothes.

After finishing work at the coffee shop, she went to NL. Even though her day off was tomorrow, NL was already bustling today. The lobby and private rooms were full.

Ji Anning liked it this way. She earned more on days like this than on regular weekends. She busily ran around the tables in the bar, working hard.

“Anning!” an older girl approached and grabbed her, saying, “The customer in private room 7 is calling for you.”

Ji Anning was surprised, “Me?”

Relatively speaking, the customers in private rooms were more generous. Besides ordering drinks, they also gave tips. However, Ji Anning rarely went to the private rooms in her past life. The enclosed space mostly had male customers, which made her feel unsafe.

Because she never competed for business in the private rooms, her relationship with her colleagues was relatively peaceful. Surprisingly, her popularity at NL was even better than at school.

“There’s a young guy, quite young, who said he was your classmate and asked me to call you,” the girl said enviously.

That young boy was generous. He even gave her a tip to call Ji Anning. He probably wanted to take care of her as a classmate, or maybe he was pursuing her. Either way, it seemed that Ji Anning was going to make some good money today.

When the girl described him like that, the first person Ji Anning thought of was Wen Yu.

She recalled that in her past life, on the eve of her day off, Wen Yu came to NL. He brought a group of unfamiliar people from outside the school who seemed older. Then, he called her by name and ordered a lot of expensive drinks.

When she was about to leave the private room and close the door, she heard one of his companions say, “This chick has a great figure, I want to…”

Then the door closed, and she couldn’t hear what was said afterwards or how Wen Yu reacted.

That night, just from Wen Yu’s private room, she earned quite a lot, but she didn’t feel happy. When she finished work and came out, she found Wen Yu waiting for her on the roadside, wanting to take her home.

She firmly refused.

Ji Anning said, “Okay, I’ll come over right away.”

Even though she told him to go home, he came anyway. Ji Anning muttered in her heart, but she no longer felt the same repulsion towards Wen Yu, who used to call her by name at NL in her past life.

She reached private room 7, pushed the door open, and originally thought she could face Wen Yu’s behavior calmly and peacefully this time.

However, among the group of strangers in the private room, a young man waved at her and said, “Hey, do you remember me?”

Ji Anning’s expression froze.

It wasn’t Wen Yu; it was Zhao Chen.

Sansukini: Zhao Chen, this guy is such a creep! I think most women have the natural instinct to detect a creepy guy. Some men just don’t feel safe. Anyway, hooray for Wen Yu’s little victory. They are now in an ambiguous stage.

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