After Rebirth, I was Entangled by a Second Generation Rich Guy Again

Chapter 29

Wen Yu and Ji Anning separated and went back to the school entrance to retrieve his car. Of course, he wouldn’t go home early like a good baby on such a day. He had his own group of fox and dog friends to have fun with.

Receiving a call from Ji Anning was completely unexpected for him.

He thought she would never initiate a call to him in her lifetime.

The nightclub was too noisy, so he deliberately went outside to answer, “Hello?”

“Wen Yu,” Ji Anning’s voice came through the phone, somewhat subdued. “Can you… come and pick me up tonight?”


“Oh, so you’re missing me?” Wen Yu teased.

But Ji Anning didn’t respond. There was silence on the other end of the line.

Wen Yu felt that something was wrong, so he stopped joking and turned serious. “What’s the matter?”

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“Wen Shao, Wen Shao!” The supervisor warmly approached him. “Long time no see. Why haven’t you come to play?”


Wen Yu directly told him, “Help me find someone named Ji Anning, she works here part-time as a drink server.”

The supervisor enthusiastically offered assistance and stopped a passing drink server named Lucy, asking, “Lucy, where’s Ji Anning? Wasn’t she just called to the number 7 private room?”


Wen Yu’s gaze slightly darkened. Without waiting for the supervisor to lead the way, he headed towards the number 7 private room himself, well-acquainted with the route.

As he walked down the corridor, he saw Ji Anning coming out of the number 7 private room. Perhaps due to the lighting, Wen Yu could tell from a distance that her face looked a bit pale.

He was about to call out to her when he suddenly saw another person walking out of the room. Seeing this person, Wen Yu instantly understood why Ji Anning had suddenly called him on her own initiative.

“Hey, Ji Anning,” Zhao Chen followed Ji Anning with a cheerful smile, “Don’t walk so fast.”

Ji Anning stopped and asked warily, “Is there something else?”

Zhao Chen said, “Just a phone number, what’s the big deal? After all, we’re classmates, right? What’s wrong with exchanging contact information?”

Ji Anning tightened her face and said, “We’re not familiar, there’s no need for contact.”

“Tsk. Is that how you talk to customers? Your attitude probably drives customers away, huh?” Zhao Chen sneered.

Ji Anning replied, “No, I’m talking to a classmate.”


“Yeah, a classmate,” Zhao Chen chuckled again, “Leave me your phone number, and I’ll come by to support your business in the future.”

Zhao Chen had been drinking and had a hint of alcohol on him. Facing him, Ji Anning felt tense all over.

This was a person with a criminal record of attempted assault on a strong-willed woman. In her past life, he had tried to possess her through violent means, and after her accidental death, he had enough power and influence to escape legal consequences.

Calling him a classmate? Zhao Chen was nothing but a criminal!

She was about to speak when suddenly she heard a deep male voice asking, “What are you talking about?”

Turning her head, she saw Wen Yu.

Ji Anning instantly felt the tension in her shoulders disappear.

In the dimly lit nightclub, Ji Anning’s eyes lit up the moment she saw Wen Yu.

The joy and relief that emanated from her eyes were all captured by Wen Yu.

Zhao Chen paused for a moment and then smiled, “Oh, what a coincidence.”

He looked at Wen Yu, who seemed to be alone, and asked, “Are you alone? I have a few friends here, do you want to have a drink together?”

Wen Yu casually raised his hand without changing his expression.


Ji Anning felt her shoulder sink as Wen Yu hugged her. He smiled and said, “No, I’m here to pick her up from work.”

As he spoke, he glanced at Ji Anning with an intimate expression.

Ji Anning lowered her gaze.

“What were you talking about?” Wen Yu asked deliberately.

Zhao Chen stared at Wen Yu’s arm around Ji Anning. Compared to their previous encounter in the cafeteria a few days ago, this time Wen Yu was clearly asserting his dominance.

“Oh, I see…” Zhao Chen chuckled a few times and said, “Then another day, perhaps?”

“Sure,” Wen Yu replied casually, without much sincerity.

He held Ji Anning’s shoulder and hugged her as they walked out. When they turned the corner in the corridor, Ji Anning stopped and turned slightly, freeing herself from his embrace.

“Thank you,” she said.

Wen Yu observed her.

Ji Anning had put on makeup. Without makeup, she would look pale like a ghost under the nightclub’s lighting. Her makeup was not heavy, but it added color to her face, overshadowing her usual coldness and making her look enchanting.

“Was he specifically looking for you?” Wen Yu asked.


“No,” Ji Anning replied, “He was just here to have fun and happened to see me.”

Wen Yu stared at Ji Anning for a while and asked, “Are you afraid of him?”

He clearly saw Ji Anning’s mouth tense up at this question.

Wen Yu felt puzzled.

A week ago, when Ji Anning first encountered Zhao Chen in the cafeteria, she showed signs of fear towards him. But at that time, it was obvious from their conversation that they didn’t know each other.

Just now, he heard Zhao Chen asking Ji Anning for her phone number, indicating that at least from Zhao Chen’s perspective, he either didn’t know Ji Anning or wasn’t familiar with her.

But what about Ji Anning? Why was she so wary of Zhao Chen? Why did she even make a phone call to him, which was a rare occurrence?

However, Ji Anning’s silence clearly indicated that she didn’t want to discuss this issue directly.

Wen Yu’s gaze flickered, but he didn’t press her further. He simply said, “Go change your clothes, I’ll wait for you at the entrance.”

Ji Anning glanced at the time, then looked up and said, “I still…” It wasn’t time to finish work yet.

“Go change your clothes,” Wen Yu almost ordered her, “I’ll go talk to your store manager.”

Ji Anning opened her mouth, then closed it again.

Today, Zhao Chen had been drinking a bit and became a bit reckless. The shadow of her past life weighed heavily on Ji Anning, and she always felt anxious and panicked when facing Zhao Chen. In this uneasiness, she chose to call Wen Yu.

Wen Yu came without hesitation.

She accepted his affection and chose to remain silent at this moment.

Wen Yu watched her go to change clothes and felt satisfied that she knew to call him when she encountered Zhao Chen. He turned around and found a supervisor, asking them to call the on-duty manager for NL tonight.

Upon hearing his request, the on-duty manager had a smile on their face and said, “Wen, since you’ve spoken, of course, it’s possible, no problem at all.”

Wen Yu dismissed the on-duty manager and walked to the entrance, lighting a cigarette as he lowered his head.

When he looked up, a tall and handsome young man walked in, and both of them were taken aback when their eyes met.

“Wen Yu, right?” Yang Bo smiled and greeted him. “What a coincidence. Are you here to hang out?”

Wen Yu also put on a smile and replied, “Yeah, you too?”

While Ji Anning changed her clothes, she was contemplating the cause and effect of their past and future lives in her mind.

In fact, last week when she encountered Zhao Chen in the cafeteria, Ji Anning already felt uneasy. In her past life, she had never known Zhao Chen. The school was so big, with so many students, and she always kept to herself. She truly didn’t know many classmates, only those within her major and class.

Zhao Chen only appeared by her side after Wen Yu disappeared from school.

At first, it was a pursuit with flowers and gifts. But Ji Anning didn’t even give Wen Yu a second look, let alone Zhao Chen, who was far inferior to Wen Yu in every aspect.

Wen Yu, despite causing many troubles for Ji Anning, never truly harmed her. Moreover, he stood up for her when she was being harassed.

In comparison, Zhao Chen was much more detestable. Ji Anning had been trying to avoid him as much as possible, but she didn’t expect him to be so malicious.

In her past life, she had never had such a harmonious conversation with Wen Yu as she did now, and Wen Yu had never warned her about Zhao Chen’s history of attempted assault. If she had known he was that kind of person, she would have kept her distance and been more careful.

Today, Ji Anning encountered Zhao Chen at NL, and like many generous male customers, he ordered expensive drinks without hesitation. During this process, Ji Anning noticed that Zhao Chen was not a new customer at NL; he was evidently familiar with the place and was a regular customer.

This meant that although she didn’t know Zhao Chen before Wen Yu disappeared in her past life, Zhao Chen probably knew about her all along. He might have been watching her in school or at NL.

So why hadn’t he appeared in front of her all this time?

After some contemplation, Ji Anning understood—it was because of Wen Yu.

In her past life, she and Wen Yu had been in constant opposition from the beginning. Unlike in this life, Wen Yu had become gentler towards her due to her mild demeanor. In the past, he had openly and boldly pursued her, and many people knew about it.

Among those “many people,” she thought, Zhao Chen must have been included. So, in order to avoid Wen Yu’s attention, even if he had any thoughts about her, Zhao Chen didn’t dare to act on them. He only secretly fantasized. It wasn’t until later, when Wen Yu left the school for some unknown reason, that Zhao Chen began acting without any reservations.

That’s when everything started.

Ji Anning changed her clothes and packed her belongings. She walked out of the changing room and bumped into the head waiter.

“Leaving? Goodbye,” the head waiter waved at her. “Stay in touch in the future.”

Today was the eve of the holiday, and it was particularly busy. The head waiter hurriedly said this, and before Ji Anning could respond, he had already walked away.

Ji Anning felt a bit puzzled.

She packed her bag and went to the main entrance to find Wen Yu. It didn’t take long for her to spot his figure.

He was tall and upright, particularly eye-catching. Standing in front of him, another man who was also tall, but lacking the solid lines that Wen Yu had developed through training, was talking to him with his back to Ji Anning.

Ji Anning stopped in her tracks and looked at them from a distance. She felt that Wen Yu at this moment was different from usual.

When he was in school, the people around him were all students, relatively simple-minded. He would relax and joke around with them, although he was more mature than those people, he still carried a youthful vigor.

But now, as he spoke to the man with his back to Ji Anning, his mouth showed a smile, but his gaze was faint. Warmth was concealed within the familiarity, and he maintained a polite manner, completely resembling a mature adult with layers of masks.

This version of Wen Yu was unfamiliar to Ji Anning.

She knew so little about him, having no idea what he was like outside of campus and in front of others.

At that moment, Wen Yu saw her. He said to Yang Bo, “I’ll go first, you do your thing.”

Yang Bo said, “Great, let’s play basketball together when we have time. I’m also good friends with Li He and the others.”

Wen Yu smiled and replied, “Sure.”

After bidding farewell, Wen Yu waved to Ji Anning.

Yang Bo was about to take a step forward, but naturally turned his head towards Ji Anning when he saw Wen Yu’s gesture.

Ji Anning saw Wen Yu wave and walked towards him. After taking only two steps, the young man who had his back to her turned around, revealing a handsome face.

Attractive people always leave a deep impression on others.

Ji Anning’s pupils contracted, and she stopped in her tracks.

Prison, visitation room.

Separated by glass, Yang Bo held the telephone receiver and smiled. “What grudge did you have with someone surnamed Zhao that you suddenly went and killed him? Luckily, you went crazy all of a sudden, giving us the evidence we needed. Otherwise, you almost turned the tables. Is it worth it for a girl?”

On the other side of the glass, Wen Yu, dressed in prison attire, looked at him indifferently.

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