Amorous Short Stories

CC Chapters 11-12

Chapter 11

In the peach blossom garden behind Huayun Temple. 

Song Ruwan stood under a peach blossom tree, waiting nervously for someone. After a short time, a man wearing a sky blue outfit walked towards her. 

She quickly jogged towards the man and panted slightly as she said, “Brother Xun, you’re here!” 

Xie Xun grinned. “You had to resort to getting your cousin to ask me how, how can I not show up?” 


Song Ruwan was worried that Xie Xun might think that she was a wanton woman now that she had acted so impudently and asked him out, and how they almost went all the way the previous time, so she quickly tried to explain herself. “Brother Xun… I’m only acting like this because it’s you… I… I just missed you too much…” 

Upon hearing Song Ruwan’s confession, Xie Xun pulled her into his arms and whispered beside her ear, “I know how Wanwan feels. Don’t worry, I will never let you down.” 

It was an undeniable fact that Xie Xun was a true gentleman. Song Ruwan immediately hugged Xie Xun’s waist tightly, and said bashfully, “I really want to be of age soon, so that I can forever be with you, Brother Xun.”

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Song Ruwan was rubbed for so long that she started to feel aroused, and a small spring gush leaked out of the entrance between her legs, dampening Xie Xun’s clothes. The latter could feel the wet patch, so he pulled out his hot and swollen giant meat stick, and placed it at the wet entrance. 


“Wanwan, do you know what this area that I’m poking is?” He whispered softly, then bit her ear. 

Of course Song Ruwan knew what it was, but how could she say it out loud? 

Xie Xun pushed upwards, and half of the gigantic c*ck head immediately entered her passage. In the midst of Song Ruwan’s anguished moan, he suppressed his desire as he “taught” her, “That place is called your p*ssy, and my big c*ck is at your p*ssy now!” 

Chapter 12

Xie Xun usually carried the air of an aloof and noble gentlemen, so Song Ruwan completely did not expect him to say such l*wd words. She was panting with much difficulty, as she replied, “Brother Xun… Don’t say that… It’s too embarrassing…” 

However, he continued to push himself up, and the entire head was lodged into her tender passage. “We’re already doing the most intimate thing now, so why do you still have to be so shy? Tell me, which part of your body has the tip of my c*ck entered?” 

In Song Ruwan’s past life, this alluring sight of Xie Xun had been developed slowly after they got married. Hence, she was feeling a little confused at the moment; it was as though she had returned to her previous lifetime. 

Xie Xun was unhappy that Song Ruwan was in a daze, so he thrust in harder, and immediately he reached her hymen. The passage that had yet to be explored was extremely tight, but he still held back the desire to shove his entire shaft into her, as he pressed her again, “Wanwan, tell me! Which part of your body is my giant c*ck poking into?” 

Song Ruwan’s bound hands were tightly intertwined, as the pain caused tears to fill her eyes. She instinctively tried to raise her hips and escape from the terrifying giant meat stick, but when Xie Xun noticed what she was trying to do, he decisively pressed her soft shoulders down, then thrust his hip forward in one swift and powerful move. In the next moment, the soft hymen was broken! 

It’s so tight and so warm! That was the only thought in Xie Xun’s mind right now. He only stopped for a short moment, before he carried Song Ruwan up and started pounding her slowly. 

Song Ruwan buried her head in Xie Xun’s shoulder, as her mouth bit his muscular torso. Her legs were spread wide open, as she sat on the man’s lap. The flower petals which were now blood-stained pitifully opened from the unbelievable strength the movements of Xie Xun’s thick c*ck, and the tender flower core was already swollen and hard, protruding against her floral lips.

Her body was bumped into the air continuously by Xie Xun’s movements, and squishy sounds could be heard from the area of their copulation. Her tiny br*asts could not move because he was squeezing them tightly, and every time her body was bumped up, her br*asts would still remain where his hands were, causing her pain, and then numbness. 


Even though Song Ruwan had experienced this once in her previous lifetime, but it was the first time she experienced s*x in this lifetime. Her body was turning soft and her temperature was rising under Xie Xun’s relentless pounding, causing her skin to become flushed. The couple’s breathing were almost in sync, as their s*x organs were also closely intertwined, rubbing in and out continuously. 

Xie Xun had never received so much satisfaction from doing anything else. His eyes were bloodshot, as he grabbed Song Ruwan’s slender waist and drilled his giant meat stick all the way into her narrow passage. His c*ck head would probe into her warm flower pot before pulling out almost entirely, before ferociously sliding back in at the speed that was almost indiscernible. 

It was also Song Ruwan’s first time, so she really couldn’t take the intensity that he was going at. She begged pitifully, “Brother Xun… Slow down… Wanwan can’t take it anymore… Your meat stick is too big… It’s almost poking through Wanwan’s stomach…” 

When Xie Xun saw how pitiful Song Ruwan appeared, he recalled that the books had mentioned that women would feel pain when they first lost their virginity. Hence, he slowed down a little, as he pushed in and out in slow thrusts. He released one hand from her waist, and slid it down to the area where her tender folds and his meat stick were linked, and began touching that area. Above the small slit was a tender nub that caused his gaze to darken, and his fingers began twiddling with the small protrusion. 

After a short while, soft moans rose from Song Ruwan’s red and luscious lips. Her sweet water was leaking out as the tender flesh in her passage began to twitch, as though all the heat in her body had gathered at the area between her legs. Her head began to feel dizzy as the intense writhing of the passage was followed by the eruption of the flower pot inside, all of which spilled on Xie Xun’s c*ck. 

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