After Rebirth, I was Entangled by a Second Generation Rich Guy Again

Chapter 25

Ji Anning closed her eyes.

Wen Yu’s lips felt warm.

Ji Anning had only one memory of these lips from her previous life. Wen Yu had blocked her on South Bridge Road, pressed her against his car door, and forcefully kissed her.

Ji Anning slapped him hard. She was too angry, trembling with rage, and that slap used all her strength, causing Wen Yu’s mouth to bleed.

Wen Yu wiped the blood from his mouth with his thumb, his eyes glaring at her.


“You f^cking…” he said, “you just won’t believe that I really like you, huh?”

He asked Ji Anning, “What else do you want me to do to prove it? Should I give you my life?”

Ji Anning found it extremely ridiculous at that time.

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Until this kiss, everything she had shown was genuine.


So Wen Yu was surprised.

Until Ji Anning’s lips left his, and his lips lost their warmth, he felt a sense of coldness. He gazed at her quietly.

Ji Anning’s gaze was unreadable.

“So, you just want to sleep with me, right?” she said. “Or maybe tomorrow? I have nothing to do in the morning anyway.”

Wen Yu: “…”

Before Wen Yu could respond to her, Ji Anning said again, “And then… let’s go our separate ways and not influence each other, okay?”

Her voice was soft, as if talking to herself, but she was indeed speaking to Wen Yu because her eyes were looking into his.

Ji Anning thought that Wen Yu was all desire for her. In her previous life, he had desired her but couldn’t have her, which led to everything that followed. What if she fulfilled his long-standing wish?

Ji Anning was actually quite anxious. She had gathered all her courage to make this proposal to Wen Yu, waiting for him to say “okay” or “good,” so she could settle the debts between them from past and present.

Their noses were very close, and they could clearly see their own reflections in each other’s pupils.

Wen Yu’s eyes were as dark as she remembered.

He fell silent for a few seconds and asked, “…What do you mean?”


Ji Anning dared not blink; she was afraid that if she did, this moment would dissipate. She stared into Wen Yu’s eyes and said, “I mean, I’ll give you what you want. And then…”

“And then, I’ll be like a satisfied dog? Shut up and walk away after having my fill, no longer bothering you? Will you be at peace?” Wen Yu laughed in frustration.

While it was true that girls pursued him because of his wealth, it wasn’t only him who came from a wealthy background at their school, and not every rich second generation was as popular among girls. Wen Yu had a lot of confidence in his appearance, physique, and personal charm.

But now, that confidence was being trampled upon by Ji Anning!

Wen Yu looked up at the sky.

He rubbed his face before lowering his head and asking, “Am I… that detestable to you?”

Ji Anning’s moment was finally dissipated. She lowered her eyes and said, “I don’t detest you.”

She was speaking about this life.

“Then why?” Wen Yu held his breath in his chest.

He had been praised and adored since childhood, and today was the first time he encountered such a bold move of “I’ll let you sleep with me once, and then I’ll beg you not to bother me anymore.”

It truly broadened his horizons!

“I…” Ji Anning lowered her eyes and whispered, “I’m scared of you…”


Wen Yu froze.

Ji Anning suddenly looked away and exclaimed, “Grandma!”

“You can’t pluck this, it’s not a wild vegetable.” She stopped her grandmother from plucking the plants in the yard.

The elderly woman had always had a hobby of picking wild vegetables. Now, with her dementia, she often mistook the artificially planted ornamental plants in the yard for wild vegetables.

Wen Yu sat down under the vine trellis, resting his elbows on his knees and gazing at Ji Anning.

Ji Anning accompanied her grandmother for another leisurely walk in the sun, and when her grandmother felt tired, she helped her upstairs. After watching her lie down for a nap, covering her with a blanket, Ji Anning came downstairs.

As soon as she stepped out of the front door, she saw Wen Yu still waiting for her.

Wen Yu sat under the vine trellis, leaning against a pillar, with one foot resting on a stool. He wasn’t playing with his phone; one hand rested on his bent knee, while the other held a phone. His slender and nimble fingers flipped the thin phone like playing cards.

When he saw her coming downstairs, his fingers stopped, and he stood up.

“Let’s go,” he nodded towards the gate, “time to go back to class.”

Under the sunlight, Wen Yu stood tall and straight, with thick, well-groomed eyebrows. Ji Anning didn’t know where she found the courage just now to dare to kiss him.

She instinctively took a step back.


Wen Yu walked up to her in long strides. His eyes were intense and full of aggression. As he get closer, it felt as if one could even sense his aura.

Ji Anning took another step back.

“What are you afraid of?” Wen Yu pressed on, “Weren’t you brave just now?”

As he spoke, he reached out and brushed his knuckles against Ji Anning’s lips. In that moment of confusion, she managed to escape his touch. Wen Yu didn’t even react in time.

Ji Anning suddenly grabbed Wen Yu’s wrist.

Their eyes locked for a few seconds, in a standoff.

Wen Yu smirked, his palm pushing towards her, opening his hand. Ji Anning let go.

“Let’s go, we’ll be late if we don’t leave now,” Wen Yu turned around.

Ji Anning relaxed her shoulders, took a few quick steps, and caught up with him.

“Seriously, what are you afraid of?” Wen Yu asked.

He turned his head and could see Ji Anning’s dark, silky hair cascading down, looking very soft.

Ji Anning lowered her head slightly, “Just… afraid of you as a whole.” She couldn’t clearly explain, as it involved a mix of past lives and future destinies that she couldn’t easily explain to Wen Yu.

They walked in silence for a while, then Wen Yu suddenly blurted out, “I don’t hit women.”

Ji Anning looked up, “Huh?”

“You’re willing to get into bed, but not be with me. Are you afraid I’ll hit someone?” Wen Yu asked.

“No,” Ji Anning denied.

In a past life, there was one time when he held her wrist too tightly, leaving a red mark. He didn’t apologize, but his eyes clearly showed regret. That was the only time he hurt her, and it never happened again.

So what was she really afraid of?

Wen Yu glanced at her, lifted his foot to cross the road. Ji Anning suddenly reached out, grabbing Wen Yu’s arm and pulling him back.

A battery-powered scooter rushed by, running a red light, just narrowly missing Wen Yu.

Wen Yu: “…” Damn! Trying to reincarnate in a hurry?

But he took the opportunity to clamp her arm, as if Ji Anning was going to link arms with him.

Ji Anning wordlessly withdrew her hand, ignoring his little gesture.

They crossed the road and were about to reach the school gate when Wen Yu asked, “Can you tell me now? What are you really afraid of?”

“I already told you,” Ji Anning said, “It’s you, as a whole.”

“Don’t talk nonsense,” Wen Yu gritted his teeth.

Ji Anning lifted her eyes, “It’s the truth.”

Sunlight spilled onto her face, porcelain-white and delicate, with lips lightly tinted pink.

Wen Yu suddenly regretted it!

“I accept your earlier suggestion, let’s set it for tomorrow morning!” He licked his lips, shamelessly changing his tune, “Or tonight is also fine, you can take the day off.”

Ji Anning: “…”

Ji Anning had lost the momentum she had earlier, and suddenly felt her ears burning.

“It’s too late! It’s already invalid!” she ran away.

“Damn it! Why did it turn out like this!” Wen Yu regretfully shouted after her, “Then come to the club tomorrow morning, ah—”

Ji Anning’s distant voice drifted back, “Got it—”

In the afternoon class, Wen Yu kept twirling his pen, a faint smile playing at the corners of his mouth.

Chen Hao couldn’t stand it anymore and asked during a break, “What’s the good news? You’re smiling like a blooming chrysanthemum.”

Of course, Wen Yu was laughing about the kiss, laughing that Ji Anning said she didn’t dislike him.

He threw his pen at Chen Hao, “Mind your own damn business!”

Chen Hao deftly dodged the projectile, straightened his chest, and lifted his chin, “I like Ji Anning. If I invite her in, it’s none of your damn business!”

Learning from Wen Yu, Chen Hao also imitated his mannerisms quite well.

Wen Yu kicked his chair with his foot, “Get lost!”

He remembered something, “Tell Sun Kai to come over tonight, I’ll train him properly.”

“Train him again?” Chen Hao’s eyes widened, “He was already crying and begging for mercy after what you did to him last night!”

“He deserves it,” Wen Yu sneered, “This is just in school, he’s my junior brother, so I won’t hold it against him. If it were in the company, where he’s my employee, not only does he take advantage of others, but even disregarding basic etiquette, I would have fired him a long time ago.”

Suddenly, it became about society.

Chen Hao was still just a student, so he shrank his neck and said with a hint of fear, “Is it really that powerful?”

Wen Yu snorted through his nostrils and remained silent.

In his eyes, the students in the school were too simple. When he was a freshman, he could still hang out with Chen Hao and the others, but it became less and less possible as time went on. Now, he mainly hung out with friends from his circle.

If it weren’t for Ji Anning suddenly appearing, he would have completely abandoned the fighting club.

Thinking of Ji Anning, he felt a burning hatred again. The company usually gives several days for applicants to respond to an offer, but her offer expired too quickly!

I regret it! It was too late! He gnashed his teeth in frustration.

“Wen Ge? Wen Ge?” Chen Hao cautiously called him, “Are you okay?”

His expressions were changing… It was a bit worrying.

Wen Yu glanced at him, pursed his lips, and finally sighed, “I feel bad.”

“Huh? What’s wrong?” Chen Hao asked, “Do you need to go to the hospital?”

“Go to hell. I feel bad in my heart,” Wen Yu cursed.

Chen Hao: “?”

Wen Yu sighed to the sky, “There was a delicious piece of meat right in front of my mouth, and I don’t know what got into my head, I didn’t eat it first and then talk.”

Chen Hao: “……???”

Really, what couldn’t be said after sleeping on it?

Wen Yu blamed himself, “I’m such an idiot!”

Sansukini: My favorite chapter so far. It’s not technically their first kiss, because of the kisses in the previous life. We got another perspective from Ji Anning. And Wen Yu is cute in this chapter. He almost got laid. What do you think of this chapter?

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