Chapter 3.2: Twist of Fate

TW: Pedophilia mention at the end of the chapter.

It’s been a week since then.

Thanks to Amber, Angel was able to get a job at the club called “Liberty Bell.”

All of the omegas who work in the establishment live in a boarding house style building. There are some shared spaces, such as the dining and laundry room, but the bedrooms are private so it wasn’t a problem. Not to mention, everyone is an omega, so he felt somewhat at ease.

Angel’s job, as Amber had said, was simple clerical work and chores. He never went out to the establishment.
The first manager he was introduced to was a little reluctant, though.


“He’s a minor. If you put him in the club, I’ll sue you and make sure to tell my father and brother about it.”

When Amber reproved the manager, who was probably around 10 years older than him, the manager said nothing more.

“Don’t worry. I’m still trying to become a lawyer.”

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He is the second son of a family that owns several exclusive clubs.


He is a promising young man who wants to become a lawyer, Angel thought to himself. A dirty omega man shouldn’t have anything more to do with him.

That night.

Angel had finished preparing the club for opening and opened the door to the cast’s waiting room. He wasn’t quite sure what was going on, but everyone seemed to be excited.

“What’s going on?”

“I heard the owner, Ian-sama, is coming to the establishment tonight.”

The owner is probably Aaron’s brother.

“Once a month, he comes looking for an omega to bond1Bonding: A process between alpha and omega in which typically the alpha bites the omegas nape, emitting their pheromones into the other’s body. This creates a permanent mark that binds the omega to the alpha forever. AKA marking. with him.”

“Huh? The owner, he’s not married yet?”

Amber and him are 12 years apart, which means he’s already 30. He thought he’d be with someone by now.

“But every month…. Looking around now, I can’t find anyone who seems to have been chosen.”2As in previous candidates. If he does it so often, where are those that have had their chance?

“No, he picks one person every month to bring home, and the one who was picked never comes back to the establishment.”

“Huh? Isn’t that kind of bad?”


Every month he pairs up with someone. On top of that, it isn’t someone who he is together with. That selected person ends up not coming back to the store……. He wondered what that meant.

“Maybe… In the end, he didn’t like them, and the person who was chosen eventually quit because it became too difficult for them to stay at the club.”


But then, there is no guarantee that Ian-sama will like them, so why is everyone so excited about this?

“Ian-sama, he is a really nice guy. Being with someone like him, I can’t imagine how happy I’d be.”

“Heh… But if he doesn’t like you then you’ll have to leave, right?”

They could lose the life they have now.

“I’ll think about it when the time comes. I mean, if there’s even the slightest chance, why not try?”

“I see. I’m fine with what I have.”

After everything that happened, now life seemed like heaven to Angel.

Born in Westschist, a city far to the west of here, Angel lived alone with his mother until he was 5.

One day, a messenger came from Eastschist, claiming to be Angel’s father and Angel was snatched from his mother’s hands and brought to him.


He didn’t know how his mother and father met but his omega mother worked every day without sleep to raise Angel all by herself.

His father had no heirs. So, remembering the child of a woman he had impregnated in a distant land, he came to take Angel.

── A child born between an alpha and an omega has a higher chance of being an alpha.

But, officially adopting the child had to wait until the day of the secondary gender test at age 10.

And Angel was thrown away.

There was only one reason for that….. It was because he was an omega.

The words his father said to him at that time have always been in the back of his mind,and still torment Angel to this day.

“After all, the child of a whorish omega can’t escape the same despicable sex. You’ll have to sell your body to survive, just like your mother.”

The facility he was sent to was an omega-only shelter.

However, the director of the institution, which was supposed to be a place of protection, was a pedophile.

Every night, the director took his favorite boy into his bedroom.

From the night he entered the facility, until the day he turned 19, except for when he caught a cold or something, Angel had never been able to sleep alone.


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