After Rebirth, I was Entangled by a Second Generation Rich Guy Again

Chapter 27

Everyone was stunned.

Huh? It sounds like… there’s more information?

Looking at Sun Yaxian, her eyes clearly showed panic.

It seems there is indeed more to it!

Sun Yaxian was truly panicking, her eyes wandering, and she blurted out, “I, I heard it as soon as I inquired…”


Ji Anning quietly watched her, her dark eyes seemed to see through everything, making Sun Yaxian’s heart pound in fear.

Ji Anning thought about this morning and the way Sun Yaxian looked at her. Drawing from her past life experience, Ji Anning deduced that Sun Yaxian must have encountered Wen Yu yesterday and had a confrontation with him. Knowing Wen Yu’s nature, Sun Yaxian must have been verbally insulted by him.

Ji Anning smiled faintly.

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“R vsze usw vbyv Eld Zw yde R yal kd vbl pyxl nzwc, yde usw jlrv ypjkdt obyv nzwc kv oyp. R eked’v vlzz usw, cwv usw oldv yde qswde swv.”

“Zsw qswde swv ycswv Eld Zw’p nzwc yde oydvle vs fskd kv.”

“Yesterday, Wen Yu rejected you, and today you told everyone in class that I’m having a flirtation with a wealthy senior, implying that I’m materialistic.”


Ji Anning listed everything, and the way classmates looked at Sun Yaxian changed completely.

“In fact, as I mentioned earlier, we can’t control other people’s actions. I can’t control it if someone likes me or pursues me,” Ji Anning said slowly. “You see, just like how you like and pursue someone who likes me, I can’t control it either.”

The thin veil was torn apart, and the classroom instantly became noisy.

“So that’s how it is.”

“No wonder.”

“I knew it.”

Sun Yaxian felt like her face had been peeled off and thrown on the ground. Her complexion was extremely ugly.

Unfortunately, everything Ji Anning said was true! She couldn’t come up with a single rebuttal.

She usually appeared diplomatic and charming, but her popularity among the girls was actually quite poor. At a time like this, someone took advantage of the situation to kick her while she was down.

“This is really laughable. So, you’ve set your sights on someone else’s suitor? I really don’t know who the materialistic one is!” a girl spoke up.

A boy also chimed in, “Someone who works hard and earns money on their own is being labeled as materialistic. It’s ridiculous.”

In fact, everyone understood that the reason Wen Yu made an exception and allowed Ji Anning to join the Combat Club was undoubtedly because he liked her. Ji Anning herself admitted to this.


But Ji Anning’s admission was not hypocritical at all; she openly expressed her need for this help, and everyone found it understandable and acceptable.

Moreover, when it came to the concept of being a “spare tire,” boys were generally much more accepting than girls.

Some attractive girls would keep spare tires, but didn’t the spare tires themselves know that they were backups? It was just a case of one being willing to be pursued, and the other willing to pursue.

That senior in his third year, being able to be the president of the Combat Club, obviously had a strong and determined personality. If someone wanted to pursue Ji Anning, could Ji Anning really control and stop them?

The majority of boys, and even some girls, actually approved of this persistent pursuit.

Ji Anning looked at Sun Yaxian, who had turned pale.

For her own personality, what she had just said was already harsh. If it were someone else or a different situation, she wouldn’t have been so harsh.

But Sun Yaxian’s various insults had brought her too much pain and humiliation in her past life.

Therefore, Ji Anning felt no guilt or unease. She simply looked calmly at Sun Yaxian. Looking at the “materialistic” label that had been pinned on her in her past life and was now pinned back onto Sun Yaxian’s own head.

The cycles of karma were just. They never spared anyone.

Sun Yaxian had never experienced such embarrassment before. In the midst of her classmates’ mockery, her face turned pale, her lips trembling, but she had no strength to argue.

Because everything was true.


At that moment, the teacher entered the classroom, breaking the tense atmosphere. “Everyone, sit down and get ready for class.”

Sun Yaxian abruptly grabbed her bag, biting her lip, and dashed out.

She even bumped into the teacher, causing him to stagger for a moment.

“Hey, that student! It’s time for class!” the teacher called out, rubbing his shoulder. But when he looked again, the girl who had bumped into him had disappeared.

Skipping class right in front of him, it was infuriating.

The teacher hadn’t planned on taking attendance, but now he took out the attendance sheet in anger and said, “Everyone, be prepared. Attendance will be taken and recorded!”

When it was Sun Yaxian’s turn, her roommate hesitated about whether to answer for her, but a boy already shouted, “It’s the one who just ran out!”

The teacher nodded and marked an ‘X’ with a red pen.

Ji Anning didn’t know that this time she had completely shattered her classmates’ preconceived notions of her. It could be considered her rise to fame in a single battle.

She sat at the back, silently taking notes.

In her past life, Sun Yaxian spread rumors, and Wen Yu, through his actions and coincidences, unintentionally confirmed those rumors. And she, from the beginning, chose silence, which was a directional mistake. As time went on, it became increasingly difficult to explain.

All she could do was remain silent, continue to be silent, and suppress her emotions in silence.


But now, like after intense exercise when sweat gradually subsides, or like a long-standing obstruction suddenly being cleared, she felt a sense of indescribable tranquility and joy in her heart.

With this mood, she ran out of school in the evening and saw Wen Yu leaning against the car door, coolly smoking. She greeted him happily, waving her hand and saying, “Hi!”

Having known Ji Anning for half a month, Wen Yu had rarely seen her with a smiling face. When he saw the light and joyful smile on Ji Anning’s face, his eyes lit up, and he held the cigarette in one hand while raising the other hand…

Then Ji Anning ran past him and said, “Goodbye!”

Wen Yu: “…”

Wen Yu was still holding his hand up! He almost choked on that breath.

He threw away the cigarette and chased after her, saying, “Hey!”

Ji Anning ran ahead without looking back, saying, “I’m in a hurry!”

She was chasing the bus!

Ji Anning obviously had experience with crowded buses. She skillfully dodged through the crowd, slipped through the gaps, and boarded the bus that had just arrived at the station.

Wen Yu, on the other hand, was less adept. The reason he couldn’t catch up with Ji Anning despite his agility was that there were too many “uncles” and “aunties” between them!

Helplessly watching Ji Anning board that bus, Wen Yu: “…”

He gritted his teeth and, with a group of “uncles” and “aunties,” also got on that bus!

Ji Anning found a suitable place to hold onto the handrail and suddenly someone squeezed in next to her. She turned her head and, to her surprise, it was Wen Yu.

Ji Anning was speechless for a while and asked, “Why did you also get on?”

Wen Yu was so angry that his nose almost turned crooked. He asked angrily, “Why did you run?”

Ji Anning blinked and said, “I was trying to catch the bus.” Wasn’t that obvious?

Wen Yu felt his temples throbbing.

He gritted his teeth, held back his anger, and said, “So, do you not understand why I parked the car at the school gate?”

“I understand,” Ji Anning smirked, “I just didn’t want to.”

Ji Anning’s eyes were bright, and the previous cold and distant look between her brows was replaced by a relaxed and playful expression he had never seen before.

She had always been a cold beauty in Wen Yu’s eyes, but suddenly revealing such a playful expression made Wen Yu hesitate for several seconds.

When Wen Yu snapped back to reality, he raised an eyebrow and curiously asked, “What happened today? Why are you in such a good mood? Is there something good you want to tell me?”

Ji Anning’s lips curled up, but she denied it, saying, “No.” Then she turned her head and looked out the window as if nothing had happened.

Wen Yu looked at the slight curve of her lips, her smile scratching his heart.

“I see that you’re glowing all over.” He lowered his head and whispered in her ear, “Did you absorb some sunshine from me at noon?” 1 She kissed him.

Ji Anning had intentionally tried to forget about what happened at noon, pretending it never happened. Unexpectedly, he brought it up in person, and in such a casual manner, causing her ears and neck to instantly feel hot.

Wen Yu watched as a faint blush spread across her snow-white neck and couldn’t help but chuckle softly.

Ji Anning took a deep breath, trying to keep calm, and casually turned her head to him, saying, “You should get off at the next station. This station is particularly short, and you can walk back in a little while.”

Wen Yu asked, “Are you coming with me?”

Ji Anning replied, “I’m going to Guangming Road.”

Wen Yu became willful and said, “Then I won’t get off.”

Ji Anning knew that there was nothing she could do if Wen Yu had a certain intention. If she had the ability to make him listen, she wouldn’t have had so many troubles in her past life.

“Suit yourself.” She gave him a disdainful glance and turned her face towards the window.

Wen Yu confirmed that it wasn’t just his imagination. Ji Anning’s mood was indeed exceptionally good at this moment, and she seemed particularly relaxed.

Wen Yu had thought he liked Ji Anning’s aloof and cold beauty, but now, seeing the ease between her eyebrows and the curve of her lips, he couldn’t explain the inexplicable joy and excitement in his heart.

When did he become so unable to control himself?

As expected, this stop was short. Within a few minutes, they arrived at their destination, and a group of people rushed into the bus, causing a commotion.

Wen Yu had been standing behind Ji Anning, holding onto the horizontal bar above the window to create a small space for her. Suddenly, he was squeezed and ended up pressed against Ji Anning.

And Wen Yu thought… it felt good.

Ji Anning turned her head and glanced at Wen Yu.

Wen Yu innocently said, “Others are pushing me.”

Although it wasn’t to the extent of being pressed like a photograph, it was normal for passengers to be close to each other in situations like this. Ji Anning was familiar with such circumstances, but now that it was Wen Yu pressing against her, she felt a bit uncomfortable.

She could tell that Wen Yu didn’t do it on purpose, so she turned her head back and continued to face the window.

Wen Yu had never personally experienced riding a bus before, so this was his first time feeling the bus’s suspension—or rather, the lack thereof. It was as if there were no shock absorbers in the bus, and the degree of jolting and swaying matched the driver’s heavy use of the gas and brake pedals.

Before reaching the second stop, Ji Anning suddenly tensed her shoulders. A faint blush rose on her porcelain-white cheeks, like a ray of sunlight.

She turned her head, expressing a mixture of embarrassment and annoyance, and glared at Wen Yu.

Wen Yu looked up at the roof of the bus and said, “Don’t blame me.”

If they had to blame someone, it would be the bus for being too bumpy and crowded, blame everyone for pressing too closely, blame the thin clothing of early autumn, and blame Ji Anning’s delicate body, which made it impossible not to have certain thoughts.

And a man’s thoughts quickly manifested in a physical, instinctual way.

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