Amorous Short Stories

CC Chapters 9-10

Chapter 9

The three of them returned to the banquet. The moment Song Ruwan sat down beside Xie Baoling, the latter winked at her and asked, “Where did you go with my brother just now?” 

Song Ruwan stammered, “We just… Walked… Around the garden…” 

Xie Baoling clearly did not believe what she said. She chuckled, “Do you know? When you left with my brother, those other girls were like wilted flowers who were just waiting for my brother to return! Not only that, Li Yunlan, Zhou Xinyu and a few of the other girls surrounded me, trying to get information about my brother!” 

Song Ruwan could feel her heart tighten, and she smiled bitterly as she thought to herself, Prince Xie of the Duke of Ningguo manor. Everyone knew that he was a handsome gentleman who was talented in both the literary and military realms. Which noble lady in the capital would not fall for him? 


And she was simply one of the many women, except that she was luckier than all of them, because she married him in the end, and spent countless nights with him, receiving his love and pampering. 

Xie Baoling saw that Song Ruwan’s face had paled, and knew that she was worried. She was also worried that Song Ruwan might misunderstand her brother, so she quickly added, “But don’t worry, Ruwan, my brother will never like any of them.” 

“Thank you so much, Baoling.” Song Ruwan was not only grateful for what Xie Baoling had just said, but the support she had given her in her past life. 

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The flames on the red candles were flickering and the lace curtains around the bed were shaking. A couple’s heavy panting and the slapping of their bodies could be heard loudly. Song Ruwan was pressed under Xie Xun’s body, and her legs were resting on his broad shoulders. His hips were vigorously thrusting, moving in and out of her body. 


By now, Song Ruwan’s entire body was weak, and the soft, private spot between her legs was being pounded by Xie Xun’s giant meat stick. Her large br*asts were jiggling up and down following their copulation movements, enticing Xie Xun so much that he had to lower his head and take one into his mouth. 

“Hubby… Go lighter on me… It hurts…” 

Chapter 10 

As the words spilled out of Song Ruwan’s mouth, she suddenly jolted awake from her dream. Her face was flushed, and her fingers reached inside her pants, touching the area between her legs. It was wet. She sighed soundlessly, then got up and went to the bathroom to clean herself up, before returning to the bed again. 

Song Ruwan did not have the chance to leave her house for close to a month after. She was missing Xie Xun a lot, so she would go to her mother’s side everyday, trying to find a chance to leave the house. 

This day, Song Ruwan’s aunt, Madam Wang, came to visit. Madam Wang and Song Ruwan’s mother, Madam Wei, sat down and chatted, while Song Ruwan and Song Qizhen sat at a side, doing some knot pendants for fun. Song Ruwan was feeling troubled, so she only listened casually to the sisters-in-law’s chat. 

“Manyu is going to be of age soon, but her marriage has not been settled. As her mother, I’ve been so worried that I haven’t been able to sleep well recently!” 

“Manyu is such a good girl, so why do you have to worry? In contrast, the little monkey in my house is going to be more worrisome!” 

“Why do you say that? Ruwan’s looks are so outstanding, by the time she comes of age, countless families would probably try to marry her. Look at that daughter of mine! I don’t know what spell she’s under, but she said that she’ll only marry Xie Xun!” Madam Wang frowned when she said this, looking extremely worried. 

Madam Wang paused for a moment before saying, “Sister-in-law, Manyu is my niece, so I’ll just say this. The Duke of Ningguo’s door is too high a bar. The Duke of Ningguo, Xie Yuan, holds the military power, and Xie Xun’s sister is the current Empress. In the future, he might even be able to marry a princess. Besides, Xie Xun is such a talented man, and is starting to show his abilities in the imperial court. It’ll be difficult for Manyu to marry him. Also, it’s probably difficult for Manyu to tame a man like him.” 

Madam Wang knew exactly what Madam Wei meant. She had tried to persuade Manyu before, but she refused to listen. She even declared that she would not marry any man apart from Xie Xun. 


Song Qizhen leaned close to Song Ruwan and whispered, “Hey, why are you in a daze?” 

It was only then that Song Ruwan snapped out of her daze, after listening to her mother and aunt’s conversation. Back then, when Xie Xun had sent a matchmaker to her house to request for her hand in marriage, the entire residence had been surprised. Even though she was a beauty, she was only a second-grade lady from the residence, an orphan whose father passed away early. 

Back then, her mother was worried that she might suffer should she be married into such a powerful family, and strongly protested this marriage. It was only when she cried and begged that her mother finally agreed. And her mother could only finally be at ease when she saw how Xie Xun did not even marry another woman a year after they got married. 

Song Ruwan came back to her senses and smiled gently at Song Qizhen, “It’s nothing. I was just thinking how I should tie this knot.” 

Song Qizhen put down the half-tied knot, then pulled Song Ruwan’s hand and said, “Let’s go out and play. My hands are stiff from tying the knots!” 

The two sisters hence went out, and when they reached a quiet corridor, Song Qizhen whispered cheerily, “You were in a daze back then because you were thinking about your Prince Xie, am I right?” 

Song Ruwan’s thoughts were seen through, so she turned her head shyly, “Cousin, what are you saying?” 

“If you tell me the truth, I’ll help you meet up with him.” 

When Song Ruwan heard that Song Qizhen could help her meet Xie Xun, she knew she had to agree, so she nodded her flushed face. 

Song Qizhen covered her mouth to stifle her giggles, then said, “My brother is Prince Xie’s good friend, so it’ll be easy to ask him out. When that happens, we can just say that we’re going to the temple to pray. That will surely work!”

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