Chapter 2.6: Encounter

Suddenly, a long, slender finger reached out and touched his eyes.

It’s a beautiful hand, Angel thought. I’m sure he’s never known hardship in his life since he has hands like that.

“Even these beautiful eyes could be gouged out and put in formalin to become part of some pervert’s collection!”

He knew he was probably right. And yet on the other hand, it made him irresistibly angry.

Tall and well endowed. A well-rounded face that would make anyone fall in love with it. He could tell he was an alpha just by the vibe he gave off.


── He didn’t think the little boy who grew up without any hardship could understand how he felt.

“I don’t care if I’m used as a toy by some perverted old man, or if I’m drugged. I have nowhere to go. Nowhere to go. You understand? The only way for an omega with no relatives to survive is to use their body. I was going to do whatever it took to get that man to give me a job and pay me for it!” Angel shook off the other’s hand and strode off.

“Hey! Wait, wait, wait!” He immediately grabbed Angel by the shoulders as he chased him from behind.

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“Ebyv? Gal usw y pvyzjla? Xa yal usw tskdt vs cwu xl?”

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“Fsaau… R nyd’v es vbyv…. Mbyv…. R’x pvkzz wdelaytl….”

── Tl jdlo kv…..

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“How… old are you?”



“Younger? I mean, are you a high school student?”

“Yeah, but….”

Thinking that a high school student who was younger than himself was worrying about him being in danger and telling him to go home… Angel felt a sense of shame and smiled to himself.

“What? A high school kid is worrying about me?”

“Kid… How old are you, then?”

“….. 19.”

When Angel answered honestly, the other’s amber eyes widened for a moment before he blurted out in laughter.

“What, you’re only a year older than me?”

“There’s a big difference between a high school student and a working adult!”

The other couldn’t help but let out a laugh again when Angel answered.

“Ahahaha! You’re so cute when you get worked up, hm?”


“I’m not getting worked up. Anyway! I have no use for kids. Later!”

With an annoyed expression, Angel spat out that line, turning on his heel to walk away.

But he could still hear the chuckle from behind him.

── Annoying!

“Ahー, wait! Hey! You want a job? Then I’ll hook you up with a job that’s a little better than following the mafia!”

He was disgusted, but the last words hit him in the back and stopped him in his tracks.

Not that he believed a high school student could give him a job offer.

“A job?”

He turned and smiled at Angel in a friendly manner. “Like I said, we have a few stores. That’s one of them…”

When talking to him, it turned out to be a club.

Except what makes it different from other clubs is that all of the cast members are “omega men.”

“You can live there and be fed, so you won’t have to worry about making ends meet.”


He said that he hires omegas to help people like Angel, who are in trouble and have nowhere to go.

“Your father runs this place?”

“Yeah. But he’s gotten old and close to retiring. So my brother who is 12 years older than me is taking over the place for him.”

It’s a club and the cast members are expected to serve the customers normally.

He didn’t have to sell his body just because he was an omega.

“But I can’t let a 19 year old be a cast member, so you’ll probably be doing some cleaning or simple office work that doesn’t require you to be in the establishment.”

If he didn’t have to go to the establishment, that was more convenient for Angel. He’s never been good at talking to people, and didn’t think he could handle serving alcohol in the store at all.

“In that case, ok.”

“Then it’s settled.”

He led the way and Angel followed.

“Hey, what’s your name?”

“Angel… Angel Blanc.”


“So you’re a ‘white angel’ then? My name is Aaron Tikaani.”

They wove through the waves of people on the street, which only got busier and busier the later the night went on. When Angel was about to pull away, Aaron gently held his hand.

“It’s really dangerous around here. Try not to stray, hm?”

A soft, pleasant scent wafted through Angel’s nostrils. He wondered if he was wearing some kind of perfume. Or maybe it was his own scent. He couldn’t tell at the time.

“If I’m Blanc, then you should have been Amber.”


── Because those Amber eyes are so beautiful.

That’s what he thought, but he didn’t put it into words.

“I’m probably going to forget your name, so I’m just going to call you Amber.”

When Angel said that, he gave another friendly smile and replied, “Okay.”

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